Burn For Me (Blue Moon Series) (Book 4)

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Chapter 19


My mate was insane…

I couldn’t believe it but the look in his eyes told me everything. I knew he was messed up but I didn’t really comprehend how. My wolf was whining no stop since we saw out mates eyes turn red. Red!

You were considered a rogue in werewolf society if your eyes were a blood red. It gave people a heads up that the individual was lethal to you and everyone around them. That they didn’t have a pack to go to. People like Caleb and Avery never were considered rogues because they were never banned from their homes. Being banned can mess up your wolf real bad, we’re pack creatures by nature and when were not allowed around our pack members it screws with our wolves psyche causing them to act out and mentally lose it.

My poor mate he must have suffered so much.

“Hell Hound?”

I had told Cyrus what I heard and seen yesterday since they missed most of it. Teagan was up in my room as Constance, Tamitha, Cyrus and my dad’s were in the study with me as I gave a full report.

“I’ve heard that name before.” Avery said. I glanced at his thoughtful face.

“I imagine you have.” All of us jumped at the sound of the voice.

Head Elder stood in the entrance way.

“How did you…” Caleb trailed off as he watched Heath walk further in the room. It was amazing that six well trained wolves, one being an Alpha missed his arrival.

“The Hell Hound, huh?” Heath leaned up against the wall.

“You know something about it?” Cyrus asked.

Heath huffed a laugh.

“Of course I do. Not much happens in my lands without me knowing about it.” He frowned at us. “Why are you bringing up this name?” he asked.

I stood to address him,

“It was something I overheard the hunters we were pursuing, say to his partner.” I didn’t elaborate only because I wanted to know why they were calling my mate by this name. And I had no way of knowing what Heath knew and how he would react about it. It wasn’t a very pleasant nick-name so for Teagan to have earned it didn’t sound good.

“That’s odd seeing how the Hell Hound is a well-known vicious Hunter even among their society.” He pushed himself away from the wall and started to roam around the room. I stiffened at this.

“It’s classified info in ours and only the selected few have heard of him. Alpha Chandler being one of them apparently” he motioned towards my dad.

“Why are you telling us this now?” Constance asked in confusion.

“Because he was dangerous till he disappeared from our radar and has not made any move since. We didn’t tell the public for fear of causing an uproar.”

“If he was so dangerous you should have warned your country so the packs could better prepare themselves from him.” Alpha Avery stood now.

“I would have if he had kept up his destruction but like I said he fell off our radar.”

“What did he do?” I finally mustered up the courage to ask him.

“He burned wolves to death.” He paused, his hands behind his back. “Which is funny because a certain ‘mate’ we know of likes to do the same thing.” I met his gaze full on.

“Teagan is a wolf why would he murder his own?” I challenged him with a growl. Heath shrugged,

“It’s the same M.O. if you think about it.”

“That’s crazy!”

“But is it? We found him in a cell at a Hunters base. It could have been a ruse for us to save him just so he could lead the hunters straight to us.”

“That makes no sense, if it was a trap wouldn’t they have attacked months ago” Constance was now standing beside me glaring at the Head Elder.

“Ah, not necessarily, maybe by sending you away I interrupter their plan and they had to regroup.”

“Teagan has been with me, Cyrus or chained up the entire time we were away.” I exclaimed my hackles were rising.

“Where is our little fire started anyhow?” I could feel my canines starting to push though my gums and a thunderous growl working its way from my throat, when a calming hand was placed on my shoulder.

“Are you threating my son’s mate?” my Alpha asked tightly.

“Alpha Avery, it is very good to see you after all these years.”

Dad said nothing.

“You’ve certainly grown haven’t you?”

“Please answer my question.”

“I would never threaten someone’s mate, I was only stating my observations of the two.” He said this straight faces and I relaxed a bit. “I am not so callous as to not put Teagan’s past into account. Even though the Hell Hound and Teagan are very much in sync with other I would like to learn of what has caused the boy to become what he is today.” Heaths eyes found mine and for a moment I say something close to pity before it was gone completely.

