Burn For Me (Blue Moon Series) (Book 4)

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Chapter 25


I burst through the door only to be greeted by an army of surprised hunters. Well now that I was on the inside it was a lot bigger than the outside looked.

“The f*ck” someone exclaimed before they all suddenly began reaching for their weapons. Castien then took over, I felt him take the reins of my body just as my wolf would.

I felt a power rage into my blood as he ran towards the group. It was like nothing I’d ever experience before. It was warm as it circulated though out me. I barreled through the hunters before they had a chance to get their bearings.

‘Now Connor’ Castien said and instantly I knew what he wanted.

Forcing the unknown power forward took a bit longer than I though and as I concentrated I knew the wolf deity was protecting me by using my body to fend them off. When I opened my eyes I saw quite a few hunters unconscious on the floor. I suddenly moved over right before the shot of a gun sounded and I heard the hazardous bullet wiz past my ear. I turned to the culprit and initially reached my hand out towards him only to have a fierce blue light shoot from my fingers. It pierced the man in the chest and left a burning hole behind. I watched him drop to his knees and slam onto the ground, dead.

I looked on in disbelief as he fell and then to my hands. I think everyone in the room froze,

‘Lighting?’ I questioned silently as I stared at my hands.

‘Electricity, compliments of your Head Elder for sending it back into our hands.’ He told me, I frowned. What did the Elder have to do with this power?

‘Don’t worry about it, now hurry Connor, you don’t have time to stop’ Castien told me and I nodded.

‘Your right’ I agreed and a delicious taste of bloodlust filled me.

“I’m taking my mate back” I growled aloud to the crowd of dead men with a sinister smile as I lifted my hands up towards the whole lot of them and relished the look of fear in all their faces.

The smell of burnt flesh made me gag just a little but I was too busy to notice to much as I ran down the hall toward the smell of my mate’s blood. I found the basement door that reeked of my mate’s blood and I went down to tear the door off its hinges when the sting caught me off guard.

‘Ah’ I hissed backing away from it.


In that moment I felt a presence behind me, I turned around quicker than they thought and I flipped them down onto the ground in front of the door. My hand settled on their chest and the shock of electricity seized their body till it moved no more. Quickly I ripped their uniform into a strip of rag and wrapped it around my hand and threw the door open.

I ran down the dark staircase coming to a stop at the end of it. I looked up with my wolf’s night vision trying to see where my mate was when I spotted him on the wall.

My stomach rebelled against what I saw and I had to cover my mouth.

“Oh god” I whimpered, staggering up to my mate.

There were huge nails holding him a few feet in the air. The blood leaking from his wounds was a constant flow where it left a huge puddle on the floor. He looked unbelievably pale as he was pinned there to the damn wall.

A roar escaped my mouth and surprisingly it wasn’t all me. Castien was enraged and it was sending me into another killing frenzy, not that I minded ripping another army full of heads off hunters.

‘Disgusting’ Castien roared in my head.

I gazed up into my mates face hoping for any sign he was alive but what I saw instead sent my blood to ice.

“Oh no” Teagan eye were vacant as he stare into nothing, there were dark circles under his eyes like he hadn’t slept in years, it made him look so sickly. I noticed a silver mask was strapped to his face like a muzzle for a dog and I could smell his flesh burning along with it.

“F*ckers!” I exclaimed, my canines exploded so forcefully from my mouth I could taste blood.

‘This is unforgivable!’ Castien snarled.

I looked back into my mate’s ragged eyes as I drew the nails from his body as quickly as I could and I saw not one flinch, his eyes just stayed vacant, like nothing could reach him anymore.

The last nail clattered to the floor and I caught him as he fell.

“Teagan” I whispered to him past the lump forming in my throat. I gathered him in my arms trying to make him look at me.

It was no use his gaze hadn’t moved on inch in all that.

“What did they do to you” I cried into chest.

“Oh, well it looks like my pets been found, whatever shall I do?” a familiar mocking voice grated in my ears and I swore my body exploded in goosebumps.

I snapped my head around to see the f*cking nut from our last mission standing behind me.

“You crazy bastard” I was heaving, trying to get more air in my choked lungs.

“It’s ‘Commander’ actually” he said smiling as he walked towards me.

