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A First Chance At Love (boyxboy){Book 2: Blue Moon Series}[Sample](On Amazon!)

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Considered a wanderer, Avery thinks hes doomed to be mateless has caught the attention of a mischievous and somewhat promiscuous wolf. These two men will come to know how to open up and love eachother It's been a few months since Aiden and Liam took their place as Alpha, Avery is still standing by Aiden's side as his loyal protector but something is kind of getting in the way of his duty, and that thing or should he say, person, is beyond annoying and persistent Caleb Carmichael. After the whole ordeal with Zackary, Caleb and his twin sister Robin are settled now at the Blue Moon pack house. Robin has found her mate but Caleb doesn't want one knowing nothing good would come of it but he does want the sexy and all too serious Avery Chandler. So how is he going to break the constant wall that Avery has put up and get under that thick hide of his? And how come every time you finally get what you want, something always has to come along and ruin it?

Romance / Fantasy
T. Lanay
4.8 25 reviews
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


My teeth were gritted painfully together as I stood outside for some peace and quiet but like always that was never going to happen. Slowly I turned my head to glare daggers at the boy who as consistently bugged me to no end. Growling I hopped he got the picture I didn’t want him here!

“Oh, I love it when you growl is so sexy” Caleb husked stepping up to me and placing a hand on my chest. I snatched his wrist in my hands and narrowed my handing warning.

“Will you just leave me be” I hissed. But all he did was smile as he licked his lips suggestively.

“Oh come on Ave I love it when you get aggressive” he smirked. There were snickers and a few murmurs around us as I darted my eyes around so see a few older and younger wolves looking at us in disgust. I really didn’t care about what they thought, I was more disappointed that they would look at this blatant display Caleb was showing in dislike when their alphas were two gay males. I shook my head, shutting my eyes.

“Just give me a kiss” he whined, and I snapped my eyes open to glare at him again. He was pouting as he looked up at me. “please one kiss, but I can’t promise you that I’ll leave you alone after that” he snickered. I pushed his away still he staggered back but caught his balance.

“I’ve told you time and time again Caleb that I’m not gay nor do I want to be involved” I growled at him as I stepped around him and walked off the back porch. His footsteps were right behind me causing me to groan in annoyance.

“Come on Avery I know that you have to have some heart in that robot chest of yours” he said. I stopped to turn to him and frowned.

“Excuse me?” he skidded to a stop since he was jogging to keep up with me.

“Well it’s true, it’s like you can do nothing but kiss Aiden’s ass. You’re always there, you only ever talk to him or give him the time of day” he shrugged. I rolled my eyes.

“I’m his protector Caleb it’s my soul purpose to be there for him at all times” I told him.

“I thought that was Liam’s job, you can’t let your life revolve around Aiden. What about… you know alone time with a special person” he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. Sighing, I really didn’t want to go through this right now. Or ever in fact.

“Look, it is none of your business what I do with others and secondly, you have a mate somewhere out there Caleb and I’m not going to let you ruin something so special between your mate and you. It’s something that should never be tainted with so keep yourself pure Caleb and you’ll thank me in the long run” I said turn back around to leave.

“Yeah right” he followed me again. Oh my god this kid! “I don’t want a mate” he said as he came up to walk beside me. I just frowned at him.

“You won’t be saying that when you see them.” He shook his head stubbornly.

“No, I don’t want to be tied down to some girl, I’ll feel like I’ve been shackled to someone that I never want to be with in the first place.” He argued.

“No, once you meet them all the doubt and scared feeling you have will go away.” I assured him. he didn’t know how lucky he was to know that his mate was somewhere out there waiting for him.

“Plus, who said it will be a girl, just look at Aiden and Liam.” I reassured him.

“No, I know in my heart that it will be a girl.” His face was scrunched up in disgust.

We made it to the side door of the kitchen to find it empty. I trudged to the fridge and looked around. I heard the metal chain that was attached to Caleb’s wallet clank as he hopped on the counter, but I just ignored him.

Spaghetti, that sounds promising. I grabbed the container and stuck it in the microwave. The only sound was the hum of the microwave as it rotated.

“You don’t find me attractive at all?” finally Caleb had to interrupt my sweet quiet. I closed my eyes exhausted.

“I have no feeling in that department.”

“Well do you think Sandra is hot?” he was referring to one of the pack women who has a modeling contract. She was remarkably beautiful and almost every unmated wolf wants her, but I felt nothing when I looked at her. I turned to him and looked him in the eyes.

“No, Caleb how many time to I have to tell you that I am not attracted to anyone in this house or out of it!”


I walked over to the microwave and pulled out my hot food grabbed a fork and sat at the table. I stabbed at the noodles twisting them with my fork and bringing them up to my mouth to blow. I didn’t even jump when arms slid slowly over my shoulders, down my chest to wrap around my neck. His chin rest on my shoulder and his mouth touched my ear.

“Aren’t you going to offer me any?” he whispered, his breath caressing my ear but all I felt from it was annoyance.

“Caleb” I warned him. chuckling he licked at the shell of my ear and bit, I jumped.

“I’m not giving up Avery” was all he said before he walked out. I just stared down at my food as I listen to his footsteps retreat. Breathing a sigh of relief, I finally bit down on my noodles.

That kid hasn’t left me alone since he’s got here. Every time he would find me by myself he would try his hardest to get in my pants even though I always tell him there is no chance of that to ever happen in life! I have one reason for being in this life and that was Aiden. Caleb would only complicate my job.

