Burn For Me (Blue Moon Series) (Book 4)

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Chapter 24


A foot came out and hit my side, sending me flying into the table I was cleaning.

“Ugh” I cried out in pain as both sides of me were screaming in agony. I was covered in bruises and cuts but it seem to never end.

“You missed a spot, c*ck sucker” the boy laughed as he dumped his left over food on my head.

I was in the dining room surrounded by the pack members and not one of them came to my aid. They all just stared and laughed at my humiliation.

“Hurry up fag or you get no dinner tonight.” Someone yelled.

I bit my lip to hold back the tears and continued to clean, with food still clinging to my face and clothes.

I huddled in to the basement hiding behind a huge stack of boxes. I couldn’t take it anymore. I hugged my knees tighter to my chest as I cried silently. My uncle was going to kill me, I didn’t mean to break all those dishes but they were too heavy for me to carry! I cringed at the sound of my uncles booming voice yelling through the house for me.

Please don’t find me, please don’t find me. Please!

I felt my body tense as I heard his heavy footsteps coming closer and I gasped in agony. My body hurt so badly I lost my breath. My face was swollen and my back ached from the stomping I got from uncle just yesterday. My sides hurt so badly it was hard to breath and I felt so weak from not being able to eat anything for so long.

I couldn’t take this life anymore!

I want my daddy and mommy!

They never hit me, they loved me. We would always laugh together and play with me. They would always smile at me in the morning and they let me stay with them at night when I had a bad dream. Why did they have to be gone? I want my mommy and daddy back!

I heard the door to the basement open loudly, hitting the wall.

“Connor, you little sh*t, you better stop hiding.” He growled from above.

I tightened my eyes and hugged myself tighter as I held my breath.

‘Please don’t find me.’ I chanted again.

I can’t remember the last time I spoke to someone or spoke at all. It’s been maybe a year or two I think but I had nothing to say to anyone anymore so I wasn’t going to announce my presence to him of all people.

The moment the footsteps left I sighed in relief and relaxed my tense achy body.

I needed to get away from here, I need to escape, now! Glancing up I looked at the basement door that led outside. I stood slowly using the boxes for support, this was my chance with uncle distracted. Struggling to my feet I staggered over to the door.

No more, I refuse to live this life anymore.

The door swung open and a bright light engulfed me.

‘Freedom.’ And I ran.

I came to a stop,

“Where am I? I said out loud.

I looked around and there was nothing but white. As I looked closely I noticed it was white fog. Stepping back I felt the ground crunch under my feet.

“What the” I glanced down to find myself standing on grass.

Snapping my back head up and gasped. The fog had lifted and I was staring at the most beautiful vision I’ve ever seen.

There before me was something that belong to a painting. There was a stream in front of me with a gentle flowing waterfall trickling over smooth layered rocks. Around me was a bright green forest, the trees seemed to glow mystically. There were glistening birds flying around chipping happily. The luminescent moon shone through the trees causing a peaceful glow that wrapped itself around you and made you feel at peace. A family of shining white rabbits scurried past my feet and I smiled at them.

“What is this place?” I asked myself as I continued to look around in awe.

“You are in the Spirit World, young one.” A resonating voice sounded behind me.

I spun quickly towards the stream to see two ghostly apparitions hovering over the water.

“Ah” I screamed in shock and nearly tripped backwards.

“Do not be frightened we will not harm you.” A second echoing voice said, this one was male.

I stared up at the two transparent forms and realized they were male and female wolves.

“W-who are you?” I couldn’t stop the shaking in my voice.

A gentle breeze brushed my hair in my face just then and I closed my eyes in reflex but the moment I opened them the two were right in front of me. They were more solid now making it easy for me to see what they look like. I could make out that one wolf had black fur and the other white.

“Shit!” I shrieked literally falling on my ass this time.

“We are the overseers of this world and your kind.” The black wolf said, she was the one with the black fur.

“We are the ones you pray to” the white males deep gentle voice continued.

I was heaving, trying to get my breath back but it wasn’t working. What the hell were they saying? If this was true then that meant…

“I’m dead!?” I exclaimed rushing to my feet.

“Please calm down young one” the woman’s calm distorted voice told me but I was starting to freak out.

I began to lose all composure as I turning fast to get a good look at my surroundings. These things weren’t normal, glowing birds and damn shining trees. Of course I was dead… I was dead?

When did I die?

