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Chapter 15


The next day I let a deep breath out and made my way to my sister’s room. Gulping I raised my hand up to knock but was met with a growl,

“Go away Caleb!” she yelled from the other side. I dropped my hand in defeat; damn I could never sneak up on her. I heard some muttering as Sadie and Robin argued before I heard a loud sigh. The door opened and Sadie came out giving me a ‘go ahead’ smile and thumbs up. I shook my head, she was so weird.

Summoning up the courage I pushed open the door hesitantly and saw my sister sitting on the bed cross legged with a pillow hugged to her chest. She refused to look at me but it didn’t stop my advance towards her till I was sitting on the edge of her bed.

“What?” she said with bite.

“I’m sorry” I apologized. She huffed turning her head the other way laying it on the top of the pillow.


“I know I hurt you Rob and I am truly sorry for that, it was just I had to have some time to myself.” I explained to her the best I could. She didn’t answer just stubbornly ignored me. Growling irritably I snatched her pillow from her causing her to fall forward.

“HEY!” she shouted. I grinned mischievously. Her eyes narrowed at me.

“Forgive me butthole” I demanded jumping to my feet away from her reach. Stray strands of her red hair were framing her face as she glared daggers, she kind of looked like a pissed of lion.

“Why the hell should I forgive you for this?”

“Because I said so.” She rolled her eyes.

“So, who are you to deserve my forgiveness so easily?” I gave her an obvious stare.

“Caleb, your twin brother duh.”

“Yeah, the twin brother who just up and left me to worry about you; do you know how much I was scared for you. What if rogues got you and we would never know because you just left without saying a damn thing to either of us! How could you be so reckless, even Avery didn’t know where you were going and he was the one with you! And why he didn’t follow you pissed me off to no end.” She exclaimed.

“I said I was sorry, what else do you want from me Robin?!” I demanded.

“A real explanation Caleb, you have never just left without telling me first and you would always bring me along.”

“What, you would have left Sadie to run away with me?” I asked her seriously. I watched her faulted for a moment. “Exactly”

“If you must know, because you’re so damn nosey is that I was running… from myself. I was confused and scared at something I did and I ran like a coward that I am, ok, happy now!” I sighed defeated as I plopped back down on the bed. Robin frowned at me.

“What were you running from? Did that big oaf hurt you or something because you know I’m not afraid of him, not one bit and I’ll take him down for you.” She said determined and serious. I shook my head and looked down at to avoid her eyes. I began to puck at her hello kitty pajama bottoms absentmindedly. She was silent for my sake as I built up the courage to say it. I took a deep breath still messing with her PJs

“I… kind of… marked Avery” I muttered the last part. She didn’t stir, I thought she hadn’t heard so I looked up at her and saw her shocked face.

“No...Way” she finally said in disbelief. “How do you know if it was like ‘for reals’?” I tilted my head at her.

“What do you mean how do I know if it’s ‘for reals’! I was the one to sink my teeth into him Robin, I would think I would know something like that” I said irritated. She shook her head.

“No not like that I mean how do you know if it worked? I thought you have to be mates for it to work.” I nodded.

“Me too but I can smell our combined scents in his blood and his skin.” Her face began to flush red. “What?” she averted my eyes.

“I thought that was because you two were… you know, last night.” she said. My eyes widened in realization.

“H-how do you know about that!” I demanded practically mortified. She caught her bottom lip in between her teeth.

“The whole house knows about that Caleb, you guys weren’t exactly subtle in… his room. The smell you guys were producing had the whole house recognizing what kind of ‘mood’ you guys were in, if you know what I mean” she winked. I turned slamming my body into the bed, burying my face in the comforter.

“Oh God” I groaned humiliated.

“Oh especially this morning-”

“Robin stop!” I begged. She chuckled.

“Ok, so you ran away because you were confused that you marked Avery even though he’s not your mate, and you were scared?” I nodded into the blanked.

“I had to think” I muffled. I felt her small hand on my back.

“Ok I forgive you now, but if you do that again you better tell someone you butt wiping cow turd.” This caused me to lift my head up at her in shock.

“Butt wiping what?” she giggled, her bluish brown eyes shining.

“Butt wiping cow turd, Sadie used it on me and I couldn’t stop laughing. That girl kills me sometimes.” She laughed.

“Yeah, she’d kill me too but literally” I teased with a grin. She huffed and smacked me in the head.

“Don’t talk about my snuggle bottom like that!” she chided with a mocking stern expression.

“Snuggle… bottom..?” I stared at her in disbelief as she nodded stubbornly. “Ok, I’m leaving you and your weirdness since ‘Crazy Sadie’ is rubbing off on my poor sister.” I scrambled off the bed as she dove for me. I made it by the hairs on my chinny chin, chin as she pounced, and landing on her stomach at the edge of the bed. I laughed boisterously and high tailed it out of that crazy loony ben.

