Burn For Me (Blue Moon Series) (Book 4)

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Chapter 4


‘Mate!’ my wolf screamed in my head.

I couldn’t believe it, this was the person I’ve been waiting for and I found him in a weird cell! His dark eyes stared at me intently.

“Constance do you think you could freeze his chains?” I yelled still shocked but more motivated than ever to get him out of this stupid cell. How dare the Elders lock my mate up like some common animal!

“Yeah I think I could try, just tell me where they are”

I reached over knocking on the walls where his chains were hooked, for her to hear. That was when I saw ice cover over the wall more than before and start to freeze the chains. After about a minute I stood and began to stomp against to chains with my foot. Gradually I began to hear a cracking noise. Thank god for Constance’s powers or else we’d be in serious trouble.

Mate said nothing at all as I smashed his chains to smithereens. I grabbed him by the arm and lifted him to his feet and widened my eyes at the height he stood over me.

“We need a way out!” I yelled.

“On it!” Constance said when I heard her jump atop the cell; her head appeared in the opening of the celling. I watched her place her hand on the edge of the door and an ice made stair formed, trailing down towards me and my ‘mate’. I turned to him see how he was doing but he seemed to be a blank canvas. I frowned as I guided him up the stairs and on the top of the cell. Constance looked at me then over to my mate.

“So you’re what all the fuss is about.”

He didn’t answer or give any indication of hearing her. She raised a brow before looking back at me. “Let’s go and get your boyfriend out of here” she didn’t know how right she was just now.


We jumped down and made our way towards the door, Constance peered out the door into the hall. With a nod of her head we made a break for it, rushing down the hall hoping we didn’t run into anyone. Our feet echoed off the empty stone walls as we turned corridors to get to freedom… But what did we do once we were there? I couldn’t very well take a stranger into the pack house with me, especially one who was unkempt and dirty as he was; it would just raise question.

I took a moment to look over my mate. He looked as if he had a thick layer of dirt all over him, his scent wasn’t the most pleasing to inhale at the moment but I could still get a whiff of an interesting but pleasant smoky scent coming off him. His black hair was long and wavy and covered the majority of his face. I glanced down to see he wore all singed and ratty black clothes; his feet were dirty, scarred and bare.

What happened to him?

We turned the last hallway to the exit but came to a skidding halt by the sudden human and wolf forms forming a blockade around our only escape.

Constance cursed as she slowly backed us before looking at me, giving me the ‘what now genius’ look. I was so focused on the growling wolves and Elementals that I didn’t even notice the shaking form behind me.

“That’s far enough!” a booming voice was full of authority and more lethal than even my dad Avery’s. I felt like my whole body wanted to shut down just from the sound alone. I shifted my gaze over to the older looking man with grey hair and a pinstriped suit.

Oh god, it was the Head Elder that was standing opposed to us. No wonder I wanted to cower in a ball.

Standing next to him was a very pretty younger woman dressed in fitting black dress pants and a beige strapless top made of strong fancy material. She was stylish I could tell you that, but what threw you off about her was the stern, almost mean expression on her face as she stared at us.

“What do you think you two are doing with him?!” the demanding voice of the Head Elder asked us forcing my attention back on him, though it was far away.

I didn’t answer his question right away just looked over at Constance; her green eyes stared at me in fright.

“Answer me boy, do you know what you’ve done?!” he exclaimed and I whimpered cringing back into the man who was the cause of all this.

That was when all hell broke loose,

My mate suddenly roared, pushing passed both me and Constance like a berserker, causing us to stumble forwards on our hands and knees and watched in disbelief. For a man who looked like he’d been starving for months he could moved so fast I had trouble see him for a second. But that wasn’t the surprising part, oh no, it was when he rushed forward into the fray of wolves and Elementals that made my jaw drop.

As wolves attached and balls of all types of elements flew at him, which he easily dodged, I watched him catch a full grown werewolf by the throat in midair and throw him so hard into the stone wall it crumbled beneath the wolfs weight. I should have been angry or worried that they were attacking my mate and should have joined in to protect him but my wolf stayed calm and just watched, like he knew his mate was safe. He shouldered another sending him flying too; kicks, jabs, ducks, all moves only a professional fighter would know. Watching him gave me a little insight on who he might have been before he was imprisoned.

Astonishingly, no one was a match for his speed and strength even though all of them were strong Elders and some of the top enforcers know in all England. I was starting to think that he was going to make it through with no problem when the woman from before finally stepped forward as if she was walking into a peaceful meadow. She pursed her pale lips and blew; a storm of ice, wind, and snow at my mate, who abruptly stopped his fight with one last mighty push at a wolf and turned to her with a leathal growl. His back was to us so that meant I felt the storm brush passed me and my skin instantly frosted over.

“Ah” I exclaimed in pain as I quickly rubbed at my arms and face.

I swear I was about to get frost bite but it stop just as fast as it came. Frowning I looked up to see a swirl of fire protruding from my mats hands. And not a small swirl, no, it was a gigantic tornado of flames hurling towards the ice woman.

My mate was an Elemental?

Screams were echoing around me as people tried to get out of the way. Constance grabbed me and tried to pull me back down the hallway we turned to get here but I refused. My body wouldn’t let me go and I didn’t want to leave him here.

“Come on stupid, or you’re going to end up were fry!” she yelled at me over the screams.

I shook my head, yanking my arm from her grip and started towards the fight.



Two familiar voices echoed in my ears but I didn’t look, I had to stop him. The heat he was making was stifling and I knew if it continued there would be multiple tragedies. God, I wish I knew his name!

The woman was making an even bigger storm with her hands now but it died in my mates’ flames. I finally reached him and reached out to get his attention when his flames lost control and expanded all around him.


I heard the screams of protest from the familiar voices again before I was quickly engulfed in fire.

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