Burn For Me (Blue Moon Series) (Book 4)

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Chapter 20



It was still dark out as I woke slowly at something warm against my neck that made my body curl closer to whatever it was. A wet feeling trailed down towards my shoulder and I moaned out loud. Hot air rushed up against my nape along with a nip at the skin.

“Ah” I gasped pushing into a hard body. Arms were suddenly around my waist pulling me impossibly close.

“Mine” a raspy voice whispered in my ear.

My surroundings came back in a rush as the smell of the dark smoky mint scent that I have come to be familiar with.

“Teagan?” I breathed as my skin caught fire in desire.

A tongue ran up the side of my ear lobe and I think I just about melted. Everything that has happened so far, all the drama and secrets being unraveled about my mate washed away as the primal nature of our wolves join in this one moment, doing what we were born to.

My pajama bottoms were pushed down absentmindedly as I help kick them off; Teagan’s lips roamed down my naked back. I shivered with every touch of his hot tongue and lips. There were no rogues or f*cked up past right now just two wolves who are long overdue for intimacy. All our wolves sexual tension was snapping.

Teagan reached under me and yanked my hips up so I kneeled submissively in front of him. I heard a growl of approval. My finders clawed the sheets as my heart raced for what was happening.

His hands softly caressed up my thighs as I lay exposed to him. I heard him yank at his pants till they thudded against the floor. I bit my lip. This was it. Quickly remembering I moved over to my dresser drawer only to receive an angry snarl from Teagan. His hands clawed at my hips roughly, trying to force me back into the position he wanted me. I could sense his wolf could no long hold back from claiming me.

I hurriedly snatched the bottle I was looking for as I was manhandled back in place. His teeth calmed down on my marked shoulder as a clear dominate warning. My eyes rolled back as the amazing feeling of his teeth sinking into my skin; I shivered.

I opened the bottle and squirted some it in my hand, bending awkwardly I grabbed Teagan’s member. He gave a loud animalistic roar letting go of my shoulder. I just about melted again with the hot hard appendage in my hand.

“Aah” he whimpered in my ear. I closed my eyes and turned my head meeting his lips mine. Instantly he attacked my mouth desperately. I growled biting at his lip as I continued to coat his shaft in the cooling lubricant.

Suddenly my head and chest were forced into the bed by his hands so only my ass stuck out in an inviting surrender. And he then pressed his wet member against my entrance. I muffled hot groans into the covers as I waited impatiently for him to push into me. One of his hands maneuvered over into my hair and gripped the strands hard enough to cause me to yelp out.

Abruptly he slammed into me fully while also sinking his teeth into my mark.

“Ah!” I screamed so loud I’m sure everyone in the house heard me. A dark blush rushed to my cheeks at the pleasure of his teeth marking me over again and panted through the pain.

Teagan was in no means small. My mate was very well endowed and having him ram himself into me like that even with help was not pleasant but I tried to keep as silent as possible as he just knelt behind me unmoving. I sighed in relief at the time he was giving me to adjust.

Once I was fully accustom to him I pushed up in my elbows, Teagan growled into my neck at my movement and trust hard into me as a warning. I gasped,

“Teagan” I whimpered in to the sheets.

Then it started, Teagan’s hand clawed at my hips once more as he began to thrust into me. I turned my head to the side so I could get a good look at him and my breath caught at what I saw. He was in the throes of passion, his hair a wild dark mess but what I saw mostly was the red eyes as he gazed down at me. It should have scared me but surprisingly it didn’t. If anything my wolf purred at how powerful the color made him look.

Suddenly I pulled up in his lap causing him to sink further with the new position and I groaned throwing my head back in his shoulder.

“Yes, don’t stop, please.” I shamelessly begged in his ear. I heard his harsh exhale at my words.

I bounced in his lap causing him to gasp burying his face in my neck.

“F*ck” he forced through clenched teeth and my eyes widened at the first word my silent mate utter this whole time. Reaching back I grabbed a handful of his silky hair holding him close to me anyway I could.

That was when a weird sensation covered me. Teagan’s thrusts became faster and harsh and I loved every bit of it. The more intense it became the more I could feel this weird heat rising up inside me.

I was edging closer to a release when I felt him shift hitting a certain spot inside me that had me screaming out in ecstasy. I didn’t know what that was but it felt so good my eyes prickle with wetness.

“Right there” I moaned tightening my grip on his hair.

It was hot, so hot I was burning up as we continued. My skin bristled at the sudden heat coursing through my body, when I realized it was coming from behind me and inside where Teagan was. I glanced down at myself only to find it glowing a bright orange red. I would have freaked out but Teagan had hit my spot once more and I was lost. My body tensed up and pushed into his as I climaxed against him. He was not far behind with his own shout of release escaped from his mouth and I felt him shot his hot seed inside me. It was so scorching I thought it would boil me from the inside and I welcomed it all.

I fell forwards till I was face first in the covers once more with pure bliss, exhaustion. Teagan still connected to me moved up to spoon me, seemingly not wanting to part with me yet. And just like that without saying a word we feel back asleep.

I wake up alone. Teagan’s side of the bed is cold and I flop back down staring up at the ceiling. My backside was a little sore from our extra-curricular activities last night. Sighing I pushed myself up and sat at the edge of the bed. I guess our little escape from reality was over.

I took a quick shower before going down to the kitchen for breakfast. I passed Asher on the way and we walked together, minimal conversation between as we arrived in the kitchen. Surprisingly I stopped at the site of Teagan standing in front of the fridge giving it the most dangerous confused look I’d ever seen someone give a refrigerator.

“Teagan?” I asked inquisitively. He snapped his head towards our direction. The moment his eyes met mine I saw his hard eyes soften the slightest bit and it caused my heart to jump and my wolf to bury his muzzle under his paws bashfully.

“What are you doing?” I pushed those feelings away knowing that Teagan wouldn’t like it if I expressed them in front of Asher.

“Do want me to make you something?” I asked when he didn’t answer.

His dark eyes widened a fraction at my offer and I took that as a yes. I strolled up to him reached for the bacon and eggs.

“I’ll make breakfast.” I told him looking up at his face. He was staring down at me with a frown as if he didn’t trust that I would do what I said.

“Go sit” I told him making my way to the stove, pulling out a skillet.

It was silent as I cooked, Asher and Teagan sat about three stools apart at the island. The awkwardness between all of us was getting to me as I set their food in front of them. Taking my seat next to Teagan I dug in. I glanced over at him from the corner of my eyes and saw he wasn’t eating, just starting at his plate, hard. I set my fork down and glanced at his food. It was just bacon and eggs, had he never had it before.

“What?” I asked glancing at him. He shook his head but still stared.

“You don’t like eggs and bacon? I can make something else.” I started reaching for his plate when he snatched my wrist so fast I gasped at the pain and abruptness as he growled dangerously low and dug his nail in my skin.

“Don’t touch it!” he snarled through clenched teeth. The red shine in his eyes was making its self-more presentable. He threw my hand back at me and snatched his plate off the table, leaving the house completely.

I was left blinking at his departure.

“What the hell was that?” Asher asked in confusion starting at the back door where Teagan just left from.

“I don’t know” I whispered under my breath.

“I don’t know how you deal with that.” Asher said softly once Teagan had slammed the door behind him. I frowned as I turned towards Asher.

“I’m just saying that it must be hard.” He explained quickly.

Facing forward back to where Teagan just left I nodded.

“But he’s my mate, I’m the only one that can possible understand him… eventually.”

“You know if you ever need anyone to talk to I’m here, k” I smiled at him and nodded gratefully.

“Thank you Asher”

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