Burn For Me (Blue Moon Series) (Book 4)

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Chapter 6


There was a light knock on the door; it resonated through the now silent room. Thea answered it and I glanced over to find a short red headed girl come in. She looked around my age, maybe older; her hazel eyes glanced around as she surveyed the room before going to Mr. Heath.

“Yes sir?”

“Aww, Tamitha thank you for coming so quickly” Head Elder said nodding to her.

“Sure thing”

Mr. Heath turned to us waving his hand in Tamitha’s direction.

“This is Tamitha Fraser, she will be the one in charge of you lot. She was one of my trusted students and is now is one of the captains of I Division. So you are to listen to her and do as she says at all time.”

“You can’t be serious; I’m not taking orders from a weirdo like her.” Constance protested glaring at Tamitha.

“Oh, Con-con I didn’t even notice you were here!” there was a slight Scottish Burr to her accent. The girl ran over to Constance and pulled her into a gigantic hug. Constance struggled with a whining complaint.

“Let go creep!”

“Oh it’s just like old times right.” Tamitha sighed contently as she nuzzled her cheek against Constance.

“Grrrr” she growled rolling her eyes in irritation as she gave up the fighting Tamitha.

“That’s great that you two know each other already. Tamitha, the other two in the corner will be the rest of your trainees” Tabitha moved her head slight, still nuzzled up against Constance’s, and looked over at us.

“Oooooh?” her eyes met mine for a brief second then to my mates.

“That’s cool, I look forwards to it” she smiled.


“What do you mean, he’s being sent to the I-Division?!” Avery exclaimed, his voice was heard though out the entire house making all present flinch.

“It was Heath’s punishment for Connor breaking his mate out of his confinement.” I reached out and brushed my hand down his arm. He shrugged me off and began to pace, growling low in his chest.

“We’re talking about the I-Division! It’s not an easy place to be Caleb.” His brown eyes were rapidly changing, glowing with a familiar tint of blue.

“I know that, but what can we do about it? What Heath says goes.” I slapped my arm down to my side in exasperation.

“No, I refuse to have my son go through the dangers this division brings. James is a part of it and you know from firsthand experience the risks he goes though!”

“He’s a werewolf, Avery; he’s going to go through danger where ever he goes. It could be hunters, rogues, or just a fight with a pack member over something stupid.” I stepped up to him and grabbed his arms so he could look at me. “I don’t want him to go, but at least he’ll have the training he needs to survive. And he has a mate now; I doubt that this guy is going to let our son out of his sights. From what I’ve seen he can protect him.” I had to swallow past the lump lodged in my throat.

He scoffed narrowing his fully blue eyes at me now,

“The same mentally unstable guy that got our son caught in the cross fires of his crazy fight.” He retorted shaking his head in protest. I sighed,

“No” he continued. “I won’t let this guy near Connor. He was locked away from what you’ve told me because he’s dangerous to the people around him, what makes you think our son in safe?”

“Because their mates Avery”

“You had a mate Caleb, and you know what she did to you, so don’t tell me that just because their mate’s means there’s no way of Connor getting hurt or this guy losing it one day.” He pushed away from me and began pacing again. I snarled in frustration marching in his way.

“That was a rare case and you know it. This is a true mating, not some mistake. And yes Connor was caught in the fight but by some miracle he wasn’t hurt, not a scratch on him where there should have been. Anyway, I don’t even know why we’re fight about this, if you have to argue to someone I suggest you talk with the Head Elder because I’ve tried and there is no changing that man’s mind once it’s made.” with that I walked out and slammed the door behind me.

I sagged back, sighing I closed my head and tilted it back against the door.

I didn’t want my son to go to the I-Division but there was nothing I could do. I tried to convince Heath to rethink but to no avail. I only hoped after all this Connor came home in one piece and happy.

The sound of something smashing and a thunderous growl caught my attention and I sighed again, now I’m left to deal with that.

“Excuse me, Alpha Caleb?” I glanced up.



“We’re going where?!” Constance exclaimed.

I stood next to her as we both stared at Tamitha in shock. We were standing in front the Head Elders private jet.

“Cairngorm, I have a place up there and my partner is up there waiting to assist in training you.” she glanced over at my mate who stood silently, in silver laced restraints around his wrist, hands and feet. I had strongly opposed of them cuffing him with silver but no one would listen, they just said that it was necessary and temporary till we reached our destination so I forced them to put gloves on him at least. I sighed as I turned back towards Tamitha.

“Cairngorm?” I asked in question. “Is that far?”

“Not that far so let’s get going.” She said, skipping up the jets steps.

Constance turned to me with wide eyes.

“Cairngorm?” I asked in confusion.

“Cairngorm” she shrugged.

I reached over and took my mates arm only to have him yank away and walked up to the jets stoically. I pushed down the hurt that was squeezing my heart and followed after him. This was going to be the longest training of my life.

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