My body instantly hunched over my mate protectively,

“Get any closer and I’ll kill you” I warned him.

He just laughed as he came towards me and squatted in front of me. His head was tilted as he stared at me,

“Oh, poor wolfy’s scared isn’t he?” the man smiled disgustingly. He got off on this repulsive act in tormenting and playing with peoples minds and that was what pissed me off. He was the reason Teagan digressed right back to when I first met him.

“You’re sick!” I lunged at him with extended claws, missing by an inch.

“Ha-ha, I am just passing the time pup.” He laughed leaning forwards again inches from my face. His blue eyes stared into my own green and suddenly I felt the distant burning pain from the last time we were together.

“Do you feel it boy” he whispered to me. I started panting,

“You were one delicious morsel, let me tell you that. Not as good as my pets but a close second” he shrugged. His nonchalant attitude was getting on my last nerve.

Without a warning I threw my hand in his face letting out a blast of lighting. He fell back lying motionless.

I got him!

It was over!

Sighing I reached for Teagan as I stood bringing him to his feet, I had to get him home. I had to fix whatever that maniac had been done to him and this time no one was touch him or locking him away again. I watched his empty eyes and expression behind that damn mask and struggled to carry his dead weight up the stairs. I had to get this mask off his somehow.

We were more than halfway,

“Kill it.” a sharp tone was said from the bottom of the basement which took me by surprise. Didn’t I kill him?! But I didn’t have much time to think about that as I felt myself falling down the stairs.

It felt like everything was going in slow motion as I caught my mate at the last moment suddenly move and push me. I was in free fall as I stared at my mate in utter confusion as I hit the bottom of the stairs. It took the breath right out of me and a pain exploded in the back of my head that made everything turn black around me.

“Uh!” was a harsh sound as the air was forced from my lungs as I landed on my back.

I was froze, my eyes glazed over from the pain as the world came back into focus. I was struggling for air when I heard something,

‘Connor,’ Castien was back in my head. ’Move!” just like before he took control and rolled me over just in time for Teagan’s fist to came down in the very spot my chest would have been and I watch the dirty old fractured cement ground implode and splinter under his knuckles.

I stared at his fist for more than I should have but I couldn’t believe my eyes. My- my mate just attacked me! He would have killed me just now!

“Teagan! What the hell are you doing?!” I screamed. I couldn’t hold back the fear deep inside. It was more than a betrayal, it was felt like my heart was being squeezed and exploding inside.

I got no answer as the next attack came, fast. This time I was ready and hopped to my feet in time for the kick to miss by a millimeter from my face. But that wasn’t all my mate had for me and he came at me viciously. Thank god I had sparing matches with him before because there would have been no way I could have kept up in this fight.

Punch after punch, block after block, I kept up with his movements. I noticed he wasn’t using his fire but I’m pretty sure it was because it was useless in this fight, I was immune to his power… but not his kicks. I was sent flying up the stairs this time. I threw my weight into an aerial back flip and caught the edge of one of the steps with my hands. I stood there in a hand stand before I let my lower half fall down till my feet hit the ground and stood. Quickly I turned and ran out the door and into the body ridden church.

The sun shone down on the decorative stain glass windows casing the whole area, pews and all in a colorful godly light; showcasing the massacre I caused earlier. I heard the sound of pounding footsteps and once again I started to run towards the front of the church.

I turned swiftly just in time, reaching my hand out and grabbed Teagan’s flying foot in my grasp and threw him in front of me a few feet away.

“Stop this Teagan, what has gotten into you?” I said in distress.

I watched him struggle to his feet, staggering a bit like he was on his last legs. I whimpered softly stepping only a foot before my body froze.

‘No’ Castien ordered.

Teagan turned to face me and I looked on in shock.

Teagan’s black eyes were blank as before as he stared at me through his messy black hair.

“You don’t even know what you’re doing, do you” I stated as it dawned on me.

I head clapping behind me,

“Correct boy,” I snapped my head back to see the unscathed crazy bastard walking up the aisle over all his dead comrades. “This is what my pet was made for, what he was trained for. To kill without question, to follow orders, the orders that I give him. After all he is my dog, my greatest creation.” His blue eyes once again found mine,

“Don’t you think I trained him well?” he tilled his head in inquisitiveness.

“Go to hell you f*cking psycho” I growled.

