Burn For Me (Blue Moon Series) (Book 4)

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Chapter 21


Standing in the office of the Head Elder again brought back the vague memories of the first time of being in here. We all had been called down here for a brief meeting and I was surprised to find I was being called in too. From my understanding I was not one of the favorites of the Head Elder, if anything he would probably rather have me eradicated than standing in his office.

“From your last encounter with the hunters I’ve been keeping tabs on them the best I can and so far they are laying low. There have been no more abductions or killings lately so that’s a good thing.” He said to the lot of us. He was sitting in his chair his back straight as a rulers. There was an assortment of papers on his desk that he was riffling though. When his silvery eyes glanced up at us they zeroed in on me specifically.

Narrowing my eyes I challenged him.

“So does that mean you don’t needs us anymore?” the girl Constance asked.

“Hardly” Elder sniffed. “No what I need from you is to infiltrate just as you were taught and recover the ones they have taken from us.”

“When?” Connor asked.

I was standing right behind him. For some reason or another after what had happened last night I was unable to stay away from him. I needed his closeness or really something in me needed it. It was like a constant rumbling inside every time we were close and I got this immense feeling of contentment being around him.

Just like my realization from last night he was mine and no one was going to stop me from taking him as mine.

“Tonight” his words broke my train of thought.

“What?!” more than one person exclaimed.

The Head Elder frowned at all of us now.

“Is this a mission beyond your capabilities? You were sent out to be train for this exact reason, are you telling me the whole time you were gone you did nothing?”

Cyrus stepped forwards.

“That is far from it Head Elder but you have given us no time to prepare.” He explained. The Elder waved his hand in a dismissive manner.

“Nonsense, of course I have. I’m giving you approximately ten hours to get some rest if you need it, strategize so on and so forth.” He rose from his chair now. “Do me proud and get our people back.”

Connor sat on the bed alone staring out the window. His face was covered in the shadows of sunset, giving him such a dark look. I was watching him from the chair in the corner of the room waiting for him to come out of this trance he was in. I glanced at the clock on wall,

‘A few more minutes before we are set to leave’ I thought quietly.

I stood walking over to him. I’ve never been the comforting type of person but it seem like he needed it. The moment I was in front of him I knelt down to get a good look at his face.

“Connor?” I asked.

Blinking he focused on me,


“We have to go” I told him getting to my feet.

“Right” he hopped off the bed and all of a sudden he had a whole new vibe to him. Almost like he was excited to be leaving. Frowning I followed silently as always behind him, all the way to the group waiting outside. Cyrus turned to us and nodded.

“Cool, you guys set to go?” Tamitha asked us.

“Yep” Constance said. Like the rest of us she wore black everything except her shoes, where everyone had combat boots she had a pair of tight slipper looking shoes.

“Alright, let’s head out!” Cyrus exclaimed as we stealthily.

We arrived sometime around midnight, the compound we were staring at was dark with a few lights here and there. I looked over at Connor, he was focused on the building in front of us with so much concentration I frowned. Suddenly he turned to me,

“Why did you react that way when I gave you your breakfast this morning?” it was the first full sentence he said all day to me.

I was taken back a little by the random question. Then memories of being chained to a wall and starving as a moldy plate of food was replaced with a fresh new, delicious one. I remember how it always taunted me by always being out of reach.

“Let just say I wasn’t always able to eat when I needed to.” I answered curtly.

He frowned at this I saw him open his mouth to say something but Cyrus came up behind us.

“We don’t have time for idle chit-chat. You’re going in.” Connor turned to him fully.

“Wait you’re not coming with us?” Cyrus shook his head.

“Tamitha and I trained you well, now it’s time to show us how much you learned. We will be by the car waiting for you when you come out.” He nodded his head to the three of us.

“Make sure to contact us if things go wrong and we’ll be there ok. We know this is sudden and you’re not a full squad but we believe you can do this now show Head Elder your capable.”

With that they left us alone to face off with a whole Hunters compound. I didn’t know about the others but I was ready to raise some hell and spread a little fire.


The moment we entered the compound I knew something was wrong. I glanced over at Teagan only to find his eyes narrowed into a hard glare and smoke coming off his body in swirls.

“Teagan” I whispered to him. He ignored me completely and moved on.

