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Chapter 14


I nuzzled my face further into the warm earthy scent surrounding me. Sighing in content I was beginning to fall back asleep when I felt something tighten around my waist. My eyes shot open as Avery’s sleeping face came into view; I relaxed as I stared. He was so handsome and beautiful; then I remembered what happened last night and my cheeks flooded. He was unlike anyone I had ever had; I dare say he was the best I ever had! The way he was rough and soft at the same time, how he made me lose myself. I wonder if he had other lovers because he knew just what he was doing! No one had ever made me do that before, it just made me want him again.

Smiling, I snuggled further into his arms pressing my face into his neck breathing in deeply. My scent mingled in with his had my heart soring; this was how it was supposed to be. He hadn’t woken up yet so I took advantage of the situation and nipped at the flesh of his collarbone before licking at it; he moaned softly but didn’t wake. I trailed my lips down his hard chest to his nipple, circling my tongue around it then took it in my mouth.

I felt his body stiffen beneath me before I was yanked up his chest so my body was laying on him, his face inches from mine. I gave a yelp of surprise as I braced my arms on either side of his head; our legs were tangled with each other’s.

“Morning” I spoke after a long while of silence. His brown eyes were staring at me lustfully as I watched his nostrils flare like he was taking a deep breath. He still never said anything as he buried his face into my neck inhaling deeply. I frowned as I was about to asked him what he was doing when he pulled his head back from my neck and his eyes were a blazing blue.

“Mine!” he growled and threw me off of him so I landed on my stomach.

“Oof” I grunted in surprise and excitement as I lifted my upper half up with my arms. I felt him climb on top of me.

“Avery?” I asked him curiously. This wasn’t normal behavior for him this was predatory, wolf like but then again why the hell am I complaining? I thought as his tongue raked from the middle of my back up to the nape of my neck.

“Ahh” I moaned quivering from his soft wet tongue against my skin. His teeth ranked the bite he gave me last night and I immediately hardened, dropping my head forward on the bed in pleasure. His large calloused hands run up from my hips towards my ribs then back gripping my hips again.

His body was hot and hard against my back, I moaned from the feeling of his member resting between my ass causing me to arch and try to get him to hurry it up. I heard his deep chuckle above me and my body shivered from delight. I had never heard his laugh before in such a care free nature.

“Do you want it Caleb?” he whispered his voice low and deep at the back of my neck, his breath like a warm caress.

“Yes” I whimpered desperately.

“How badly?” he teased as he nipped at my ear pulling it a bit. I don’t know what had happen to him to be such a tease and playful but I loved it actually.

“Really bad” I said helplessly as he lay his whole body on my preventing me from move but that didn’t stop me from grinding my ass in to his excited shaft. My arms collapsed from his weight as I realized we were still at the foot of the bed. His shaky breath told me I was doing something right.

“Come here” he growled gripping my head turning it to the side to capture my mouth in a hot searing kiss. I barely noticed him lifting off me for a second until I felt his push himself into me completely.

“Ahhhmmm” I moaned into his mouth. He didn’t stop devouring my lips as he began to move. He filled me like no one had ever done and I loved it.

I sucked his tongue into my mouth as he pleasure my body thrusting till he hit that one spot that had me burring my face into the sheet and screaming my little heart out. His growled were vibrating off the walls in the room, growling louder with every thrust.

“Don’t stop! Please!” I begged him wantonly.

“I wasn’t planning on it” he growled.

Grabbing my hips, plunging deeper and harder milking whimpers and moans from my withering body. The air was heavy with the delicious smell of his desire and lust that had me leaking like crazy, my heart beating at a dangerous rate and my body humming with pleasure. I tried to muffle my cries by biting my lip but this just caused Avery to growl, leaning till his face was right next to mine, his heavy breathing laboring in my ear before he nipped at it.

“I want to hear it” he spoke huskily. I shook my head as I pressed it into the mattress balling the sheets roughly in my hands to stop them. He didn’t like that, so he gripped the back of my hair and lifted my head up pushing himself deeper and I let go as I climaxed beneath him.

“Oooohhhh F****ck” I cried to the high heavens.

“Yes” he growled delighted, sinking his teeth into his mark he left on my shoulder, thrusting a few good timed and met me in release. I was thrown into another with the amazing euphoric and stimulating sensation of his canines sunk it to my skin.

Avery collapsed beside me as we both tried to get out breathing back to normal. We were both looking at each other in sedation. His royal blue eyes were fading back to his deep brown.

“Why did you leave me Caleb?” he asked after a while. He as laying there on his side, covered in sweat, his hair sticking to his forehead and the nape of his neck and I was beginning to ask myself the same question. Why would I leave this beautiful man? The one I worked so hard to make mine? Sighing I reached out and ran a finger over one of his light brown perfectly shaped eyebrows. He didn’t pull away or move just stared at me expectantly.

“I can’t answer that because I really don’t know myself” I told him which caused him to frown.

“You can’t just run off without some valid reasoning Caleb.” I closed my eyes as I rolled on my back, my arm up against his hard chest as I stared up at the ceiling.