A pain in my jaw sent me flying into a pew, cracking it in half as it crumbled under my sudden weight. I slumped back disoriented spitting out blood from my mouth, what the hell was that?

“Oh, it’s a bad idea to take your eyes off my pet, he’s a sneaky one, always has been” he chuckled.

Grunting I wrestled my way back up on my feet, swaying as I went. Glancing up I saw the man walk up to Teagan and caress his hand from one side of his masked jaw to under his chin brining Teagan’s face close to his.

“He was only with me for three day but I think my training is working splendidly.” He grinned.

Growling I marched on unsteady legs,

“I’ll never let you have him” I told him firmly as I sent a bolt of electricity towards him but Teagan jumped in the way taking the full brunt of it. I gasped in horror as it hit him right in the chest where his heart was.

“No!” I cried running towards him. No, no, no, no, Teagan please!

I reached him only to be caught by the throat and lifted from the ground. I looked through blurred eyes as the air was stopped from my lungs, Teagan was unharmed. My power couldn’t hurt him just like his couldn’t hurt me.

“Eeeh” I chocked,

“It’s too bad your mates, your death would have gone a lot faster by now but since you can’t burn I guess beating you to death is just the way to go.” He turned to Teagan. “Finish it” he commanded with a sick smile.

Instantly Teagan tightened his hand around my throat and I knew this was it.

‘We were too late little one, there is no way for me to get you out of this without using the last of your energy’ Castien’s sorrowful voice began to fade the tighter the hand around my neck squeezed, I was dying… again.

But this time by my own mates hands.

‘I guess -I’ll be- seeing- you again’ I thought to him.

I gazed at Teagan once more as the dark spots started ebbing into my vision, but what I found squeezed my heart just has hard at the hand around my neck. My eyes followed the trail of tears running down his expressionless face and into his cursed mask.

Oh Teagan.

“I love you” I wheezed through my crushed windpipe.


I could hear the sound of a sluggish heartbeat became slower and slower. There was a warmth in my hand as a familiar tingling sensation consumed my entire arm, it stung a bit as if it was revolting against something.

I could smell the scent of something I’d grown accustomed to, the ocean and dew of the morning bombarded my scenes mixed in with a metallic odor.

Connor, it was Connor I smelled.

Frowning I loosened my hand from around something as my eyes began to focus enough for me to see a limp Connor in my hand as… I… strangled him?

I think my heart completely stopped as I let my mate go and grabbed him in my arms.

What have I done, what have I done! I screamed in my head to shock to actually speak. I heard the constant whimpering in my head grow louder as I realized and agonized over what I just did.

“I killed him” my voice creaked with so much emotion I didn’t know where to start.

“Yes, you did” a voice sounded behind me and I knew exactly who it was. I placed Connor down softly before turning and tacking the bastard down to the ground the surprise on his face gave me great pleasure as I heard his head hit the ground hard. I caught him off guard and I took advantage of it. I raised my head as I let all the emotions I was feeling, the rage, sorrow, guilt, despair all fill me as the weirdest sound came out of my mouth., a thunderous growl, almost like a roar come through the mask.

Then a familiar pain came to my body, engulfing my whole being. Black fur sprouted from my skin, my mouth was growing and straining against the silver masked till it began to creak and bend at the buckle at the back. My hands were turning into huge paws by the Commanders disoriented head. Moments later the mask fell off clinking off to the side.

My vision was clouded in red as I stood over my ‘Master’ fully wolf for the first time since my very first shift. I hadn’t been able to change like this for years from all the shot they injected me with. But now the wolf was stronger and more bloodthirsty than ever as it took over quickly and swiftly moved my head down and bit brutally into the Commanders neck pulling a chunk of flesh with a tug of my head.

“Ahh!” the man screamed so loud it echoed off the acoustic in the church. The very sound was like music too my ears. He pushed at me, his hands touching my fur sent a terrible fire in my veins. He was doing that thing again when he would make me weak and black out for days. That pain he gave me always made me want to die quickly.

I attacked every inch of his neck and chest, biting into him while he tried to get me off with his creepy power. It wasn’t going to work this time though, not after everything this monster had done to me. It was time to get my pay back for years of endless torture and I was going to do just as I said,

Bathe in his blood and with that thought I went back for another chunk.

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