I made my way down the stairs and into the lounge, hesitating for a moment; what if everyone’s eyes were on me knowingly? That would be so embarrassing! I stood there before squaring my shoulder and straightening my back, screw it, like I’ve ever cared about what people have to say. Nodding in self-confidence I strode in uncaring and spotted Kyle at the pool table.

He looked up at my approach and gave me a grimace.

“Well if it isn’t Mr. Sex Hormones, we can smell what you two gross ass wolves were up to last night and this morning. Why don’t you try and keep that outside so the rest of us can get some damn sleep!” he growled. I stopped at the sudden harshness in his voice.

“Whoa jealous much” I tried to tease holding my hands up in surrender. All I got was a growl as he retuned back to his game.

What happened to him the last few days?

“What’s up man? Are you ok?” I asked. I know Kyle could be a jack ass at times… ok most all the time but I know when he’ s joking and serious and right now something was eating at him.

“Nothing” he bit out. I stood there frowning, making my way around the side of the table to stand beside him.

“Is it that time of the month again dude? Cuz my sister can help you out with some pads or something.” I grinned at him. He scrunched up his face and pushed me out of his way, leaning down on the edge to position the stick thing- whatever you call it, at the white ball.

“You have problems” he said not looking at me as he hit the ball into a stripped one sending it into one of the holes. He straightened up, “I just have a lot on my mind right now and don’t feel like talking about it to you or anyone for that matter.” He walked away from me to the other side of the table to repeat the process over again.

“Well since you already know what I was doing last night, I finally did it. I got Avery!” I cheered excitedly.

“Congratulations.” He ground out striking the ball a bit too hard sending it flying through the air and sticking straight into the wall.

“Dammit!” he snarled throwing his stick on the table hard and walking towards the wall.

“How about we go for a run, I think you need some time to cool off from whatever’s bugging you.” I stated walking over to him cautiously. I wasn’t oblivious to his status, even though he wasn’t Liam’s right hands man he was still a Beta, and at the moment a very mad and irritated Beta who could stick at any time. He yanked the ball out and tossed it on the pool table.

“Whatever.” He huffed walking out with me to the back yard.

We shed our clothes in a pile by a tree and shifted quickly. I shook out my body as I accepted the change and stretched, after so long in this form over the last week or so I missed the feeling. I watched Kyle shake out his blonde fur before we both took off.

The wind rushed through our fur soothing and calm as we raced through and past the trees. The grass was fresh and its earthy set made this much more enjoyable, the sense of freedom was prominent in the air causing our wolves to howl; the sound ringing through the air. Calling out to all our pack members, the trees were just a blur as we raced by them; just streaks of green and brown. The birds were singing their joyful songs adding to the beauty of nature.

Animal were scurrying out of the way of our paws as they pounded their way through the forest, dirt flying out with every step. We both cleared a fallen tree that lay in the way and continued on. The setting sun was warming down on my dark brown fur; the sky was blue as it could be with a little pink hue from the retreating sun, beautiful and pure. This was one of the perks of being a wolf, the freedom that comes with running till you tire, collapse in the soft green grass.

Finally we slowed down till we came to a stream. I was huffing and panting out of breath so I trotted over to the crystal clear water, dipping my head down to lap at it for a moment then laid my body down on my side staring at Kyle as he paced the edge of the stream; his blonde coat shining from the light that was streaking through the openings in the trees that shade the area. His sleek muscles munching under his fur as he paced. His gray eyes clouded with an abundance of emotion that I couldn’t quite figure all of them. I know I saw anger and confusion, guilt if I’m right and defiance.

‘Come on Kyle what the hell?’ I sighed though the mind link. ‘This was supposed to clear your mind not bring more into it, just tell me what is bugging you man.’

He huffed shaking his head his eyes trained on the ground.

‘I agreed to go this run but I’m not letting you into my head’ he growled. ‘I don’t need you to help me with this, I’ve already made up my mind’ his voice was determined and stubborn. Too bad for him I’m very, very persistent.

‘Uh huh, I think your being an asswipe. I’m your friend… at least that’s what I thought and you’re not going to let me help you out? Maybe I know how to fix you problem.’ He faced me his lips pulled back in a snarl showing all his pointy and sharp teeth.

‘Let it go Caleb’ his chest rumbling with a low feral growl. I narrowed my eyes at him and climbed to my paws with fluency only a graceful wolf had. Baring my teeth at him I refused to think he could intimidate me with his brutal methods to demand submission from others.

‘You’re not my Alpha or my Beta Kyle so I suggest that you clam the fuck down right now!’ I demanded. His ears lay back against his head as he crouched.

‘I am a Beta!’ he growled at me crouching down.

‘Dude, don’t do this!’

I knew my pleas and demanded were useless towards him. This was how he coped with things, the abrasive and aggressive way instead of the reasonable and human way of talking it out. I groaned inwardly knowing I was going to have to fight him and try and prevail in it. There was no way I was going to back down, my wolf wouldn’t let me I still had my pride to consider.

