Burn For Me (Blue Moon Series) (Book 4)

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Chapter 8


“You are the most out of shape wolf I’ve ever seen in my life!” Tammy yelled up at me.

“Get up there!”

“I can’t” I cried, my arms felt like they were going to fall off as I hung like twenty feet in the air. Why are we climbing stupid walls?!

“Get up there!!” Tamitha’s voice held a certain dark edge as she screamed at me. “Or I’ll come get you myself, do you want that, maggot?!”

“No” I sassed under my breath.

“Excuse me?” oh god she heard that?

“No ma’am” I said louder.

“That’s what I thought, now get a move on. You got thirty more to go.”

“What?” my voice cracked with distress. My fingers slipped as I went to reach for a holding and I fell. All I felt was cold air rushing against my back before I landed hard in the snow, making a gigantic cloud of white fly around me. The land took the breath right out of me.

I saw Tamitha standing over me shaking her head with her arms crossed.

“Your pathetic” she told me before walking away.

“That makes forty, maggot.” I heard her say as the blood stopped rushing to my head.

A gust of air finally came filling my lungs a minute later, just as my body relaxed and I just laid there staring at a fifty foot wall.

‘This was what hell must be like.’

I didn’t want to do this right now, all I wanted was to be with Teagan. I couldn’t believe he told me his name last night.

Did that mean he was trusting me a little?

All I wanted to know was what happened to him.

The sky was turning a dark grey as I lay there, it would be raining soon from the somewhat clean wet scent I was picking up.

“That looked pretty nasty.” Constance snickered behind me and I rolled my eyes at her.

“Shu-t up” I struggled to say as I still tried to get my air back.

“Oh come on Connor, even a pup could do this course.” She said looking at her nails smugly.

“Did it ever occur to you that I’m not an Elder!?” I huffed at her. “I don’t have special powers or super strength.” I growled as I rolled over on my hands and knees.

“No need to yell, geez” she muttered strutting away.

“Connor!” I heard a deep voice call my name. I glanced up to see Cyrus frowning at me as he peered through the door way. “Come with me.”

Groaning, I slowly go to my feet and trudged after him reluctantly.

Once in the house I saw him disappear in the sitting room. I walked in the room only to find none other than Asher sitting on the couch.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I asked in shock.

“Well ow, that hurt. I came all this way to make sure you’re safe, out of the kindness of my heart, and your treating me like this?” he put his and over his heart in a dramatic gesture.


Empty, everything was so empty.

I could feel nothing as I sat in my never ending darkness. I wanted it to be over, I wanted it finished already but life was a cruel mistress refusing to retract her claws and I was stuck in my head; the last place I wanted to be.

End it…

End it…

End it.

I could no longer tell what month it was or year for that matter, let alone day or night. It all seemed to jumble together in a great big ball of my tortured existence. Someone please release me from this place… from this life. The sounds of chains rattling echoed deeply in my ears, forever there as I shifted my body continuing to lay on my side, staring into dark nothingness.

“End it.” I rasped with my raw unused throat.

A growl deep in my subconscious answered with a sadistic toothy grin.

‘Don’t worry, we will. We’ll end it all!’

My body relaxed those comforting words.

‘We will end it.’ it said again.

The door from above opened with a heavy screech as the sounds of footsteps echoed down the stairs. I kept my head down as the person got closer, my hair obstructed my vision till I could see were boots.

“How are you feeling today?” a male voice said from above me.

“You know, your mates really worried about you. He can’t seem to focus on his training.” He knelt down in my view. “It’s very distracting to say the least. He’s a stubborn one.”

Glancing up, I glared into blue eyes. When I made no move to answer him he sighed,

“I get that this is hard for you and I’m not going to try and understand what you’ve been through but I need you to cooperate with me. I just want to get you better is all, ok?”

‘You’re a liar, nothing but liars. They just want to use us!’ the voice screamed. I responded with a lift of my upper lip and let out a low growl at the man in a warning.

I watched him lift his hands in a surrendering motion and got to his feet.

“Alright” his voice was gentle as he backed away a few spaces.

“I just need you to give me at least an inch here so I can help you.”

When he knew I wasn’t going to participate in his conversation he turned and left. Again I was left in shrouded darkness. I barely acknowledged the stinging in my hands and ankles as I began to yank at my restraints. The sound of metal rattling was all too familiar to me. The sound echoed through the whole room as I tested the strength of the chains.

When the screech of a door was heard from above again I stopped and glanced up to see the same guy from before, the one I gave my name to… why did I do that in the first place?

I watched him get closer and sat crossed legged in the same spot as before.

“Hey Teagan” his voice rang through my head and I felt the strangest vibrations coursing through my body. I suppressed a growl, why is it that whenever this one’s around me my body betrays me, along with the being inside me. It’s like that time I first saw him and for some strange reason I had said ‘Mine’.

He was dangerous, his voice, his smell, his face. It was like he was made just to make me hesitate.

I watched him closely and noticed a small bruise on his cheek that was slowly fading.


Again the voices said in my head and I fought back the feelings of snatching the boy to me. Everything in me wanted to protect him with all I had.

“Go away” I rasped out of a sore throat.

I don’t know what he was but these things he was bringing out in me, I didn’t like them one bit. He had to go.

I watched a look of hurt cross his face and I frowned.

“Alright” he whispered and made his way back up the stairs.

“Don’t come back” I growled at him.

This made him pause before leaving.

“Don’t come back” I whisper at nothing and I slumped back against the wall and started tugging on my restraints again.

“Don’t come back.”

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