“I-I guess I was scared of what I did.” I said. He never said anything just laid there silently like his old self so I continued.

“I didn’t know what the hell came over me for biting you like that” I stated. “But that doesn’t mean that I regret marking you Avery, because if it came down to it I would do it over and over again” I sat up to look down at his frowning face.

“I love you, Avery, and I know that you don’t feel the same but I claimed you as mine that night and last night as well and I’ll be damned if you reject me! Not after that.” I motion towards the ruffled bed sheets. “You can’t tell me that you don’t feel something after that” he watched me with his normal stoic expression.

“I don’t what this is Caleb but I showed you last night and right now that I’m willing to agree to this. There is something about you that my wolf is attracted to and that is saying something when my wolf never really concerns himself with anything unless it’s about Aiden.” He confessed.

“Really?” I asked surprised. He simply nodded. I bit my lip thoughtfully. “So were really doing this? No backing out this time?” I asked him accusingly. This caused him to smile softly as he lifted himself and brushed his lips across mine.

“Yes, Caleb” I couldn’t help the huge grin spreading on my face. I grabbed at his face and gave him a real kiss having us breathing hard when we pulled away.


“So I think it would be for the best if you get dressed and show your sister that you’re alive and well so she will stop giving me the death glare.” Avery said standing from the bed in all his sexy glory and pulling up his checkered pajama bottoms. I groaned rolling over on my stomach glaring at him.

“Do I have to?” I whined. He gave me his usual stern no funny business expression.

“Yes” with that he walked into his bathroom closing the door behind him.

“Fine” I grumbled to myself but knew he heard me.

Once I was all showered and squeaky clean I prepared myself for Robin. I had never run off without her before. We had made a promise that we would never leave each other; we would be each other’s rocks. But she had someone to be her rock now; she didn’t need me to be with her at all times.

I made my way quietly down the stairs into the kitchen since I was starving my ass off. I walked through the door as was met with everyone looking in my direction. I froze in the door way staring at them all. Oh crap. Seconds later I was tackled into a bone crushing hug.

“Oof” I grunted as the small body slammed into me. I peered down to find Blondie hugging me like his life depended on it; his face was buried in my chest as all I could see was messy blond hair. I frowned but smiled at him wrapping an arm around him patting his back, this kid was really short.

“Hey kid, what’s the deal?” I teased.

“He’s been on edge since you left.” Aiden said.

“Speaking of leaving… WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!!” Robin yelled at me jumping from the kitchen counter, she marched towards me with a look of anger that would have anyone running for the door. I grimaced and reached down picking up Blondie. He didn’t protest just readjusted his arms from my waist to my neck.

“Are you going to attack someone with a kid in their arms? Oh Rob, I’m so ashamed of you.” I shook my head in mocking disappointment. This just caused her to become angrier.

“Oh shut up you dumb ass! I should rip you a new asshole! You had us all worried sick with your ‘runaway’ episode” she growled at me. I tightened my hold on Blondie. God, she’s super scary right now. I heard someone sigh and looked behind Robin to see Liam standing beside Aiden.

“Well the real question is, are you ok?” he asked me. I tilted my and sighed dreamily.

“Aww, you care; you really care!” I said dramatically. Robin growled again and reached over and slapped the back of my head. I gasped at her, a face of shock.

“I have a precious bundle in my arms, Robin. You want me to drop him or something?” I scolded; she narrowed her bluish gray eyes.

“No the real question is, what the hell did you run off for like that?!” she exclaimed smacking me in the head again. I let out a loud and long sigh.

“I don’t really think I have to explain myself to you.” I stated setting the kid on his feet but he didn’t want to let go so his arms went right back around my waist. I looked down at him with a curious look but shrugged it off.

“Like hell you don’t” she growled again, her hands in fist but I could see the worry on her face and the hurt. I cursed silently.

“I just need some me time. Is that a crime or something?” I watched Sadie take robins hand in hers whispering soothingly in her ear. Robin visibly relaxed and I sighed in grateful relief. Robin was a force to be reckoned with when she was in one of her moods and I definably tried to stay out of her way at times like these.

“I didn’t mean to worry you guys so much. I didn’t think it would bother any of you so badly.” I confessed.

“Yeah, well it did!” Robin snapped and pushed past me out of the kitchen, Sadie at her heels. I watched her retreat with a long sigh. I’ll talk to her when she calms a bit. Everyone else was still staring at me, till Liam stepped forward with a frown.

“You are part of this pack now, Caleb and for you to up and leave like that after everything we have been through. You were out there unprotected and we couldn’t even find a scent trail of where you went because you masked your scent like last time, I will not lose a pack member out of stupidity.” His voice was deep and assertive, placing his Alpha influence into every word. I shrank back a bit and again tightened my hold on Blondie. I nodded and kept my eyes down away from his powerful gaze.

“Good, don’t do that again Caleb.” His word was final and I couldn’t disobey. “Come on Aiden” he said softer now and I heard Aiden walking beside his mate. I peeked up from under the curtain of my dark hair. He was giving me an apologetic smile before he left with Liam.

