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Chapter 10



Blood everywhere soaking the ground; their screams filled my ears making them ring terribly. As I watched I saw my best friend Kaid’s attacked; the huge wolf on his back and his teeth sunk into Kaid’s neck. Dark red blood poured from his wound as he sunk to the ground; I could hear his cries die in his throat as he followed. I clamped my hands over my mouth, just earlier today we were playing video games and having a soda drinking contest to see who could burp the most. Now his fifteen year old lifeless body lay there, his empty dark eyes staring straight at me.

I listened to the heart wrenching roar as his father came rushing to his son’s side. I could feel the pain and agony from my window emitting from the grieving father before he became rabid taking as many wolves till he was killed too.

Why were they doing this? Why were the friendly wolves of the Redwood Pack attacking us, why was my uncle killing my friends and family? Robin was weeping next to me as I covered her face in my chest. I refused for her to see the damage that our suppose uncle was doing. A body was thrown at our window producing a loud bang causing us both to jump and Robin to scream. Right then I looked up to see red crazed eyes staring back at me with such hatred.


“Ahhhh” I shot up sitting in bed, sweat pouring from my face and tears streaming down my eyes. why do I keep having this damn nightmare? He was dead so was he still haunting! My chest was heaving rapidly as I tried to calm down but wasn’t working. Throwing the covers off my legs and got out walking to the door and into the hallway. I didn’t know where I was going I just went, before I knew it I was at Avery’s door. taking a deep breath, I turned the knob slowly and slipped in as quietly as possible closing the door softly behind me.

Avery was lying in bed, the covers bunched at his waist. He was on his back one arm over his stomach and the other resting across the other side of the bed. He looked so peaceful and inviting so I tiptoed to the empty side of his bed and climbed in. I really hope he doesn’t get angry at me for this, but I just needed something to take the torment of that night away, far away. Settling down I placed my head on his arm using it as a pillow and pressed my body up against his side soaking up his warmth and earth scent.

‘Take them away’ I thought quietly to him and fell back into a grateful dreamless sleep.

I woke to movement below me; opening my eyes wincing at the light streaming through the curtains. I groaned burring my face further in my warm pillow when I realized it was really hard.

“Caleb what are you doing in here” Avery’s soft voice caused me to jump to look at him. his brown eyes were watching me questionably. His hair was disheveled from sleeping and sticking up at all ends, it was adorable. He didn’t look mad that I was in his bed and that made me relax a bit.

“I-I” I stammered. Should I tell him about my nightmares I suffer from every other night? that last night was too much for me to take alone and I snuck in here, so I wouldn’t be alone? Sighing I averted my eyes I looked at his sculpted chest.

“I didn’t want to be alone is all” I confessed. He didn’t say anything for a long while.

“Why did you come here than?” he asked. I bit down on my bottom lip drawing circles against his abs.

“Why not? I mean you said yesterday that you would give us a try so what better way to break you in by sleeping in the same bed” I didn’t want to tell him about my dreams, they make me feel weak and compared to him I was; I didn’t want to come off as a pathetic fragile damaged wolf like I really was.

His boy tensed against mine.

“Right” he said. I sat up wrapping my arms around my legs changing the subject.

“So, what do you want to do today?” I asked him. he frowned sitting up against his headboard.

“What do you mean?” I laughed at him.

“I mean, what do you want to do for our date today?” he rose a brow.

“Date?” rolling my eyes I pushed at his shoulder.

“Quit questioning everything I say”

He stood from the bed giving me a clear view of his checkered pajama pants riding low on his hips, I could see the deep ‘V’ indentation dipping into them.

“Caleb, I can’t just leave Aiden like I had yesterday. I wasn’t thinking clearly and leaving Aiden goes against my every instinct. So honestly I don’t know how this thing between us is going to work” I shook my head. Oh no he didn’t, he was trying to back out of this. I just got him I wasn’t going to let him go that easily.

“Quit making excuses Ave. Aiden is surrounded by pack members who would Rather die than let him be harms so I think you can take the day off.” he stood with an uncertain expression.

“I think that we should forget about this; isn’t not going to work Caleb.” he told me. I huffed irritated. He was breaking up with me and we hadn’t even started.

“No!” I exclaimed jumping off the bed and stormed to the door before turning towards his shocked form. “let’s see what Aiden says about your day off” I snapped and ran to Aiden and Liam’s room.

“Caleb!” Avery yelled after me and I could hear his feet stomping as he followed me quickly. I pushed my legs harder till I reached their door. I banged on the door loudly, listening to their murmurs coming from the other side.

“Aide-” a hand came over my mouth cutting off my call and my body was lifted up in the air. My back pressed firmly against a hard body.

“Leave them alone Caleb” Avery growled in my ear causing shivers to travel down my spine and not the fearful kind either. I struggled in his arms when the door came flying open. Liam stood their shirtless and angry.

“Is there a reason your bothering us?” he snarled.