“Damn it Connor get your mate under control!” Constance exclaimed in hushed tones at me. I rolled my eyes.

“Oh, yeah, that’ll be easy, let me go do that right now” the sarcasm was dripping from my mouth and had her huffing in anger as we followed behind Teagan.

I remembered how Teagan acted last time we were around Hunters and I knew that this was not going to go well if we came across one in our mission. It was inevitable being that this was a Hunter compound.

When we reached the back of the compound we pressed our back to the wall listening carefully to any sounds behind the wall when we could hear no one on the other side we scaled the wall. My nails dug into the concrete easily.

Man this place was a fortress.

The moment our feet were on the roof Constance was off running around the building. Gritting my teeth we had no chose but to follow as she recklessly ran, skulking out the place. There was a space in the middle of the compound like a outside sitting area that was connected to the four conjoined buildings of the home. There was no room for an attic so there had to be a basement, which meant we had to get on the floor and risk being seen. Constance skid to the edge of the roof and jumped.

“Constance!” I exclaimed in hushed tones.

“Shh” I heard her say from the grounds. I peered down at her and saw her motion for us to hurry as she continued to survey her surroundings. Teagan was already midair. Sighing I jumped the twelve foot building and continued after my team mates.

“It’s seriously dead around here.” Constance said as I snuck up to a door and creaked it open. The hall way was huge and empty. I took a whiff and besides the strong stench of the humans that constantly use this hall there was no strong smell of a Hunter close by.

“Clear” I whispered to them and took lead this time.

“Do you thing we should split up?” Constance asked. I shook my head.

“No if one of us gets caught it will be harder for you to fight a group of hunters.” I heard her scoff.

“More like it will be hard for you, normal” she snickered. I shot her a heated glare.

“I can take care of myself thank you very much, I just think that it’s best to stick together so we don’t have to wait for any of us to catch up later when our targets are found.”

There was no more talking from then on. We searched the building slowly and thoroughly but found nothing, no basement or even one Hunter. We decided this rescue was a bust and left back to Cyrus and Tamitha. Not even half way there Teagan uttered his first words since we entered the compound.

“We were never going to find the hostages here.”

Both Constance and I turned to him with frowns.

“What do you mean?” Constance said.

“They probably have them held in a separate building, most likely underground.”

“How do you know that?” I stepped towards him.

His black eyes were filled with unspoken rage as he stared at me.

“Because I was once held in one.” He said. That was true, the elders had said they found him in Hunter custody.

“Why didn’t you tell us that before?! We could have gotten killed for nothing.” exclaimed Constance.

Teagan stared at her unnervingly with a tilted head.

“I didn’t think it mattered what I thought” he answered.

“Well haven’t you turned into a Chatty Cathy?” we all jumped around to see who spoke.

There, standing behind us was a tall man with thick long dark hair and blue eyes. He kind of reminded me of an older version of Asher with the five o’clock shadow around his face. I instantly went on the defensive.

I didn’t even notice his approach and that’s saying something with all the intense training that I was put through; I could scene a mouse ten yards away. I knew that we were all on guard but I could feel a serious malevolence coming from my mate that had the hairs on my body standing on end.

“Oh hound don’t look at me so, it gives me shivers” the man breathed to Teagan while he hugged himself and gave a faked shiver with a wicked smile plastered on his face. I bared my teeth at him and instantly took a step in front of my mate.

“Who are you?” I growled. The man took his eyes off Teagan for only a second before his gaze went right back to Teagan.

“Oh, don’t tell me that you’ve found your mate my boy?” the man pouted. “Naughty mutt aren’t you.”

“Guys” I heard Constance say and I finally took my eyes off this sick bastard to see that we were completely surrounded.

“S**t” I muttered under my breath.

The man stepped forward and rose his hand up towards us in what looked like an invitation.

“Come I’ve missed you so my pet.”

And that was all that needed to be said. Behind me I heard Teagan let out the loudest deadliest roar I had ever heard in my life. And a blast of heat came rushing out behind me only to consume me and go straight towards the creepy man and every one of the Hunters that was standing too close which was mostly all of them.

The fire was like a warm bath as it engulfed me but I could feel my clothes singeing the longer I was exposed.

Suddenly I heard a laugh among the screams. I squinted my eyes open to see who this crazy person was and shocked to see the man had moved out of the way of my mates flames while his comrades turning to ashes around him.

