Burn For Me (Blue Moon Series) (Book 4)

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Chapter 26


“Pet” the sound of his raspy gargled voice grated on my ears and I growled as I lay by my still mate, licking his bruised neck with everything in me. I knew there was nothing I could do about an internal injury but I had to do something.

“Do you rem-member- when you first ca-came to me?” how was he still alive after I tore into him like I did. His throat was nothing but a bloody bone, I should have bit into that too.

My rumbling growl warned him to just die.

He laughed to the best of his abilities.

“W-we found you in the forest, just about ten years old I think” he spit out blood from the effort.

I turned my head, ears laid back as bared my bloody teeth at him. He smiled like the sadist he was,

“Abandoned at such a young age.”

I shifted from my wolf form back to my human one,

“Keep talking f*cker, I’ll burn you dead” I snarled at him.

“I ju-just want you t-to know the truth” his red smeared teeth showed again as he stared at me with glazed eyes.

“What the hell are you talking about, just die already” I snapped through clenched teeth.

“Y-your parents gave you to me” the sentence made me stop.


I frowned at him,

“You may not kn-know what I am but both y-you and your brother were offered as paym-ment in exchange for a c-c-certain stone only a Syrin can make.” He continued.

“Syrin? What the hell is that?”

“Me, p-pet” he laughed.

“And to th-think yo-your parents care more about a c-couple of stones rather than their own childr-en.” He mocked.

I stood and stalked over to him, I formed a ball of fire in my hand ready to burn him to ash.

“Before you finish me off boy, do-n’t you w-want to know who your p-p-poor little brother is?”

The fire in my hand flicked at my hesitation. The Commander noticed,

“Ah, the p-poor thing, he was sent to the dun-dungeon about the same age as you -a couple -years later,” he paused as he struggled to continue. “And I’m pretty sure he suffered a great deal, my sisters can be ruthless, but as I’ve been told he escaped.

My sisters aren’t very h-happy with their pet running loose I hope you know. Your pa-parents deal with the Syrin has been brok-en and they will be demanding payment, either from them or this L-lak-ota”

I felt my eyes grow wide with this information. Flashes of the little wolf always by Cyrus’s side entered my head.

I opened my mouth to demand more information only to find the Commander was finally dead. The fire die in my hand as I slowly made my way back to Connor. All of a sudden I felt so weak. I glanced at my naked body and realized I was still bleeding from the holes that use to pin me to the wall in the basement. My stomach hurt from hunger, my throat burned from lack of water. Dizzily I stumbled and landed next to my mate. Lazily I tucked Connor close to me and closed my eyes unable to hold them open any longer.

I was so damn tired.

“Teagan!” “Connor!” I heard a stifled call of our names before I gave into the long awaited tiredness I’d been feeling for so long.

Then everything became quiet.


Tamitha and I were pressed up against the wall as we heard a gargled voice speak, it was like he was choking on something.

“Before you finish me off boy, do-n’t you w-want to know who your p-p-poor little brother is?”

I moved slightly to peep in the chapel door and what I saw had me back up against the wall in shock. There were dead bodies of hunters everywhere. I spotted Teagan as he stood over the body that was struggling to talk.

Did he do all this?

I looked again and noticed the chard holes in the dead closest to the door and shook my head. No he couldn’t have, he burned people to ash; he never left anything behind.

This had to be Connors work but how? My eyes trailed back up to Teagan and the male, Connor was a few feet away lying motionless on the floor. I closed my eyes and moved away,


“Ah, the p-poor thing, he was sent to the dun-dungeon about the same age as you -a couple -years later,” the man paused as he struggled to continue. “And I’m pretty sure he suffered a great deal, my sisters can be ruthless, but as I’ve been told he escaped.”

This made me pause, this story sounded too familiar.

“My sisters aren’t very h-happy with their pet running loose I hope you know. Your pa-parents deal with the Syrin has been brok-en and they will be demanding payment, either from them or this L-lak-ota”

My eyes shot open in shock, Lakota? Teagan was Lakota’s brother?

There was a silence now before a loud thumping sounded loudly echoing in the church. I turned quickly to see Teagan collapsed next to Connors still form.

“Teagan!” I rushed inside.

“Connor!” this time it was Tamitha who called out just now seeing the damage of the place as she followed me.

We ran to their sides only to be caught off guard by a light that encased the two.

“What the hell is that?” Tammy exclaimed as she backed away. I watched as Teagan’s ragged wounds began to heal right before my eyes.

“I don’t know” I spoke, walking up towards the two again and knelt down beside them reaching out a hand to touch Connors arm.

It was so warm, and some kind of serene feeling wrapped around me.

It was almost god like and for some strange reason I knew it was nothing I needed to worry about but just let happen.

I let go and turned towards the male Teagan was talking to. There was torn flesh all around him and a skeleton for a neck. It was amazing that he would still talk after all this damage.

So this was the Syrin.

I sighed rubbing my eyes,

“Let’s get this place cleared and these two home.”

We moved the two into Connors bed when we arrived at the pack house. Avery and Caleb ran towards us when they say their son unconscious. They were worried to death when they told me what happened. How Connor just woke up after the Head Elder touched him and shot out of here like a bullet.

