Burn For Me (Blue Moon Series) (Book 4)

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Chapter 3


“What the crap!” someone exclaimed as we hit the floor. I was in such a rush to leave I didn’t see the person walking down the hall. A curtain of gold appeared in the corner of my eyes as I collided with a soft body.

“I’m so sorry” I stuttered trying to get to my feet. An annoyed tisking sound came from the person below me and I finally glanced down at them. I found myself straddling Constance Sky the neighboring pack alphas daughter. She was one of the most renowned female wolves in our Elder Academy when we were seniors last year. I had never met her before but I had seen her and heard of her ruthless mean girl ways and popularity with the male species. And it was just my luck that I would be the one to run in to her.

“Get the F*ck off me dweeb!” she snarled as her green eyes glared daggers at me. Quickly I scrambled to my feet apologizing once more before lending her my hand which she smacked away with a huff.

“What the hell is your problem Connor?” she snapped picking up her purse and wiped her short white skirt off, there were dirt stains already marring the clean fabric. I opened my mouth to say something but suddenly I stopped… wait did she just say my name? I thought in astonishment.

“You know who I am?” I asked staring at her with my jaw to the floor. Queen bee knew my name!

I watched as she stopped for a second as something flashed in her eyes before she regain her composure and I frowned, what was that about.

“Well duh doofus, your one of the most lames people to ever walk these halls.” She scoffed looking at me with such an absolute expression I cringed back a little.


“Now are you going to tell me what the hell you’re doing down in the west wing? This is a restricted area, closed off to students and visitors and that includes you loser. What are you doing at school anyway? Reminiscing about your pathetic high school years?” she said rising one perfectly shaped blonde eyebrow.

“Why are you down here, I’m pretty sure you graduated along with me if I’m not mistaken?” I shot back. Her face took on the color of a light pink.

“That’s none of your business dumbass” she retorted with an elegant hair flip.

“Why do you keep insulting me?” I asked tilting my head in question.

“Because I want to” she shrugged.

‘That’s not even an answer’ I thought internally rolling my eyes.

Then I remembered her question and it brought me back to why I had freaked out earlier.

“I think there’s someone in a giant metal box down in the old prison cell” I said pointing to the door behind me. I watched her blink a few times as she looked at me like I had two heads.

“Well this was fun but I think I’m going to go now.” She said slowly as she backed away but I reach forwards grabbing her arm.

“No, I’m serious. The school is going to do something terrible! I heard these men having an ominous conversation back there like something big was going to happen tonight.” That edgy feeling was coming back to me and it was crushing my chest with its invisible force. For some reason I knew it would be bad if whatever these peoples plans where, where to succeed.

“Let go” Constance struggled from my grip.

“Please, I know you’re a skilled Elder and we can get them out” I pushed. I was desperate to save this person and I had no idea why. They could be some serial killer being contained.

“Why. Would. I. Help. You!” she stressed ever word as she tried to wiggle from my hold.

“Aren’t you a tad bit curious as to why a school would lock someone up in a place of learning? This is supposed to be a safe environment why would they put us in danger like that? So the only other suggestion is that they wouldn’t which means that there is an innocent being held against his will.” I said trying to validate the situation.

“You’re probably imagining things, now let go!!!” finally she got free, slightly stumbling in her heels before catching her balance. “Now I’m going home nut job” with that she turned away.

“They are going to kill them!” I exclaimed causing her to stop mid step.

“That’s a pretty big accusation” her back was still to me but I had her attention.

“Yes it is but I believe in my gut that I’m right”

“And if your wrong?” she turned her body slightly to look at me. “What if your overly active imagination gets us in a heap of trouble? You can’t forget that this isn’t just a school, this is the council’s territory and you’ll be meddling in their affairs.” Her whole attitude switched suddenly it took me back a bit. Her expression was so serious it sent a shiver down my spine. I swallowed before straightening,

“I know but I’m not wrong” I said my words full of conviction.

The click of her heels echoed as she leisurely made her way past me giving me a sideways glance.

“If you’re wrong and the council ends up catching us down here and were punished for it, you’ll be my slave for a whole month.” With that said she was back to her regular self again.

Constance shoved the wood door open, the screeching it caused grated on my ears. I watched her boldly stomp down the stairs glancing around expectantly.

“So where’s this giant metal thingy you were talking about?” she asked gazing up at me as I rushed after her.

“It’s in the far back, you can’t miss it.” I said coming up next to her and walking with her to towards the back. Once the metal box came in to view her steps faltered.

“Whoa, what the hell is that thing?” she asked moving forward to touch it and I quickly grabbed her hand mere inches from the cell.

“Don’t” I warned, placing her hand back to her side. She glanced at me with a frown.

“Like seriously you need to stop touch me weirdo” I shrugged off her comment as I stared at the cell thing.

“Damn it’s hot down here” she complained.

“I know”

She sighed heavily before suddenly called out.

“Hello! Is someone in there?” I flinched at her abrupt noises.


She turned her head towards me giving me an ‘I told you so’ glance.

“See, just your stupid imagination” she then turned on her heels and began to strut away but I wasn’t convinced.

“Hey! I know you’re in there, do you need help?” I exclaimed. I know I’m right, I wasn’t hearing things before. And deep down I was sure this person need my help.

After a moment the sound of chains rattled and Constance paused in shock. I turned returning her earlier expression back at her.

“I told you”

“No way” she said coming up next to me.