‘Fine tough guy go ahead an attack the only person that gives a damn about you!’ I growled trying to make him feel a little guilty, to think this over but he’s too hard headed.

He charged at me faster than I thought he would and tackled me down. I yelped as his claws stuck into my shoulder. I pushed my paws up against his chest raking them down his chest; he jumped off me and changed his tactic going for my legs. His teeth sank in my hind leg brining a whimper from my mouth. Growling I tuned sharply and slashed my claws at his face the hardest I could, I rewarded with a pain filled howl as he backed away and shook his head. I took the opportunity to jump on his back and run my sharps nails down his sides.

He began to spin and buck trying to get me off but I wasn’t loosening my grip till he saw reason.

‘This is stupid Kyle! You’re fighting with your friend because you’re too stubborn to ask for help.’ I chided out of breath.

‘Shut the fuck up! You know you’re weaker than me Caleb just submit and let it alone!’ He fell to the ground and rolled roughly making me gasp as the air rushed from my lunges from under his heavy weight, my grip was loosened and he jumped to his feet. I didn’t have time to recover my breath as he dove for my neck. I shut my eyes tightly waiting for the pain when the air was interrupted with a vicious and spine chilling growl. There was a yelp that followed along with a loud thump.

I opened my eyes forcing my sore body to its feet to see to blonde blurs. I heard the snapping of teeth as they fought. My wolf began to whine wanting to run to the aid of the other wolf and I knew it was Avery who came to help me. I watched in shock at how dangerous he was; he was fast and agile in his attaches as he bit into Kyle’s shoulder and legs drawing blood and howls of pain from his victim. Avery was lethal when he wanted to be and I knew that if I didn’t do something he was going to kill Kyle.

Kyle was no match for Avery’s strength but tried anyway, it was a fast losing battle. I caught Avery’s movements towards Kyle neck and I barked sharply while I screamed at him through the link.

‘STOP!’ instantly Avery was frozen his canine’s inches from Kyle’s neck.

‘Stop’ I said again this time in a more exhausted manner. ‘As dumb and idiotic as he is, he’s still my friend Avery’ I begged. Growling he snapped his teeth at Kyle in warning as he backed off him and ran to my side as my body wobbled from blood lose and weakness. The bite in my leg had me collapsing to get my weight off of it. Avery whined pushing his muzzle against my cheek tenderly.

Glaring he snapped his head over to a panting Kyle.

‘Go!’ it was a clear command, one that wasn’t easily ignored. Kyle growled forcing himself towards his feet and limped slowly away back towards the house. I shook my head mentally at him, whatever it was to make him this way was only going to eat at him further if not treated and I knew if that happened something dangerous was going to accrue. Kyle was normally a non to tolerant guy, the littlest thing could set him off and for him to be so angry and on edge more than usual was going to cause some serious ripples.

I felt the warmth of something on my shoulder and averted my eyes from Kyle’s retreating form towards Avery’s gentle attentions to my wounds. His tongue was lapping at the bloody wounds. I lay back on my side.

“Are you ok?’ he asked worry in his voice; shifting back into my human form, letting his tongue have better access to my skin without the fur.

“I’m alright now” I smiled at him reassuringly.

I lay back staring up at the trees surrounding us blocking the sun the best it could. I jumped at the feel of his tongue on my upper thigh. But once he was done healing my wounds he shifted too till he was kneeling besides me, reaching down he cupped the back of my neck pulling my tired body up to him to me his hard and demanding lips. I let out a whimper of pleasure gripping his biceps to keep myself from falling back.

Slowly he laid up both down his body half over mine, never separating our mouths till he had his fill. When it was hard to breath he pulled back and met my eyes with a fierce expression.

“Stay the hell away from him or I might just have to kill him next time.” His words were final and hard but I just stared at him.

“He’s my friends Avery” I told him again. He growled his eyes teetering from brown to blue.

“I wouldn’t care if he was the president, he doesn’t go near you or I’ll rip his worthless throat out! Friends don’t attack one another like that.”

“That’s just how he is” I winced at the pathetic shine in my voice. I should be agreeing with him instead of defending that jackass but I was loyal and once I made a friend, which wasn’t very often, it was hard for me to see past trying to help them at any cast. Avery could see the defiance in my eyes.

“I’m telling you now that if you continue to be around this guy I’m not sure if you’ll be able to stop me from finishing the job” It was a clear warning and I took it into serious consideration.

“No you won’t” I smiled teasingly.

“Caleb.” He warned again.

“How did you know I was out here?” I changed the subject. He sighed brushing my hair from my face.

“My wolf was worried about you, he knew you needed us” he said. I watched him thought the curtain of hair that fell back into place.

“Really?” I asked with a frown. “I thought only mates felt their mates in trouble” he shrugged.

“I guess not because I knew.” He answered.

I didn’t say anything after that just looked at the undisturbed stream, the clear rushing water.

“Thank you” I whispered. He nuzzled his face in my hair.

“Anytime” he said softly.

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