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Chapter 12


Why me? Why did I have to end up with…

Groaning I fell back on my bed glaring at the ceiling in frustration.

It wasn’t fair!

My dad and I came to this pack after escaping our last one. The alpha was vicious and evil along with the people who didn’t care for anyone but themselves. The alpha there had killed my mother when she spoke out of turn, defying against him. It took five wolves to hold my dad back as they made us watch. I could still hear my mom’s screams and my dad’s anguished cries as the alpha tipped her heart right from her chest. I watched as he just walked away and the others let my dad crumble to the ground; crawling to his mate and crying against her neck.

I was frozen, unable to move. That night after burying her, my dad told me we were leaving. We snuck out past the night patrol and shifted into the night. Being rouges on the run was not at all fun, we ran all the way from Iowa to Portland trying to start our life over. We knew we were safe from our old pack because they wouldn’t try and follow us; we weren’t worth it.

We were found roaming on the Blue Moon Packs land a few weeks before Liam and Aiden were made alpha of the pack. My dad and I thought that they were going to kill us but they were in fact every gracious after hearing out story and let us stay in the pack. It was really weird and awesome to find a pack that had two males as future alphas, plus they were mates. It gave me hope that I would find a nice, handsome male mate to love me for life since I knew that I was attracted to both genders. But I had always leaned towards the male population that the female.

I wasn’t ashamed to say I was more sub then Dom but I had my moments when called for. That’s when I met Kyle. The moment our eyes met I knew he was the one. The only problem was he was hell bent on avoiding me. I still remember the moment I saw him, my heart was pounding and I was love struck. My wolf was screaming MATE! and I was head over heels for him.

Well since his future alphas were gay might as well, I thought thinking that it was ok with him too. Damn was I wrong. I had walked up to him my stomach fluttering with butterflies, my wolf jumping in excitement as I got closer. God did he smell good, so masculine. We were standing in a vacant hallway so I was hit with a bit of shy confidence. When I was a few feet from him I could feel the electric current flowing between us a sure sign he was defiantly my mate.

I hadn’t even opened my mouth when he stepped back looking at me venomously.

“No!” he growled. I froze to a stop watching him shocked.

“No?” I questioned, confused why he chose that as our first words to each other. I frowned stepping towards him which only caused him to back away again.

“Stay the fuck away from me!” he growled again. His beautiful grey eyes were stormy and glowing with repulsion. I stumbled back from him in shock and pain. I felt my wolf whining at his hate for us, if I was in wolf form I would be low to the ground and a paw over my muzzle in hurt.

“I-I I don’t understand?” I whimpered. His lips were drawn in a tight line as he glared and he was visibly shaking.

“Just keep you damn distance from me F-Fag!” and he stormed off leaving me standing there staring after him, his rejection fresh and deep into my soul. All my excitement and joy was gone and replaced with a ache gnawing at my heart.

He rejected me.

Since then I kept clear of him, never touched him to keep the second phase of the mating process and most important part, at a standstill. That was until when he came back from his errands with his dad and dumbass Caleb pushed me on him! with that one touch was like fireworks exploding against my skin but I played it off with an Ewww. But inside I was dying to do it again, I wanted to jump Kyle right then and there. Touch him everywhere, kiss those delicious looking full lips of his and run my hands though his silky blonde hair holding for dear life.

Now I can’t stop thinking about him even more that before. No one knew that Kyle and I were mates and he liked it that way. I don’t think he knew how much it hurt to deny how I felt about him; how every time I saw him in school with some new tramp on his arm killed me a little inside each day or how he would leave the room when I was in it.

Why the hell the Spirits would put me and him together; we weren’t even compatible.

A gay and a homophobe don’t mix!

I rolled over on my stomach and smashed my face in my pillow screaming out my anger and agony. Where was Caleb when I needed him! I remember when Avery came back home without him. I was going to the kitchen to get a late night snack, when I overheard their conversation. It’s been three days since he disappeared, but I knew when he came back I was beating his f*cing ass for scaring all of us. I just prayed that he came back soon. What caused him to run off like that; I would ask Avery but I was petrified of that guy. He was huge and intimidating and I knew he could kick my ass all up and down this house.


Getting up I went to do something productive then spend my time in my bed. I walked out to bumping to something hard, I didn’t need to see who it was because the tingles were a dead giveaway. I held my breath as I caught my balance. I heard his growl before I was shoved back in my room, the door slammed behind him.

“Quit fucking touching me fa- dammit!” he growled through clenched teeth as I stared at him, we were the same height but he was way more muscular compared to my skinny ass. My breath hitched as stood no more than a few inches from me but his grey eyes bright and annoyed.

“I-I it was an accident Kyle.” I explained to him. the current that connected to use was making me shake with want.

“You’re doing it on purpose Levi and you better stop, now!” I dropped my gaze to my feet refusing to look at him so he could see the hurt in my eyes.

Why was it like this with us? Why the hell did he hate me, he was supposed to love me and care for me with his life and I him. I can say I kept my side of the bargain, I knew for sure I would risk my life to save him even though he was a homophobic, asshole, jerk.

“Why because you won’t be able to ignore me anymore?” I challenged peering back up to meet his stormy gaze with my own.

“Because you’ll start wanting me just as much as I want you?” I stepped closer to him, he sneered at me. “We’re mates Kyle that’s what were supposed to do!” I exclaimed.

“Fuck you Levi, there’s no way in hell that I would want you. Ever!” he words him me hard and I could feel the knot in my throat tightening. I exclaimed in anger as I pushed him as hard as I could. I felt it before I knew it came as his fist connected with my jaw. I flew back landing hard on the floor from the force of the blow. I cupped my throbbing cheek as I looked up at him shocked.

His eyes were huge as he stared at me like he hadn’t known what just happened.

“Levi?” his voice was strained as he stood there. When he knelt down quickly reaching for me but I scooted away from his.

“Leave” I said glaring him.

“Levi” he said again desperation in his voice.

“LEAVE!” I screamed. His worried expression disappeared as he stood replacing it with disgust.

“Gladly” with that he stormed out and slammed the door behind him.

I stared at the door hateful unshed tears in my eyes.

He hit me; I never thought that he would actually hit me in anger.

He really despised me but I loved him…


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