“I sincerely apologize for the disturbance alpha” Avery told him. I rolled my eyes mouthing off against his hand which only came out as muffles. “We’re leaving.”

Liam stood watching us with an amused frown, right when Aiden appeared behind him poking his head under his mate’s arm to see what was going on with big curious blue eyes. From the look of them both in nothing but crooked boxers and messy hair I had interrupted them in the middle of something.

I kicked my foot back into Avery shin hard causing him to grunt and loosen his hold on my mouth.

“Can I steal Avery away today?” I rushed out before he recovered. Aiden frowned at the both of us in interest. His eyes moved to Avery who clamped his hand over my mouth against.

“Mm” I complained in his hand.

“I don’t see why not” Aiden told me slowly. “I think Ave deserves a break, go ahead Caleb take him” he said with a knowing smile.

“Alpha I don’t think that it’s a good idea sir” Avery told him. Aiden shook his head.

“Go Avery, you work too hard you need to loosen up.” He said. Avery sighed behind me and nodded.

“Yes, alpha” he set me back on my feet while Liam watched us with a weird frown.

“Is that all?” he asked us. I nodded my head vigorously.

“Alright then go away” and with that he closed the door in our faces. ‘Liam’ I head Aiden snapped at him for being so rude.

Smiling smugly, I turned towards Avery sticking my tongue up at him childishly.

“You have no more excuses to try and weasel your what out of this now” and poked my finger in his chest. He gave me a narrowed eyes glare following me as I walked away from their room and back to mine. I turned to peered at him as he stood in the door way with unease about all this. My face softened to sincerity as I stepped closer to him.

“I want to get to know you Avery, I want you to become comfortable with me. The better we know each other the easier it gets to be together, isn’t that what you want? What you came after me for” his eyes dropped to the ground.

“I don’t know what I want Caleb” I smiled reaching up to lift his chin. Those puppy dog brown eyes met mine and I melted.

“That’s what I’m here for ‘duh’” I told him softly. “Now get ready, I have brainstorming to do” he nodded before leaving.

“You seriously got him to finally be with you” Levi exclaimed as he sat cross legged on my bed. I had just got out of the shower; I was towel drying my hair. He had come a few minutes after Avery and left and I told him everything.

“Well, he’s really iffy about the whole thing still and I want to open him up a bit you know. So, I need to find a place that’s perfect for a first date.”

“I’m amazed that you even got him to leave Aiden at all” I chuckled.

“Yeah I had to ask Aiden myself because he was having second thoughts.”

“So, what are you going to do today then?” this got a shrug from me.

“I have no freaking idea! I’m new at dating to, I usually get it in then bounce” I cried as I stuff my black shirt over my head and pulled a pair of semi dark blue skinny jeans. Levi popped up.

“Why don’t you go to that fair they just set up about a week ago on fourth and Langston. They start at six.” He offered suggested. I scrunched up my face,

“Do they have clowns at these things?” I asked timidly causing him to frown.

“You’re practically the big bad wolf and your scared of clowns? How fucked up is that”

“It’s just not normal” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, a majority of the world would say your date with Avery would say the same thing.” I glared at him.

“Whatever” I huffed yanking a brush through my wet hair. “Stupid white faced, red nosed, big footed, ugly clothes wearing freaks” I mutter to myself silently, but Levi hear of course and started laughing hysterically, rolling around in my bed. Growling I threw my brush at his stomach making him grunt and curl into himself.


“Jerk!” he wheezed throwing my brush back which I caught easily. Snickering I turned back to the bathroom wiping the steam away and continued to combed my hair till it was in my face. I walked back out.

“Do you think I should cut my hair?” I asked him seriously. It was well past my ears and stray strands were hanging over my eyes reaching my upper cheek. Levi gave me a ‘are you crazy’ look.

“Hell no! Your hair is hot Caleb. Have you seen mine, if I don’t fix it up like I do every day I’d look like the ring chick” I chuckled, dropping down on my back beside him on the bed.

“Your hair could never be that long” I told him. laying on his side he rested the side of his head on his hand.

“I know that you’ve wanted to be with Avery for a long time now and our excited that he finally cracked, but what are you going to do when your mate comes along? You’ll have no chose but to leave with them and what happens to Avery Caleb? I don’t think it would be fair to him” oh no here comes the practical Levi.

I groaned loudly.

“Seriously? I’ve told you just like I’ve told him; I don’t want my mate! they’ll just end up being a disappointment. And why do I have to give up my rights to choose who I want to be with because of some stupid fate shit that the spirits came up with. It’s not fair, and it’s certainly not right for Avery to never be able to experience love for being what he is.” I ranted; my blood began to pump faster at how angry I was about this.

“What part of that is sensible? So screw what the spirits have planned I’m making my own!” with that I got of the bed and grabbed my jacket leaving Levi to sit there staring at me sadly.

It was around six thirty when I had cooled off and Avery came out of hiding. He was sitting on the bottom step of the front porch so I came and sat beside him.

