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Chapter 2


I was sitting in the living room with Aiden, Robin, J and Sadie as they discussed… I honestly have no idea I wasn’t paying attention. My mind was more on what happened last week. A whole week I have avoided Caleb. I felt pathetic that I was hiding from someone half my size, but I was confused. I have never felt anything towards another person, male or female. I was prejudice against sex I just knew that I would never have what other wolves do.

And Caleb’s constant advances on me never fazed me in anyway other than annoyance. I’m not saying now I’m feeling something towards him because I’m not. I guess being in wolf form let my wolf get a little curious than he would when I’m in human form. That had never happened before.

“Avery?” I snapped my head up at them as I was pulled out of my thoughts.


“We’re going baby cloth shopping do you want to come?” Aiden asked me. I could see the desperate pleading look on his face. I suppressed the smile that was tempted to show. I just nodded once setting my book down on the table before I stood. They headed towards the door, me at their heels. Robin threw the keys my way and I swiftly caught them hopping in the driver’s seat.

I stuck the keys in the ignition glancing up to see Aiden wrapping his arms around Liam’s neck sharing a passionate kiss. I was frowning by the time they pulled away and Aiden headed to slide in the back seat with Robin and J.

“BABY SHOPPING!!!” I cringed at the screech Sadie made in the passenger seat.

“Banshees, I swear” Aiden muttered from the back. I smirked before pulling out on the road. Sadie was messing with the radio as j and Robin were murmuring to each other. Aiden was quiet, so I took a quick peak in the review mirror to see him gazing out of his window his head resting in his palm. My eyebrows furrowed a bit as I focused back on the road.

“OMG I LOVE THIS SONG!” J screamed, the car swerved a bit as I jumped from the unprepared scream; growling from the annoying random yelling from these girls. Sadie turned the volume up.

’The sun has gone down

And the moon has come up’ the lyrics were going in and out as I tried to ignore them.

’He’s going the distance, he’s going for speed

She’s all alone, alone in her time of need’

….. more ignoring.

‘He is haunted by something he cannot define’

Thank god, we were at the plaza hurriedly I snatched the keys out cutting the music off.

“HEYYYYY” they all whined, I just rolled my eyes and got out.

“There’s a babies’ R U over there. Let’s start there.” Sadie pointed across the street. J shook her head.

“It’s just toys mostly” she complained hooking her arm with Aiden’s.

“Yeah, they have the right toys, as in cribs and strollers and bouncer’s blah, blah, blah” Robin said entwining her fingers with Sadie’s. it was silent as she thought about it. Sighing she nodded and we headed over. I walked behind observing and waiting till they need me. Sadie ran off Robin at her heels as she took off to play with the toys. I closed my eyes.

How old was she?

Aiden was always in my line of sight, never too far.

“Aww, look” J exclaimed as she rushed over to the rack of clothes Aiden being dragged with her. “to bad I can’t get any of these yet” she whined. Aiden shrugged as he shuffled through the tiny clothes.

“Well just because don’t know the sex yet doesn’t mean anything, you can always get neutral colors like yellow and white, black”

“You’re so right” she said her face brightening up.

“Avery what do you think?” J asked holding up a small black and white outfit. Truthfully, I thought the baby would look like a penguin, but I can’t very well say that out loud.

“It’s nice” I said vague. Pouting her lips, she scrutinized it for a bit, scrunching her nose up and places it back.

“No, my baby will end up looking like a penguin” I bit my tongue from laughing out loud.

“Hey penguins are cute!” Aiden argued. Jeanine just stuck her tongue out at him.

And this is how my day went, walking to store after store looking for baby stuff. Jeanine decided she like the boutique had the ‘cutest’ stuff so I ended up caring a huge box with a disassembled crib in it and Robin had a car seat while j and Aiden had bags and bags off neutral colored clothes off all kinds of sizes. Who knew baby shopping was so exhausting. Sighing I stuffed the crib in the trunk, god thing we brought the expedition, so it fit along with the car seat.

“I am so hungry” J complained as we piled into the car.

“Your always hungry” Aiden muttered earning a slap in the head. My body tensed out of reflex, but I stopped myself.

“OOWW!” he cried rubbing the back of his head pouting. Sighing I stated the car.

“Can we refrain from hitting Aiden please.” I said as I pulled out on the road.

“What for he deserved that” j whined glaring at him.

“Just don’t” was all I said, and the car fell silent besides the radio that began to blast. Flinching from the loud music I flicked the thing off!

“Hey Avery, stop at In-N-Out so we can feed that never-ending stomach of J’s.” Sadie said, and I nodded.

When everyone had had finished I took them back home and they all rushed in, Dom came out and grabbed the crib giving me a thankful nod before heading in with j. Aiden was the one that was lagging behind, so I turned to him.

“What is the matter?” I asked him softly, but he didn’t replay. He sat down on the porch and lent his elbows on his knees.

“Aiden?” now I was worried as I opened up to him and felt his anxiety seeping into mine, so I sat next to him.