The odd thing about all this was how Connor kept emitting some kind of electric shock every time he was touch. It was hard to move them to the room.

Trudging down the stairs in exhaustion I spotted something I didn’t expect to see.

Kyle and Levi were sitting in the living room with the Head Elder, Connors parents and Jim who I was told was Caleb’s uncle or something like that?

“What are you doing here?” I asked in wonder.

“We came to see Caleb and Avery since Levi’s been begging me to and we just heard that you were here, along with Lakota” Kyle said gruffly. I see he still wasn’t very comfortable around people from the way he sat stiffly in the couch next to his mate.

Poor guy.

“Hey where is Lakota?” Levi asked looking at me eagerly.

“He’s asleep, he wasn’t feeling well today” I hadn’t told Lakota about what I heard today yet and I didn’t know how to bring it up. I mean to think that Teagan of all people was his brother. They were so different from each other but in a way similar. They had both suffered a great deal under the Syrin and they both have their own ways of dealing with that pain. Even if Teagan was turned into a psychopathic killer and his brother Lakota became a scared quiet recluse who refused to shift from his wolf form because he didn’t like to be close to people; it was a miracle that he let me as close as he has.

Those two would certainly have interesting conversations together.

“Oh, well I guess I’ll see him later than”

I dropped down onto the couch and exhaled loudly.

“Yes, it certainly has be a long day” Heath said wearily as he lent forward in the chair he was sitting in and braced his elbows on his knees. He looked a bit worn,

“So tell us, what happened?” this time it was Avery.

And I did,

“What do you mean they were all dead, every Hunter?” Jim asked.

I nodded,

“And the strange part is, I think Connor was the one to do it.” Everyone in the room sat back in awe and had thoughtful looks on their faces.

“How is that possible, the boy is no Elder, how can he leave burn holes.” Heath asked.

“I don’t know but when we were transporting the two to the van and then the room just now Connor was giving of some sort of electric shock every time he was touched. And now that I think about it those bodies did look like they had been struck by lightning somehow.”

“That’s not possible, you can’t just all of a sudden have an Elder power” Levi voice his opinion on the matter. Caleb scoffed along with Avery.

“Speak for yourself.” Caleb muttered. Levi rolled his eyes at him.

“I mean it’s impossible to have a power if you are not an Alpha’s son.”

“Maybe it has nothing to do with blood.” Jim suddenly said and we turned to him as he looked over at the Head Elder and he nodded,

“It’s possible our little Connor was blessed with a gift from Castien and Augusteen.” Heath said.

I think everyone in the room just stared in disbelief.

“What?” Castien and Augusteen were our wolf spirit deities. Every wolf knew about their creators, but it was unheard of them for them to actually physically help us. They guide us but they never intervene.

“They are benevolent Gods of our race and if they believe you are worthy they will do all they can to help you.” Heath continued.

“It’s rare though and hasn’t happened in more than a thousand year but if he has suddenly gained some kind of power to save his mate I wouldn’t put it past the two, they have always been generous. I mean think of all of you. If it weren’t for those two you might be mated to a bunch of girls.” Jim chuckled causing everyone to laugh.

“But wait why would you think that Castien and Augusteen are involved, of all beings?” Avery asked them inquisitively.

“Because the man that was traitor to our last mission was a lighting user and I returned his power back to our creators.” Heath told use stoically.

I sat back, well this was a strange turn of events. Teagan and Lakota are related, Connor was blessed by the very creators we pray to.

“That would explain the weird light surrounding the two” I thought out loud as I rubbed my chin in thought.

“Light?” Jim asked me. I looked up to see the two elders giving me weird looks.

“Yeah they were encased in some glowing light. When I went to touch them it was warm and made you feel so at peace.” I told them.

I watch the too frown,

“That is called The Healing Light” Heath replied.

“It is only ever seen when the Spirits are in this world. That would mean one of our deities had enter Connors body.” Jim clarified.

“That would explain why he left in such a hurry when he woke this morning, they only had a small window of opportunity to be in the world of the living from what I’ve read. Connor was near death when I healed him and I assume that one of the gods chose him as a vessel to help him get Teagan back and by bestowing him with a power he was that much more liable to rescue his mate.” Heath closed his eyes and rested his head back into the arm chair.

“Connor is one lucky boy to be chosen like that.” Jim voice.

No one said another word, what was there to say, it was all just too overwhelming.

Heath was the first one stand and tell us he was leaving so I got up as well and told them I was off to bed also, I needed to rest and think. After saying good night to Levi and Kyle who informed me that they were staying in England for a while I headed up stairs.

I arrived at my door and walked in closing the door behind me stripping to my boxers I looked at the bed to see Lakota curled up on his pillow on the other side of the bed. Climbing under the covers I rested my head down and stared at Lakota’s canine face that was inches from mine.

I hadn’t told the group down stairs about the Syrin or Lakota’s situation with Teagan and their parents being mentioned. I don’t think Kyle would have like to be reminded of his time with them and I think it was better to tell Lakota first before informing everyone else. How would he take it if I told him that his own parents made a deal with the Syrins? I’d had to talk to Teagan and see what else he knew more about this since I only heard the last of the conversation.

