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Chapter 13



The rain pelted again against my fur as I marched up the back porch, shifting back to two legs felt so weird as I opened the door and walked up the stairs. The house was quiet with sleeping wolves but I all I could focus on was ‘his’ scent. It was wrapping it’s self around my senses as I trudged up the stairs stopping at his door. I had run off a week ago, like a coward.

After biting him, I watched the worried and wide eyed expression on Avery’s face as I pulled back from his neck.

“What did you do?”

I didn’t know what I did but I could smell myself seeping into him and I could smell his fear and arousal from what I did. I couldn’t take him looking at me like I was some kind of freak so I ran. I know it was cowardice of me but I was overwhelmed with strong feeling for him that rushed into me that weren’t there before or not so prominent. I had run to anywhere my legs took me; I rolled myself into a rare plant that disguised my sent that Robin and I had learned from our grandparents. It was an old pack secret.

I had stopped running when I reached border of California knowing I had to go back; that my body was telling me to go back to him. So I did, and here I was.

Quietly I opened his door walking in stark naked; he was there sleeping on his back, the covers low on his hips. I softly closed the door and walked over to him. His dirty blonde hair was tousled from sleep; his body was shining in the moonlight from the open window making his muscles look as if they were sculpted just to be an example of perfection. My eyes followed down his chiseled abs to the dip in his low riding pajama bottoms and sheets. The light golden hair trailing from his navel to his groin to be nestled into his pants had me hard.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I came back to have him for myself and I would be damned if I didn’t get what I wanted. Slowly I climbed in the bed trying my hardest not to wake him up yet. When he stayed where he was I crawled to him and straddled his hips leaning close to his face in the process. Quick as lightning, his hands shot out gripping my arms in a painful grip a growl tearing from his throat, and his brown eyes glaring dangerously at me as his face was mere inches from mine.

I just sat there in his lap staring down at him.

“Caleb?” he asked shocked. His grip loosened on my arms as he relaxed. “Where the hell-”

“Sssh” I replied and closed the distance between us and touched my mouth to his. I felt his body grow ridged beneath me but I ignored it. His scent consumed my senses and I nipped at his bottom lip. He pulled away in surprise staring at me wide eyed. I kept my face black as I averted my gaze to his mouth then back to his eyes.

His brows were drawn together as he peered up at me, it was silent and every second we stared at each other became harder to resist him. This time he leaned up pressing his forehead against mine and pecked softly at my lips. I let out a content sigh from the contact; he then did it again but lingered for a moment.

Pulling away our foreheads still touching, he just gazed into my eyes for the longest. Not a word was spoken because there wasn’t any need for them. We both knew what was going to happen and we weren’t going to stop it.

I felt his large hand cup the back of my head before he kissed me so softly I thought I might weep. My hands roamed down his chest fingering over every ridge of his hard stomach. His lips were slowly becoming rougher as he deepened the kiss the more he got into it. I laid myself completely over his body leaving no space as he wrapped his big warm arms around my much smaller body.

“Mmmm” I moaned gently against his lips. I could tell he was having a problem at how to go further with him being inexperienced with this, so I licked at his lips seductively.

His breath hitched as he gasped and I swept my tongue inside.

God he tasted like heaven!

He captured my tongue with his teeth suddenly and I jumped rubbing myself against him. A growl slipped from his mouth as he gripped my rain soaked hair in his hands and tilted my head for better access. Our surrounding soon slipped away and it was just us, our body’s beginning to gather sweat from the hot session we were in; our breathing rough and irregular.

Avery rolled us over till he was on top, loosing himself in the passion, his eyes closed, his lips hungry for mine and his body slowly moving against mine in an intimate motion, this pajamas rubbing a delicious friction on my bare, hardening shaft. I arched my back causing Avery’s mouth to detach from me.

He didn’t let that bother him as he trailed soft kisses down my neck, and chest.

“Ahhh” I moaned loudly as he nipped at my nipple. I had to bit my lip to keep from waking anyone. I threw my leg over his back pushing his lower body into mine again, relishing in the delectable feeling. I pulled Avery closer to me to smash my mouth to his.

“Stop teasing me” I growled at him biting into his lip hard enough to taste blood, and man was it sweet. He growled roughly biting me back.

“Mmmm” I arched against him in pleasure.

Using my feet I pushed his pajama pants down his legs till they bunched at his feet. Flipping us over I moved myself down his body kissing every space of flesh I could see. He let his head fall back as he breathed harshly and moaned. I licked his navel and watched his gorgeous stomach flex, so I moved further till my lips pressed against the dip in his groin. His scent was so strong here that I was weak from it. My mouth watered as I lapped and bit at his inner thigh mere inches from heaven and took his pants off the rest of the way; throwing them somewhere on the floor.

His hand came down on my head tightening his fingers in my damp hair.

“Caleb!” he said through clenched teeth, his voice low and raspy with lust. He was losing all his control; I could feel it.

Smiling against his thigh I gave him what he wanted. Shifting myself closer I finally took him in my mouth and shivered at the deep and powerful growled that left his lips, vibrating throughout his whole body. His hands were gripping my hair painfully and I hardened further from it. I took him as far as I could, but he wasn’t at all small and I was having difficulty. My tongues caress the underside of his shaft causing a jewel of liquid to fall from the tip and I lapped at it slowly.

“Ahh” he moaned sexily brunching his legs up further so I could have more access. I gripped the bottom of his large member in my hand and moved it with in sync with my mouth.