“It’s nothing don’t worry about it.” I gave him a flat look.

“It’s not nothing when I can feel the strong emotions building, what has you anxious all of a sudden?” he kept his gaze on his hands.

“It’s just that we’re graduating soon, and I know that Liam has a lot on his plate right now, being alpha and all this is where he belongs.” his sky-blue eyes finally peered up at me and I frowned with concern as I saw them build with unshed tears.

“And I’m not saying that I hate it here, I love it here. I really do, and I know it’s now my job to take care of all of you guy but” he paused rubbing his hands in his dark hair. “But I have worked my ass off at school to get the good grades I have now, so I can get in a good collage to become a doctor like I have always wanted. but what am I to do, I can’t leave Liam and my pack here while I go to school that would be selfish of me. I swore before everyone that I would stand my Liam’s side and look out for the pack. I’m alpha now so does that mean everything I worked for is unimportant now?”

I gazed at him for a while as he wiped away his frustrated tears. It was killing me to know that he was so upset but what can I do? We stayed silent and I looked out before me watching people walking around talking with friends. Some kids were running after each other playing, their joyful laughter filling the air. One of them kept trying to get his catch up but I noticed one of his laces we’re untied and right then he tripped and fell down crying out.

And not even a second later Aiden was up and racing over to him

“Oh my god, are you ok?” he asked the kid who couldn’t form a single word as he wept.

“Ok, ok let me see” Aiden said holding out his hand. I saw that the kid was clutching his arm close to his chest.

“It hurts” he whined, tears streaming down his face. Aiden nodded and scooted closer gingerly taking his arm in his hand, examining it. It was bleeding badly from the torn skin.

“Oww” he cried.

“I know” Aiden cooed helping the kid to his feet. “We’re going to take care of it and all will be well again k” he smiled down at him and the kid nodded sniffling. I followed them to the kitchen as he turned the facet on running the kids arm under the warm water.

“What’s your name” Aiden asked him softly. The kids’ eyes were wide with pain, but he looked up at Aiden with trust.

“Jeremy, alpha” he sniffled.

“Well it’s nice to meet you Jeremy” he told him reassuringly, lifting him up to sit on the counter. Aiden looked over at me pointing in the cabinet closes to me.

“I think there’s a first aid kit in there can you hand it to me” I turned towards it rummaging through the messy cabinet till I spotted the white box and handed it to him.

“Alright Jeremy this is going to sting but you’re a big boy, right?” Jeremy nodded biting down on his bottom lip. Aiden ripped the disinfectant wipe with his teeth and wiped at the red and swollen wound.

“Ahh” he cried flinching back.

“How old are you?” Aiden asked distracting the kid.

“Eight” he answered his voice wobbly as he tried to hold back his tears.

“Wow, you’re practically a man now” he exclaimed with a wide grin, but his eyes were trained on Jeremy’s arm as he cleaned the deep scratched and put some kind of cream on it then a large Band-Aid.

“See we’re all done now” he said stepping back examining his word with a proud smile. Jeremy hopped from the counter and wrapped his arms around Aiden’s waist.

“Thank you alpha”

“Just call me Aiden” he chuckled rubbing the boy’s hair playfully. “now go out there and play with your friends. “I moved aside as the kid raced out. Children are so bipolar. I smiled up at him.

“What?” he asked. Walking over to the counter I began to put away the supplies.

“Who said what you learned was useless.” I said placing the kit back in the cabinet. He frowned at me.

“What do you mean”

“What I mean is you can still get the education you have been striving for but just with a different species” I leant back again the fridge crossing my arms over my chest. Slowly his face clear in understanding.

“You mean…” I nodded.

“You already have a fantastic physician right under your nose. You can ask Dr. Kindlier if you can work under him. it may not be what you expected but it’s still medical training only in the supernatural.” I told him. he looked thoughtful as he stared down at his hands that were fidgeting. Soon he looked up a t me with a huge smile.

“I like the sound of that, I should go tell Liam” he said his face bright with excitement. I watched him rush out. Shaking my head, I headed up stairs. Caleb was leaning up against the wall next to my room his arms crossed, and his head down but soon lifted when he noticed me.

Sighing I closed my eyes before looking at him expectantly.

“Wat are you doing here” I asked him agitated. Well there goes my avoidance of him.

“We’ll I live here duh” he smirked. I wasn’t in the mood for his cocky attitude.

“Go Caleb” was all I said walking in my room, but he caught my arm right staring me straight in the eye, his face serious.

“Avery-” he opened his mouth, but nothing came out. I frowned at him, his dark hair hung in his eyes as he debated with himself.

“Why have you been avoiding me? Ever since that night in the woods you’ve been even more distant from me.” I didn’t answer just kept my face void of any emotions. His brown eyes searching mine, he stepped closer to me.

“What happened that night?” he asked. Gritting my teeth, I snatched my arm from his grip.

“Nothing, absolutely nothing” I growled and closed the door in his shocked face. I walked over to my bed and glared at the door. He was still there I could smell his unique earthy sent before he sighed and walked off.

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