Man, what a day.

I closed my eyes, focusing on the rhythm of Lakota’s breathing. No one was going to take you from me, or all hell would break loose and I doubt they would want to be caught up in all that.

I heard Lakota shift till his muzzle was pressed against my face and I smiled.

For someone who didn’t like people he sure was a cuddle bug.



‘Young one?’ I heard softly in my head.



Why was I not dead yet and in that magnificent forest I saw before. I thought to myself

‘It is not your time to enter the Forest, Connor’

Then where am I supposed to go?

‘Home, young one, home to live a long life’

But I’m dead.

He laughed,

‘Not yet little one, I could not get you out of the situation with your mate because I only had enough energy for one healing before I am forced to leave you and I did not want to use up the last of yours. But now that you and your mate are touching I can help the both of you like I planned.’ And unexpectedly peaceful warmth surrounded me from head to toe and I sighed in pleasure.

‘Now sleep little one and live’

The moment I opened my eyes I was in my room. Frowning I sat up quickly only to have my head rebel and start to spin.

“Sh*t” I groaned falling back on my pillow.

I curled up on my side in the fetal position and saw something amazing. Teagan was laying right beside me. In all this unbelievable good fortune I had to reach out and see if it was real but once my fingers touched his skin I wanted to scream for joy.

I watched in awe as his beautiful dark eyes slowly opened at my touch. I never moved my fingers from his face.

“You’re really here aren’t you?” I asked softly, like I was scared that my dream would end if I were any louder.

And for the first time ever I saw Teagan smile.

“I am” he whispered back.

I felt my lips begin to wobble as I stared at him.

“I love you ok” I told him as my vision became blurry with tears. His eyes softened,

“Ok” leaning close he pressed his soft lips to mine in the gentlest kiss we had ever shared.

“And I love you back” he breathed across my mouth and my heart flipped with more joy that a moment ago.


And with that we were lost in each other’s arms. All the hard and rough sex from before that I got from him was now tender and kind. Kisses felt like soft clouds against my lips, his hands caressed my skin and rubbed me till I was complexly maxed out with all the love he was bestowing onto me.

Our clothes found their way onto the floor as skin touched skin. The covers were thrown off as the heat began to build in us. Teagan settled above me, where I could see every bit of him.

“I’m so sorry Connor” he suddenly said burring his head in my neck.

“What do you mean?” I asked running my hand down his back.

“I hurt you” his voice cracked.

I smiled and kissed his temple.

“I’m fine, all you need to worry about is right now” I said to him.

His head came back up to look me in the eyes and he nodded nestling his hips between mine. I reached over quickly in my draw and pulled out a tube for much need use. Hastily smearing my hand with a bunch of it I threw it back on the dresser and reached down to cover both him and me. I watched Teagan closed his eyes in pleasure as I stoked his manhood and pressed him up against me. Slowly he entered and I dug my nails in his back the amazing feeling of him stretching me.

“Oh” I moaned pulling him close to me in a hugged. Our chest rubbed together as he began to move into me.

“Connor” Teagan sighed in my ear and it was the sexiest thing ever!

He grabbed my legs in his hands and pulled them over his shoulders as he got a better position and began to slowly pound into my sweet spot over and over again. I was a moaning mess, my head tossing all over the place. My hair was stuck to my face as my skin was covered slick sweat.

I felt the familiar heat coming off Teagan again, just like last time. It was centered down past our groin area. I could smell the scent of burnt fabric as our movement became more sporadic as we reached heights only the two of us could. Teagan leant down and captured my mouth with his as he pushed into me over and over, the fire building between us was so warm it brought me closer.

“Ahh” I cried out into my mate’s mouth and grabbed a fist full of his long wild black hair.

“Burn for me Connor” Teagan growled as his hip thrusts grew faster and faster till the both of us couldn’t take it any long and we fell over the cliff together.

Teagan lay on top of me breathing deeply as I combed my fingers though his soft hair.

“Stay with me forever Teagan” I told him. He lifted his head up to look at me inches from my face.

“I couldn’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be Connor.”

I gave him a watery smile, I knew we had a lot to work out between us. Teagan’s past hung over our heads and we would eventually have to concur it together but that could wait. I just wanted to be with him in the now.

“Good” I squeaked over the lump in my throat, and he laughed.

And it was such a beautiful laugh.




What does it mean? Is it just a word to give a label to something or does it hold worth, value?

And what of love? If you were never shown the meaning of these two words then they are just that… words that have no significance to you.

But when you think about it, what’s the point in being born on this earth if you are unable to experience an ounce of what you yearn for, what you deserve; unable to explore the world that’s barely out of your reach. You are forever a prisoner; kept but never wanted.

There is no trust, no love or family in a prison like mine. There is nothing but yourself and that is a lonely and pathetic existence. The kind where you wish and long to disappear and never return but if it were not for ‘Connor’ I would have lost even myself and that would have been beyond more than I could bare.

But Connor is my family now and I have found the love I’d yearned for. Thank god he was a stubborn man and never gave up on me.

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