Dom and J were sitting at the table and stood, Dom place a firm hand on my shoulder.

“Happy that your back.” Jeanine smile at me then looked down at Blondie. She touched his back lightly.

“Let’s go, hon” she said softly to him but he just tightened his arms around my waist and shook his head against my chest.

They both frowned at him then looked at me.

“I guessed he want to be with you. At least he’s showing some interest in something.” J said. I nodded,

“Yeah sure, I can look over the kid.” They agreed and left.

Sighing I looked down at Blondie and laid my hand on the top of his soft shaggy hair.

“Are you hungry?” I asked him. He looked up at me with those bright green eyes. “I’ll take that as a yes.” I motioned him to sit at the table while I rummaged around in the fridge and cupboards. I wasn’t finding anything that looked good and where I didn’t have to cook; I mean I didn’t want to kill the kid with my horrible cooking so I shrugged and grabbed a bag of top ramon.

“Are noodles fine with you?” I asked him looking at him over my shoulder. He nodded, “Cool, do you what chicken, beef, shrimp..?” this was a test to see if he would answer me as I held the bags up but all I got was a finger point at the chicken bag. I sighed; well it was worth a try. I prepared our breakfast or lunch whatever you want to call it at eleven something.

A few minutes later I placed his bowl down and lent in front of him holding a fork in one hand and chopsticks in the other.

“Do you want the chopsticks or the old reliable boring fork?” I asked him with a raised brow. I watched as he tried to stop himself from smiling and reached for the fork.

“Ahh so boring man.” I whined playfully. I settled down beside him as we ate silently. I would occasionally watch him from the corner of my eye, trying to figure him out.

“How was school without me? Did you get on Avery’s nerves for me?” I chuckled. He kept his eyes on his food as he slurped it up, giving only a head shake as an answer.

“Boo, you should have.”

Was there someone after him that he was running from? Well, anyone would think that after the desperation in his voice asking for help and his dirty appearance. Then again he could just be a rogue abandoned by his pack, but why would they leave a pup that wasn’t even matured to change and defend himself. A frown deepened on my face. Could he be like Robin and I, his family killed off like ours? There was a sorrow so deep in me as I watched him eat, his long shaggy hair in his face. He was so young to be on his own like this. I felt a strong protectiveness towards him then and I knew that no one was going to hurt him or he be unhappy if I could prevent it.

“Would you like to go swimming at the lake today, it’s a perfect day for it.” I offered taking our bowls to the sink and washing them out. He looked a bit shocked at first before recovering and nodded. I smiled at him and guided him towards my room and grabbed two pairs of swimming trunks.

“Here you go, you can use my bathroom to changed.” He took the trunks and closed the door behind him. I could feel the excitement coming off him in waves and it pleased me that I could make him happy.

The lake was shimmering clear and beautiful as the sun shone on it; the water looked refreshing and inviting. I motioned for Blondie to go in as I took his towel from him and laid it out on the grass next to mine. Sighing I settled down on my towel and leant back on my elbows to keep an eye on him as he dove in for a bit.

Is it girly to bask in the sun like this?

Shrugging I laid all the way back and closed my eyes focusing on the splashing. The sun was warm and welcoming and I felt my body beginning to relax further till my mind began to wander and where else would it go but Avery. I could remember, feel his mouth on mine warm and sweet. His body on mine all those muscles dominating me in such a way that it made me weak. The feel of his large hands on my sensitive skin and let’s not forget his teeth!

The way they sunk into my flesh painfully yet pleasurable, my body was tingling all over from the memory. Unconsciously I reached on the mark he left and fingered every groove his teeth left. I couldn’t believe that he actually agreed to be with me, after all this time he wanted to do this thing for real. A smile pulled at the edge of my lips, he was mine and there was no way that I was going to let him go… Ever!

The sun was blocked suddenly causing me to open my eyes in surprised to find a large upside down dirty blonde wolf standing over me. I squeaked a very unmanly sound and placed my hand over my racing heat.

“Damn Avery, warn a person, Geez!” I huffed. I watched him tilt his head at me like I was over reacting. Well, I mean damn he snuck up on me like a freaking ninja, not making a single sound. I glared at him as he laid down; he was still upside down so he laid his head on mine covering my whole face. I crossed my eyes in annoyance.

“Seriously” I muttered into his chin, it came out muffled. He laughed wolfishly, unmoving. Growling I pushing his giant head off me and sucked in a large breath.

“Geez man, are you trying to suffocate me.” I accused him, glaring at him playfully. He just stood and walked around me to lay down his head in my lap and stare up at me with big deep brown puppy dog eyes. I shook my head at him and rolled my eyes but inside I was ecstatic about his playfulness. He had never been so laidback before. I reached out and began to smooth his soft fur with my fingers as we looked at each other I finally took my eyes off him and peered up to the lake as Blondie was floating on his back.

Oh yeah, I could get use to this everything was just perfect.

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