“Well someone’s serious” he mocked Teagan.

I heard the growl as Teagan rushed past me taking his flames with him and collided with the man. They squared off hitting jab for jab. I was surprised that Teagan didn’t just burn him when they touched. The man seemed to be just as skilled as my mate as they fought, it looked to be an even match. A sudden blast of cold rushed against my back and I took my attention off Teagan for a moment to see Constance going against the last three armed hunters.

“What are you doing, help!” she demanded and I ran to her side.

I punched the Hunter under the ribs faster than he could block and I’m certain I heard some ribs braking along with the force I sent him backwards into a tree. He slid down the tree in a slump and I turned to dispatch another only to find them frozen solid with both guns drawn. I glanced at Constance to see her wide eyed and breathing hard.

She looked over at me with a helpless look. I instantly understood, this was her first kill. I gave her a sad expression.

“It’s either them or us, you have to keep that in mind Constance.” I tried to make her feel better.

“I know” was all she said closing her eyes.

“I taught you everything you know boy, what makes you thing you can beat me?” I overheard the man say and I snapped my head over to see Teagan being over powered. I stared in disbelief as the man had my mates neck in his hand. Teagan thrashed and clawed but it was no use he was losing. Why didn’t he burn him!

Both Constance and I hurried to help him. The moment we were close enough Constance held her hand out to use her elemental powers but nothing happened. I didn’t dwell on her problem I charged to get my mate free only to have the man snatch my neck up as well and hold me in the air along with Teagan.

“Oh look pet your mates came to help you.” He said calmly tilting his head towards me. “How about I just save us all the trouble and snap his wittle neck” Those cold eyes stared at me with a deadly assurance and I felt his fingers tighten enough that I saw black spots.

It was the first time I had ever seen Teagan look scared.

“No” he chocked out which caused the man to laugh. I heard a scream as Constance charged the man but it was futile to attack someone like him. All he did was lift his leg quickly and kick her in the stomach with enough force to make her fly in a tree, hard. I heard her cry out but she didn’t get up when she landed face down in the dirt.

“Oh pet, are you going to beg me to save this mutts life?” he snickered cruelly. “I taught you better than that didn’t I? We eradicate vermin not save them to breed more.”

“Please” he whispered softly his head down in defeat.

“Teagan, no” I wheezed out the best I could as the spots got bigger and a darkness was growing around the edges of my eyes. I couldn’t have this man get what he wants and have my mate begging for my life.

“This won’t do pet” the man was no longer laughing as he glared at Teagan. “You need a review on your lessons don’t you?”

Teagan’s head snapped up at these words bet then he looked at me again with soft eyes he only spared for me.

“I’ll do anything just let them go” he told the man through clenched teeth.

The man then smirked at him.

“Whatever you say.”

I was slowly put down on my feet. I gasped for air the minute his hand left my neck. I was woozy and trying to regain my balance when I saw him lift the hand he had my neck in to his mouth and bite the tip of his gloved finger, sliding his hand out of them. He took the glove out of his mouth and stuffed it in his pocket.

What the hell was he doing? I wondered in a daze.

‘I need to save my mate’ was all I could think of, my wolf was pushing at me and I gave in and let him have control. I was mid shift when I felt a cold hand on my chest and pain like I never felt before rushed through my body. I though my heart was going to explode and my blood combust in my veins.

“Ahh” I screamed as my body rejected the torment it was being put through. My wolf yelp and cried in agony pulling back, away from the pain. I would have crumbled to the floor but it was like my bones were locked in place forcing me to endure.

“Nooo! Stop!” I heard but I was already too far gone to notice who it was or care. I wanted it to stop. My mind began to fill with despair and hopelessness. I had a strong thought that my soul was being taken chunk by agonizing chunk as if a monster was tearing it away and gulping it down.

“More, oh god more!” voices said in the background as I screamed for it all to end.

Soon I could no longer cry out as my body seized up, my voice was raw, my wolf was silent now no longer shaking in pain, he was too drained to even move. Depression and misery was all I could feel. A dark world that would never go away and both my wolf and I were falling into it, this black hole of suffering.

“Enough” and it stopped but it was too late as I fell into the hole consumed by nothing but darkness.

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