“Fuck” he groaned arching and I knew he was ready for release. I ran my teeth down him gently, teasing him before bringing him to his first orgasm. He released in my mouth and I stayed between his legs taking as much as I could take. I watched him fell back against the bed, spent and panting. Licking my lips I began to kiss up his stomach and chest, lapping on my way up to his mouth.

“How was that?” I asked him huskily. He opened his eyes to look me straight in the eyes not saying a word but I knew he enjoyed it, very much! I smiled smugly and lent down to kiss his lips deeply as I maneuvered my body in a sitting position so my ass was in his lap, resting against his still hard member.

I looked down at his deep brown eyes as he stared up at me intently. Reaching out I stroked his face gently peering at him generously.

“I want you Avery” I whispered.

With those for words I watched excited as his brown eyes blaze that sexy royal blue. His hands took my hips tightly in his large hands and moved me against him; sitting up he pressed his head into my neck kissing and nipping my sensitive skin. I threw my head back moaning loudly.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I reached down to grip him in my hands and placed him against my entrance. Our heavy breathing was the only thing feeling the room as we never looked away from each other’s eyes. I slowly lowered myself on him, gasping at the size of him as he filled me.

“Ahhmm” I groaned. Looking down at his face, I loved the pleasure consuming his expression. His eyes closed and mouth open in a silent moan. I crashed our lips together dipping my tongue into his warm sweet mouth.

When he pushed up against me bringing himself completely into me I lost it. My arms wrapped around his neck holding close as I began to move with him. we both gasped at how wonderful it felt being together like this. It help so much that I could smell his over powering lust and arousal filling the room mixing with mine.

The sweat was dripping from both of us as things got faster and more aggressive. Avery’s grip on my hips bit into my flesh painfully as he took over my movements lifting me up and down on him at the speed he wanted. I didn’t say anything or complain because I loved him taking control, hearing his growls and moans as he lost himself with me. this was what I long for so long ago, seeing him pull down his walls and show me the emotions that were hiding behind them.

Feel the emotions that were bound to show themselves but I wanted to be the one to see them, I wanted to be the one to bring them out and the ones that Avery shared.

His thrust became more forceful that I had to brace myself, holding him on the shoulders my nails biting into his skin.

“Yeah!” I whined into his ear right when his tip hit that one pleasurable spot that had me come undone. Avery had to wrap and arm around my back to keep me firmly against him as I shifted wildly.

“YEAH! Right there!” I screamed till his mouth blocked out my loud moans.

Soon he picked me off his lap getting an unhappy whine from me before he laid me down in front of him, my head at the bottom of the bed and pressed his body on top of mine. Spreading my legs he nestled in between them and pushed his member back into me causing us both to sigh in delight. At this angle I could easily look up at him and all his glory. Licking my lips I stared up at his blazing blue eyes and wrapped my legs around his waist pulling him fully into me making him he closed his eyes.

“Move baby” I whispered to him when he just laid there. He looked back at me and did as I asked. I sighed softly turning my head to the side as he moved gently and slowly. The sheets were cool against my flushed cheek. I felt his wet lips on my neck leaving sweet loving kisses all the way up to my ear.

“You feel so good Caleb” he said breathlessly. My heart soared at his words. Those were his words were his first comment to me. I smiled to myself relishing in happiness. I wrapped my arms around his broad back, one arm across his waist and the other gripping his hair, holding him so close never wanting to let go.

The aggressiveness from earlier soon turned to a slow passionate love making. His hips brushing mine lightly with every slow thrust. Our chest slick and hot from the constant friction as I arched against him; I felt like I was on the edge but not fully ready to fall, I want to do it with him. Release together.

I felt him move his head towards mine to I turned to meet him as he sought out my mouth for a sweet passionate toe curling kiss. I cupped the back of his head keeping him there as I moved on him causing him to moan helplessly in my mouth. I tore my mouth from his as he thrust hard and deep and bit my lips from screaming as when he hit my spot again.

With that, we couldn’t go slowly anymore, we were hungry for release. Plunge deep and fast practically brining me off the bed with the strength of each and every one of them. I bit down into the mark I had left him reopening the once healing wound. He growled low and deep from the feel of my teeth and moved faster. Every thrust brung me so close, the tightening in my stomach, my heart pounding so fast and loud I could barely hear Avery s moans or my own. My nails dug into his back when I could take no more, dragging them down drawing blood.

“Ahhh” he yelled arching from my nails. I stared at him intently watching his royal blue lust filled eyes glowing at me, his canines extended from the throngs of passion.

“Take me Avery” I growled at him huskily. He had never stopped his delicious pounding into me as his eyes focused on what I knew he wanted. And without a second thought he swooped down and bit into my shoulder. My body arched up as I held him close, my mouth open in a silent moan as I fell in to the delights of release, Avery following me in to the depths of pleasure, growling and moaning into my neck never unlatching his teeth.

Once our bodies relaxed a few minutes later he finally released my neck from his hold, lapping to heal it up. I never got to do that before running off that night. I looked down at the mark I opened moments ago, the blood dripping down his chest in such and inviting way that I couldn’t stop myself from shifting up to clean up his sweet blood and close it up this time.

Laying back against the bed I peered up at Avery, his eyes back to his delicious deep chocolate brown. Beads of sweat were running down his face as his hair stuck to his forehead. I reached up brushing back his wet hair making it stick up a bit in the front.

Why was he so beautiful?

The moon was again lighting up his bronze skin, plus with the perspiration coating his body. He moved to lay behind wrapping me in his arms, I felt him nestle his face in the back of my neck and inhale deeply before we both fell asleep.

The last thing on my mind was that I was completely and irrevocably in love with this man.

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