“I told you”

She tisked, rolling her eyes at me,

“Well what are we supposed to do now? It’s not like we have the full story on this guy and even if we did how the hell are we supposed to get him out.”

Good question.

“Well there has to be a way.” I leered at the metal cell in inquisitiveness. There had to be a way to open the damn thing.

“How about we come back later tonight, think on it because it’s freaking hot down here and I have papers to grade.” She suggested but I shook my head.

“They’re coming for them tonight.” I stressed walking on the other side of the metal container to see if there was a door there, no luck.

Constance sighed in frustration,

“How do you know it’s not an axe murder your trying to release?”

“Your sarcasm is not needed” I retorted without looking at her.

“Well I don’t understand what you think you’re going to accomplish without a f*cking door!”

“Well how about you help me instead of making your griping complaints!” I snapped whirling around to face her with a scowl. Her eyes widened suddenly before she scoffed at me and glared back.

“Hey I’m down here aren’t I; I don’t need to do anything for you, jerk!” she barked stopped her foot. I continued to stare at her and finally she looked away towards the cell.

“Has it crossed your mind that maybe the door is on the top of the cell.”

“Why the hell would they build a door on the ceiling of a cell?” I asked confused. Constance shrugged,

“Beats me but it seems like that’s the only place we haven’t checked.”

I glanced up,

“How the hell do we get up there?” I groaned.

“Climb it” Constance said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“We can’t touch the metal it hot, trust me.”

“Well then lets cool it down” I watched her lift her hand up to the surface when steam suddenly began to appear around her hand before she pressed her hand against the hot metal. She wince a bit before I watched as the whole side of the cell frost over in a light coating of ice and it continued to spread further wrapping around the corners out of sight and up top.

“Try it now” she said her eyes closed in focus. I never knew she was an Elemental.

I crouched down bracing myself, using my leg muscles I sprung myself in the air high enough to catch the end of the edge and pull myself up. It was still hot up here but bearable enough to touch thanks to Constance. Once I was kneeling on one knee I scanned the top and noticed the latch to a little trap door.

Well what do you know!

“Hold on k, well get you out” I said aloud for the person I was so compelled to save. I reached out towards the now ice-covered latch and yanked hard enough to break it causing the door to swing open. Once the door was open it felt like a sauna as hot steam rose in my face. Coughing I waved away the steam the best I could before peering down in the murky cell.

“Where are you?” I asked squinting and leant further over the opening. “Hey?”

I don’t know where it came from but a blast of fire rose up from the opening and into my face. A scream ripped its way from my lips and I lost my balance tumbling forward into the cell. I hit the floor hard with an echoing bang but I could care less about that as I franticly patted my face and hair making sure I wasn’t on fire. But the weird thing was I should be in pain since a blast of flames just blew in my face but surprisingly I felt nothing but a warm breeze.

“Connor!!” Constance’s frightened voice resonated off the wall around me.

“I’m fine, but I fell in” I called back looking at the light coming in from the ceiling door. Man thank god for Constance’s powers cooling down the place, otherwise I think my body would have melted to the floor.

“What!” she exclaimed loudly.

Wait…. where did those flames come from anyway, what it a security measure? The familiar sound of chains came from behind me and I jumped forward whirling around to face the person who had been locked away in here. Sweat trailed down my face since the heat was worse down here. The cell was dark hindering me from seeing anything, combined with the steam makingit horribly cloudy.

“C-can you tell me your name?” I stuttered slightly.

No answer.

“I’m... Connor” the steam was slowly escaping through the door making it much easier to see. The form of a person sitting on the floor became visible thanks to my wolf’s night vision but I still couldn’t see their face.

What was I doing! Deep down I’m sure this person wasn’t an axe murder as Constance claimed but that didn’t mean that they were completely innocent, I mean why would the school build such an elaborate type of cell instead of using the numerous regular ones that lined the walls of this place if he wasn’t?

“I don’t know why but I was drawn to this place and I found you, so I’m not sure as to what I’m supposed to do to here.” I rambled while second guessing myself.

“Connor!?” Constance’s voice was distant as I walked closer towards the shadowy figure.

The strong scent of smoky mint assaulted my nose then and my body began to vibrate all over drawing me closer and closer.

Just then the air finally cleared and I met the blackest eyes I’d ever seen, his hair was long and dark hunging in his face in a stringy damp mess. I froze suddenly; everything in me came to an abrupt halt as we stared at each other. But what I saw made me clench my fists, a man chained up to the wall, shackles around his ankles and wrist preventing him from moving even a foot from the spot he was in. His dark eyes held no emotion at.

My wolf howled out in an outrage, I had never felt him so angry before but the sight of the state of this man boiled his blood to the core. And just like that I made my resolve, we were getting him out!

“Were going to get you out” I told him firmly.

“Hey Constance!” I called looking up in the ray of artificial light through the door.

“Yeah” she said a moment later.

“I need something to cut these chains”

“Where the hell do you expect me to find something like that?” she jeered.

I paused for a moment think of a faster way to get him out so we didn’t’ get caught. As I surveyed the wall next to him a strong grip wrapped around my wrist and I was unexpectedly attacked by a swarm of smoldering tingles resonating though my whole body bringing me down to my knees beside the guy. With a strained throat he forcibly whispered,

“Mine” I snapped my head towards him, his face inches from mine as I stared at him in shock.

Just then my wolf growled and the word I least expected to hear was screamed in my head.

‘Oh sh*t’

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