Burn For Me (Blue Moon Series) (Book 4)

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Chapter 7


“This will be your room, we have set your friend up in the next room.” Eli one of the pack members of the Infiltration Unit informed me. We had landed an hour ago and in that time Tamitha had went through protocol for the I-Division program. And we met her partner who was kind of a hard ass.

-Hour Earlier-

The moment we landed I knew from that face of the man outside waiting in the snow, this was going to be a living nightmare. The guy stood with his hands behind his back like he was some kind of soldier. He wore a white t-shirt, black cargo pants, a leather jacket and combat boots. He stood about 6’1, had short brown hair brushed back neatly and very blue eyes. I glanced down beside him to find that there was a wolf by his side who sat as still as a statue. As Constance, Tamitha, my mate and I got off the plane the man’s first words gave way to how out future here was going to be.

“My name is Cyrus but you will refer to me as sir. I am not your friend so don’t approach me as such; ever. Whatever you did to get on mine and Tamitha’s service, I don’t care but from now on you follow our rules.”

Oh god it’s like boot camp.

“You are my pack now and you are under the Infiltration Units pack roof which means you are under my roof. You are to report to me as you would an Alpha starting today as Tamitha is your Luna, got it?”

I was at a loss of words so I nodded while Constance and my mate just stood there.

“That required an answer!” he demanded. I jumped at the power in his voice. I was so out of my depth here. I was just an ordinary wolf surrounded by powerful Elder’s.

“Y-yes sir” I stammered.

Cyrus hmphed with a smirk as he glared at Constance, who was being her normal stubborn self.

“We’ll fix that face of yours Miss Sky, count on it.” he told her. Constance sneered,

“There is no failure in this program. You are not allowed to fail and if you do fail your only excuse is death!” he continued. “To be in the I Division you have to go through training first, the training is hard. So for the next six months you all are going to be in my personal hell, enjoy.” The wolf next to him huffed out what sounded like a laugh.

Then Tamitha stepped forwards next her partner so she could look at us. Her short red hair was flying all over the place as the icy winds picked up.

“You’re on your way to becoming a member of the Infiltration Division and for the next six months as Cyrus has pointed out, you’re going to be our maggots” Tamitha giggled.

“My friend?” I asked curiously as I threw my things on the bed.

“Yes, the young woman you arrived with.” Eli replied.

That caught my full attention as I turned to look at him.

“What about my mate?” I stepped towards him.

“Excuse me?” his frown deepened.

“My mate! The guy that came with us.” where was he? How could I not notice he was gone?!

Eli was quiet for a second before his face brightened up in understanding

“Oh, yeah him I don’t know where he’s at. Last I seen him he was with Cyrus and Tammy.”


I pushed him out of the way and ran down the stairs hoping that he was safe. Once I was in the foyer I lifted my head taking in a big whiff of anything that reminded me of my mate. When a fresh sweet earthy scent surrounded me I whirled around and took off in the direction of what looked like a basement door.

“Connor, you’re not allowed in there!” Eli exclaimed from behind me but I ignored him.

Barging in through the door I practically fell down the stairs as the smell got stronger. The moment I reached the bottom I spotted Cyrus standing over my mate who just sat staring at the floor as Cyrus relocked his restraints to the basement wall.

“Hello Connor” Cyrus said his back to me. I glanced at him for a brief second then back to my mate.

“Why is he down here?” I demanded, my heart in my throat. Everything stopped suddenly, the room was quiet. Cyrus turned his head slowly towards me with a raised brow. His deep blue eyes stared at me with amusement.

“There’s something missing in that sentence.” He said fully turning to me, his arms crossed.

“No it’s not.” I said with confidence. “Why is he down here?” I asked again staring him in the eyes.

I watched his mouth twitch before tilting his head a bit before answering.

“He’s down here because he’s a liability to the pack here and you or have you over looked all he’s done in the last twenty four hours?”

“He’s not a liability!” I snapped stepping forwards only inches from him.

“He is, but you’re too personally involved to see it.” I opened my mouth to protest but he cut me off. “Did anyone tell you why he was locked away in a titanium cell?”

“They didn’t have to; I heard what those monsters were going to do!” I yelled, “They were going to kill him.”

“Yes they were.” my jaw dropped at his nonchalant tone. Everything in me screamed to tear his face off just because.

“You don’t care! What’s wrong with you!” I lunged at him only to have him catch my wrist before they could make contact with him and forcefully twirled me around so my arm was behind my back in an uncomfortable and painful position. His other arm curled around my throat, holding me in a tight grip.

“Let go of me you bastard!” I screamed struggling to get out of his grasp but to no avail.

There was a sudden sound of rattling chains and I turned to see my mate yanking at them. The smell of burning fabric caused my eyes to travel down to his covered hands to see the metal glowing red. Cyrus sighed and slowly let go of me.

“From what I’ve been told from your Head Elder, so far your mate shows signs of suffering from reactive psychosis among other things and it was best to put him down-”

“Put him down?” I glared up at him. “Like some kind of stray mutt.” I pushed him violently at the chest causing him to step back a step. “Are you serious right now!? He’s my mate; don’t talk about him like that!”

“He may be your mate, but he’s dangerous Connor. You may want to see the good in him but what everyone else see’s is a man who attacks without warning.”

“So what, you’re just going to kill him?!” I demanded.

“Well, your Elder sent him over with you so no, apparently he thinks there’s a way we can save him.” he told me calmly. I frowned at him

“Save?” I asked trying to talk deep breaths.

“Yes, this pack was made for wolves like your mate. It’s sort of a like a rehabilitation for tortured souls. We don’t just train people how to fight, we help them cope with themselves get them better.” Cyrus said. This caught my attention,

“So your say we were sent here to whip him into shape or something?” I asked in confusion. Cyrus smiled,

“Something like that but I’ll be whipping you all in shape. You weren’t sent to me for decoration.” When I didn’t say anything he placed a hand on my shoulder.

“I’ll leave you two along for a bit, I’ll come and check on you later.” He turned away before grabbing my arm. I frowned at him,

“Be careful” with that he walked back up the stairs with Eli but I heard him say to watch us.

When the door was closed I glanced over at the hunched form in the corner. Silently I made my why over to him and sat a few inches in front of him so he had no other choice but to look at me. I watched him closely and noticed he was washed and in new clothes, though no different than what he had on last, just a lot cleaner. A white t-shirt, black cargo pants just like Cyrus’s but again no shoes. His wet hair was still hanging in his face blocking my view of him. But with all the dirt and grime off him I could get his scent clearly and it was the most delicious thing I have ever smelled. It was sweet but earthy something like a smoky mint.

After what seemed like hours of sitting there I finally decided to break the silence.

“I know you probably think I’m a nuisance but I would like to get to know you at least.” I told him.

He said nothing,

“Can you at least tell me your name?”

He refused to acknowledge me at all and it was really tearing me apart. I sat one more minute just hoping he would open up but nothing happened. I bit down on my lip and stood.

I had dreamed and prayed for the moment I would meet my mate. It was something I looked forward to for so long that I forgot that not everything goes the way you wish it to. And I was just figuring out that my dreams of my mate coming to swoop me up and take me away were gone now.

I was half way up the stairs when I heard a dark raspy voice reached me causing me to shiver in shock and pleasure.


Everything in me stopped and I couldn’t stop the small smile to grace my face for one exciting second.

Maybe it wasn’t as hopeless as I thought.

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