Finishing off my spaghetti I washed to dish and walked up to my room. There were kids running up and down the stairs as I stepped out of their way. Sometimes I missed the alone time I use to have, when I would travel by myself. Now I was surrounded by annoying people and a kid who won’t get the picture that I wanted nothing to do with him. I reached my door and laid back on my bed staring up at my ceiling. The room was dark and bland like always. I closed my eyes and focused on Aiden’s life force, he was happy as I watched the swirling pink mist behind my eyes. his content energy seeped into as I opened myself to him. I know it’s not right, but this was how I could go through my day, I feed off his happiness to make the emptiness in my body fill to a certain extent. Sighing I felt the pull of a small smile come on my face.

But soon the gentle pink was changing to a deep red and I quickly pulled out as I didn’t want to be connected to that part of his life. A blush filled in my cheeks as I snapped my eyes open and sat up breaking the link; running my hands over my face up to my hair. It’s been four months since their coronation and their intimate times have happened more than not. I always felt like a pervert when the energy would suddenly switch up like that.

*knock, knock*

I frowned at the door; no one ever comes to my room.

“yeah?” I said. Slowly the door cracked open and I saw Dom pocking his head in.

“hey man, it’s time for patrols.” He said. I nodded as I slide from my bed. Dom I’ve noticed a miraculous difference in his behavior. When I met him, he was always moping around the house or he was training his ass off. when he had always showed signs of a rejected wolf. The way his skin never tanned even though he was out in the sun for hours at a time during training and he never laughed. I’m not a talkative person myself but he never interacted with anyone and if he did it would be just a one worded answer.

While at the mall with Aiden and Sadie I met Jeanine, hearing that she had the gall to reject her mate even if she was human it pissed me off and I admit I did get carried away when I saw her grab Aiden and that nasty growl slipped out. But the day Aiden came up with a way for them to get back together or at least talk I was glad to help. And I will admit that I was all too excited to bet the one to tie her up and lock her in the room. A faint of a smile graced my lips. it worked though, Dom was happy as ever with J. he had his natural glow back, and he had a pup on the way. I guess their time in the old alpha’s prison resulted in that.

The sky was dark as we stepped out for patrol. A few war wolves were gathered waiting for us to lead the way. Liam had made it official that I was to be one of them, Aiden completely agreed. Since Aiden thought I should I accepted.

“team A, you’re taking the right. Team B you have the left; as for the rest of you, you’re with Avery and I. Alright let’s go” discarding of our clothes we all shifted and rushed in the woods.

The night cleared as my eyes sharpened and my senses heightened. we had all spread out as I was alone for the moment. I walked slowly, my eyes scanning over the trees never missing a thing. I saw small animals running out of my way as I trotted; squirrels racing up to their cozy little holes in the trees with their families, birds sleeping in their nest; the soft whistling of the wind, the breeze ruffling my sandy brown coat.

My muzzle lifted in the breeze trying to pick up any unknown scents, but it was clear besides the soft relaxing smell of wild flowers and the earthy scent of the grass. I trotted up to the border but still all was empty, so I turned to go back halfway there I stopped. My ears began to twitch in the direction of a twig snapping, moments latter’s the scent hit my nose and I growled in annoyance.

‘dammit’ I whined. A brown wolf came out from behind the trees, his tail high as he strolled up to me confidently. Growling I lowered myself a bit in a defensive stance. He gave me a wolfy grin as he came up to me and rubbed his smaller body under my chin arching his back like a cat.

‘Avery’ he purred repeating the process as he turned back around.

‘what are you doing out here Caleb’ I snapped in impatient. Can he just leave me alone!

‘I saw you patrolling and I wanted to help’ he said now brushing his body down my side.

‘well I don’t need any so leave’ he snickered and pressed his muzzle against mine.

‘I rather not’ he said licking at my face.

I was a little worried why I wasn’t pushing him off. I usually always grab him before he touched me in warning but here I was letting him rub against me…. letting him rub his sent all over me. I lifted my lip up and bared my canines at him as I pulled myself out of whatever that was. Backing up I pinned my ears back.

‘leave me the hell alone Caleb!’ he didn’t of course. Why does he test me so? I may be a really relaxed person, nothing really bugged me but there was about him that just irked me.

‘Come now Avery play with me’ he teased and jumped at me playfully, but I was having none of it. He pawed at my face gently and I growled but stayed in my spot glaring at him.

‘Caleb’ I said in warning. He kept at it jumping around like a puppy. I took a deep breath, but it did nothing as he swiped at my face again but this time his claw nipped me in the muzzle. The sting made me growl and pounce on him, pinning him on the forest floor; I stood over him snarling in his face dangerously his eyes wide with sock.

‘Stop!’ I growled my teeth barred at him using too much power in my command. He pinned his ears back and whined in fright. His bluish brown eyes were staring up at me in disbelief. I couldn’t move as the aura of something I pushed back a long time ago began to surge through my veins for the second time in years.

‘I’m sorry’ he apologized softly as his gaze searched my face curiously. I watched him raise his head from the ground and I froze as his tongue licked slowly at the wound that was bleeding, none too badly, on the side of my nose. I felt a light sir in my wolf as Caleb’s warm tongue healed the small wound affectionately.

Our eyes met as he pulled away and I realized I couldn’t look away. Noticing I wasn’t going to do anything he took advantage of the moment and licked at my cheek causing me to close my eyes. what was this? My wolf began stirring again like he was curious as to where this was going but… no, NO. I won’t have that, I can’t!

I jumped away from him like he had burnt me and back up slowly shaking my head.

‘Avery?’ he got to his feet. I shook my head still.

‘go’ I told him. his head tilted in confusion.

‘What’s wrong?’ he asked me stepping closer to me.

‘GO!’ I screamed. He flinched at my tone as he froze in his advances towards me.

Damn it why doesn’t he ever listen? I whined. Huffing I turned from him and raced off, leaving Caleb and whatever that was back there.


Do you like? I’m not going to be uploading as quickly as I did the first book I’m still trying to see where this is going but I hope you liked it.

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