“I am taking a wild guess that these Hunters were referring to your mate when they said this name.”

I gave him no answer as I stood there.

“Heath can I speak with you for a moment.” Cyrus was the one who spoke, he glanced over at Alpha Avery in a silent plea for the room. Dad nodded in return, ushering us all out and closing the door.

“Well that was interesting” Constance said before heading down the hall.

“Connor go to your mate, he needs you now.” Caleb said wrapping an arm around my shoulder.

I looked up into his soft hazel eyes and felt a strong urge to cry. Why couldn’t my life take a break, something was always happening. The moment my real parents died it’s has been jumping from one extreme to another. The only stability I had in my life was Caleb and Avery.

The boy was no longer a boy he’d been through too much to be called so, at sixteen he was a man. He stood, still chained to the wall, as something cold was locked around the lower half of his face behind his head. A clicking sounded as it was locked in place by a key.

“You’ve been a good boy so here’s a little present for you” the man said.

He looked over at the man, the same man who had been the cause of all his pain and the one who rewarded him in kind with small meals to tie him over and a days of rest without a beating.

“What do you say?” the man asked expectant.

He glanced up at the man with cold black dead eyes. It had been a good year before they could break him to get that look in his eyes.

“Thank you Sir” his permanent raspy voice was muffled by the metal half mask.

“Do you know why I’m placing the mask on you?” master asked him.

He shook his head.

“I’m muzzling you because you’re known to bite my little pet.” He snickered, “Get used to it boy because It’s not coming off without my permission.” With that he walked out of the cell locking him in the dark.

His eyes became much stronger after he had turned into that horrible beast he hated. Ever since his shift it had caused him more pain than he could ever imagine. Hours and hours of agony, torture, starvation, and let’s not forget mentally he was no longer there.

They had beat his conscience out of him, the voices only came out when he was forced to kill. They were always disapproving.

The spilled blood on his hand couldn’t be washed off.

They were permanently stained.

The beast had yet to show itself as it had the first time. The injection that the doctor brought in regularly were somehow countering the beasts change.

Though he wouldn’t stop thinking that he was what he killed?

‘Murderer of your own kind’ the voice hissed in the back of his mind. ‘We kill our people’

Teagan closed his eyes and dropped his head down to his chest. The chains burning his constantly healing skin dug deep as he went limp against the restraints. He was relieved to know that the metal mask wasn’t made of the same material as that around his wrist and ankles.

There was a small cage where his mouth was for breathing, but that was it. The thing made him feel deprived of air.





The voices would not silence so he did the only thing he could do to shut it up.



I shot up in bed, my eyesight sharp as I sat there in the dark room, the nightmares came back. Uttering a pitiful cry as I buried my hands in my hair tugging painfully. The phantom feel of that dread mask was still there, all the pain that was inflicted in me hung on my skin as a reminder that I could never get away. I was ruined and would always be ruined.

A familiar presence shifted close causing me to lift my head up slightly to see Connor sound asleep next me. My body instantly relaxed amazingly as I laid back down staring at the boy. His long lashes fanned against his pale and clear cheek, his skin was so fair it looked breakable, and his mouth was wide, an inviting shade of pink. His blonde hair was short unlike mine, the portion of his hair in the front was long though and it fanned across his pillow.

I felt a tug in my chest at the sight of him. After yesterday, how I had reacted and kill that bastard, Connor witnessing the whole thing, here he was peacefully sleeping next a murderer.

Slowly I reached out and brushed the few longs strands of hair from his face. The memory for what we did not too long ago in this exact same room rushed back and I shifted at the tightness in my lower region. Why did he have to have this effect on me? Sighing I rested my head back on the pillow and continued to stare at the persistent boy who refused to leave me alone. I guess I was fighting the inevitable. I tried so hard to resist him but he wouldn’t leave me be.

‘Mine’ the familiar voice echoed in my head and I closed my eyes briefly before gazing back at him.

“Mine” I said in agreement.

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