“You have not lost your life yet, but you are on the verge of doing so.” The male said to me and I snapped my head back towards them.


“Let us introduce ourselves properly. I am Castien and this is my loving mate Augusteen.” The male said.

This brought me up short. This couldn’t be, those names were the names of our creators. The gods of the werewolf world so to speak. Everyone knew of them, read about them in old ledgers packs had in the pack house library or heard old legends of their epic tale of true love. I gazed up at the two for a long moment before falling to my knees in complete and utter astonishment.

“This seem to have gotten your attention.” The woman giggle lightly, like a beautiful song.

“Y-Yes” I stuttered unable to say much more.

“Now we much get to the matter at hand, we haven’t much time since Cedrick is trying his best to bring you back.” Castien said.

“The matter at hand?” I muttered.

“Yes, it is about your mate” Augusteen answered.

“M-mate, my mate.” It all came rushing back then. The fight, the man with the crazy strength capturing Teagan and then doing something weird to me… pain, it was so painful. Just thinking about made me feel it again and I wheezed curling into myself.

“Ugh” I grunted in pain.

“Listen young one, we know you are in a great deal of pain but we need you to focus on us for a moment.” She told me softly. I looked up into her dark face and her glowing gold eyes as she gazed down at me. I nodded trying my best to push back the pain for the moment.

“We have come to with a request and an offer.” The white wolf Castien said.

“A request?”

“Yes, save Teagan” Augusteen asked.

I frowned,


“He has been through enough in his young life and so have you.”

“The two of you were brought together to heal one another but there are forces in between the two of you preventing such an opportunity to happen.” Castien continued

“I will do all that is in my power but I am just a regular pack wolf. I can’t save him alone” I said bowing my head in shame. It was pathetic really that I couldn’t protect my own mate.

“We recently came into possession of a power that would be of great use to you. Are you willing to accept this gift we bestow?” Augusteen told me which quickly caught my attention.

“What do you mean?”

“We have seen how badly you two were treated in your lives and there was nothing we could do about it even though it tore us both apart to see it. We could not mettle in the lives of our children and we know that this will not make up for what you’ve been through. We only hope that it will help save the both of you.” Castien explained to me tenderly, there was real sorrow in his voice as he spoke. The female next to him moved to wrap her neck around his as if to comfort him.

“We are entrusting you with this power so that it will help you and your mate. All we ask is that you go and save him quickly. Or it might be too late.

“But how am I supposed to get back?” I questioned as I looked around in confusion. I was in the after life after all.

“Do not worry about that, we will be there the whole time but if you don’t hurry there will be no going back and you will lose your mate forever.” I gasped in pain as the same agony from before engulfed me.

“Now we give you our help young one, it is our only chance to do right by you and your mate.” The deep soothing voice said and everything disappeared as I collapsed from the pain surging through my body before it all went away and a peace surrounded me.

The next moment I heard familiar voices around me and a warmth entering my cold body.

“What’s happening?” Caleb’s voice brought me back enough to open my eyes and instantly I saw my dads’ and the head Elder standing over me.

The weird part was when they all gasped and backed away from me, then I realized I had suddenly jumped from my bed.

“Connor?” Avery asked me softly stepping towards me.

“Teagan” was all that came out of my mouth.

‘Go Connor, you need to hurry’ Castien’s voice urged abruptly in my head and it gave me a start. My feet were moving on my own as I ran down the stairs and shifted once I was outside.

My paws ate the ground at a pace I didn’t know I was capable of.

‘Why do I hear you?’ I asked the being in my head.

‘Because you will need my help with the hunters, it is impossible for you to take on so many by yourself pup’ he said with amusement in his voice.

‘You mean this is the gift you were talking about?’

‘In a sense, yes’

I don’t how but I was soon standing in front of an unfamiliar building that looked a lot like an old historical abandoned church.

‘There can’t be that many is such a small area’ I said referring to the hunters. They must have split up or something.

‘Don’t assume’ was all Castien said before pushing me forward and shifting back into my human form. I had no clothes on but I couldn’t be bothered by it at the moment when I smelled Teagan, more importantly when I smell his blood permeate the air and everything in my being to shake with rage.

‘Let us save your mate, let that rage consume you young one, fuel your desire to rid the world of these monsters who claim justice’ Castien’s deep voice was like a fan to the flames in my soul, making it hotter and hotter till I was ready to exploded.

‘Yes’ I growled and charged into the building hell bent on getting my mate out and killing every Hunter in my way.

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