“So are you ready?” he didn’t answer or look at me just continued to watch into the trees. Sighing I slid of the step and knelt in front of him till he was looking straight at me. I took his hand and stood up taking him with me.

“Come on” I told him softly pulling him towards his car. I knew that he was uncomfortable with this, so I didn’t mind being the dominate one for tonight if it made his loosen up towards me. I reached into his pocket and pulled out his keys.

“I’ll drive.” Was all I said, he gave no protest.

The car ride was quiet and awkward; every time I tried to come up with something to talk about be would answer it with one-word answers. I didn’t know how to make him open up to me. All of this was new to me just as it was to him but he was making it a bit more difficult. We arrived soon at the fair and Avery gave me a weird look.

“What?” I asked stepping close to him so we could walk together to buy our tickets.

“A fair?” I bit my lip.

“You don’t like fairs? We can go somewhere else if you’d like” I offered quickly grabbing his hand and pulling him back the car. He sighed pulling me to a stop.

“It was just a question Caleb, I don’t care” he reassured me. I scratched the back of my neck letting out a nervous chuckled.

“Oh” shaking his head he walked me back to the ticket booth and bought both of ours. While standing there I noticed he hadn’t let go of my hand. I looked down at our hands; his was so much bigger than mine and warm. It gave me a feeling of security with him so close to me.

“So do you want something to eat?” he asked as we walked around.

“Um, a soft pretzel?” he nodded.

After telling me to sit down I watched him stand and talk to the guy ordering our stuff. I took the opportunity to perv him out. He was wearing a tight gray t-shirt that stretched over his muscles deliciously and a pair of well-fitting blue jeans making his ass noticeable and yummy looking with his black Harley Davidson steel boots. His hair was in its usual messy style. I remember this morning walking up on top of him, the way his body fit perfectly with mine, and how smooth his skin felt under my fingers. Oh, and don’t even get me started about his ‘V’ indention in between his hips.

By the time he came back I was hard as a rock. He set down our food taking the seat across from me. Not soon after he had settled his head shot up to look at me in surprise. Crap he could smell my arousal! I felt the blood rushing towards my cheeks as I picked at my pretzel.

“So…” I started trying to distract him from my embarrassing horny scent. “Do you like to swim?” I asked randomly. He was still looking at me knowingly but answered evenly.

“It’s ok I guess”

“Do you prefer once sport from the other?” I asked popping another torn piece in my mouth.

“Football- or should I say soccer” this caused me to frown.

“Why would you say football then unless… where are you from originally?” he tensed.

“England” he said moments later. My eyes widened.

“But you don’t have an accent” he chuckled softly.

“Aiden said the same thing” I lifted my foot on to the bench I was sitting in letting my knee rest against the table.

“You’ve told Aiden all this”

“Of course there is nothing I can hide from him” he confessed biting his food. My brows bunched up.

“Why Aiden?” I asked him. he peered back at me with those damn brown eyes.

“Why ask why Caleb? I have no control over who I was meant to protect I just searched till I found him.”

“Like you had no control over your mate” I muttered. He placed his pretzel down and looked away from me.

“Yes” he whispered. I sighed feeling like an ass.

“I’m sorry” I apologized reaching out and taking his hand in mine. “I didn’t mean to upset you” he looked back at me his face serious.

“Now do you understand how lucky you are?” he asked me. His hand tightened in mine.

“Avery don’t start” I warned him trying to take back my hand.

“No, you are privileged to have a person who could make you whole Caleb; a person to make you happy for the rest of your life. The perfect person for your wolf his mate for life” I gritted my teeth. Dammit were going two steps back instead of forward. I stood from the table and yanked Avery up with me. I stormed back to the car once there I pushed him up against the gate we were parked by and grabbed his face.

“Stop! Stop telling me what to do! I want to be with you Avery, no one else. What about that is so hard for you to comprehend! I’ve been chasing you all over this damn town and you have rejected me every step of the way till now. Your letting me in and I will be damned if you pull back now! I’m going against the spirits and loving you even if you’re not my mate. I announce to the high heaven here and now that I will love you unconditionally and screw what ‘they’ have to say about it!! I’m declaring you my life mate!” once the words had left my mouth my wolf took over my body complying to my declaration.

Growling I felt my canines extend and I bit down in between his neck and shoulder extracting my essences deep within his body making him mine and no one else’s. I felt his knees give for a second so I grabbed the gate pressing him into it further.

“Ahh” a soft moan left his mouth as I growled with the taste of his blood on my tongue; it was so sweet but strong and powerful giving me a high like I never experienced. His arms circled around my waist and lifted me off the floor, holding me close as he withered under my teeth as I refused to let go.

“Mmm” I moaned against his skin. Finally, I unlatched my canines from his neck licking to heal my mark. I slid down his body as he slowly let me go. Our breathing chests were heaving as we tried to catch our breath. I licked off his blood off from around my mouth and gazed up to meet royal blue eyes.

“What did you do?” he asked huskily pressing his hand over his neck.

“I- I don- I don’t know ”

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