Burn For Me (Blue Moon Series) (Book 4)

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Chapter 22

Cedrick was seated at his desk, a mountain of papers around him but he sat with his hands in a ball and had them resting against his mouth as he stared unseeing across the room.

‘Something wasn’t right.’

The moment he stood his personal phone rung in his pocket, he answered.


“It was a trap” the voice said. Cyrus.

“What do you mean it was a trap, what happened?” the Head Elder growled. At his mood suddenly darkening Cadence came out of the shadowy corner and stood by his side. He looked over to her as the man explained the situation.

“Our group was ambushed, Connor and Constance were hurt and Teagan was taken! It seems that someone told them that we were coming or…” Cyrus’s voice trailed and I narrowed my eyes down at the wall.

“What?” I demanded through clenched teeth.

“That you threw them in the lion’s dean! What was your plan? To see if they were strong enough to take on a whole hoard of Hunters?!” he exclaimed.

Mr. Heath’s body began to shake at the audacity of this wolf!

“You dare accuse me of betrayal!” Cedrick yelled into the phone. His hands were tightening on the device so hard he head it crack. Cyrus growled on the other end.

“What do you expect me to believe, they were ordered to this compound by you, who else am I to think did it?”

“I would never betray my people!” he snarled. “I don’t know how they knew we were coming but I’m going to find out.” Cedrick hung up the phone and jammed it into this pocket. His eyes found Cadence staring up at him with her intelligent eyes.

“It seems we have a traitor in our midst.” Her eyes hardened at her Elders words and he smiled.

“Bring me Greg, my darling, he was my informant after all.”

“You think you can trick me and get away with it?” Head Elder asked as Greg stood before me, his head down. He was breathing hard and the sound of his heart beating at a rapid pace filled Cedricks ears.

“No sir” he whimpered out.

“My team is wounded because of your treachery! Why were you disloyal to me?!” he demanded.

“I didn’t mean to sir, they said if I didn’t give them Teagan back they would kill my family! My mate just had our second child” the traitor looked up to the Elder now with tears in his eyes and a look of fear on his face. Good he should be scared.

“You could have just told me you imbecilic, we are Elders, we do not cower to rabid dog such as Hunters.”

“I know sir!” he cried. “Please spare me, I did it for my family.” This made the blood boil in the Elders veins, it was the first in a long time that Cedrick felt such anger. He rushed Greg and grabbed his face with his claws, digging them into his skin.

The man screamed.

“So it is alright for you to sacrifice the lives of innocent young wolves, no, my young wolves, for your own? When all you had to do was tell me what happened and I could have protected your family. I do not see what is so special about you boy!” he threw the man to the floor.

“We have captured kin out there suffering and you decided that it is better to lie to me and send comrades to their death!” the Elder growled. Greg tried to crawl away.

“A wolf I cannot trust is no wolf of mine” his voice was made of steel. “Go to your precious family and leave my territory, you are all but rogue to this community now” the Head Elders order was enough to make the mans body stiffen with every word.

“No!” he screamed, he could not be rogue! It was impossible to live like that. He would never survive, let alone his family. With only desperation on his mind Greg jumped to his feet force his wolf out, ignoring how the beast whined within him for him to stop and charged the Elder.

Greg’s claws extended towards the Elder wolf and he took a swipe, clawing his nails down the side of the older wolfs neck. Cadence ran out to help the Elder but was too late as the claws made contact with his flesh and an acidic hiss sounded as the skin started to burn away around the claw marks in the Elders neck.

Cedrick hissed but pushed the pain away and gave the crazed wolf a hard glare. His hand shot out and Calmed around Greg’s neck. Then everything stopped. The room was filled with a sudden silence and everyone stood without breathing it seemed.

Cedrick lifted the mutt up in the air with his one hand and pulled him closer to his face so he had nowhere else to look but into the Elders eyes.

“You made a big mistake.” He snarled at him, his teeth lengthened as a surge of power swirled around the two of them. Greg could barely breath in the whirlwind of his Elders aura.

“I would have let you live and try to make a life for you and your family somewhere else. But you prove to me that you have no loyalties, you are nothing more than a rabid dog just like your Hunters.” Cedrick hissed.

“Farewell” with that the room shook with the amount of power the Elder was using on the man and his body convulsed in his hands. The man’s eyes began to roll back as his body began to age right before his eyes. The life was being drug from his body, no, it was being forced to live his whole lifetime in a matter of seconds. And soon the thirty year old was no more than a pile of dust and bones scattering from the Elders hand on to the carpet.

Staggering back Cedrick heaved with exhaustion and sagged into his desk and down to the floor.

“Cedrick” a rich sweet voice filled his ears and he smiled.

“My sweet Cadence” he whispered.

“Don’t strain yourself!” she demanded. He shook his head at her bravado.

“This is nothing” he struggled to his feet and cupped her beautiful face. “It had been such a long time since I’ve use this ability it drains me easily.” Her worried golden brown eyes touched something in his weary soul and he pulled her to him, relishing in the feel of her body against his. The rush of tingles running all though his being.

“Please, you know what that power does to you, you have to let me protect you!” she exclaimed into his chest all the while holding him to her for dear life. “I am your shield” she whispered.

“It matters not, I plan to spend the rest of my life with you Cadence” he was fighting for air still.

“Well if you keep using it you won’t have a life to spend” he smiled at her angry words.

“I will try not to, but I can’t make any promises. Now I need you to call Caleb,” he sighed pulling her closer. “He has a family to help, and I have a couple of young wolves to tend to.”

She looked up into his wise icy gray eyes and nodded.

“As you with my love”

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