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Chapter 3


He won’t look at me. I don’t understand what the hell I did but I’m not one to give up! I have made Avery my current target and I’m going to get what I want, I always do. I was walking down the halls of Portland high. I hate this damn school so much. I felt like I was in a sea of ignorance as I watched the glares and hateful looks that they spared at Liam and Aiden, thought they were to fucking scared of Avery and Liam to do anything about it. It just caused me to snicker as they showed their true colors when their backs were turned.

I haven’t really made it now that I was gay but it’s not like I’m hiding it either. And if they were to ever find out then they can kiss my gay happy wolfy tail! Huffing at the sudden anger I walked into history class I had with Robin. Taking my seat next to her she nodded her head in greeting and I did the same. I was so happy for her that she found her mate and a bit envious that she found herself a women to love being that she was a lesbian. Lucky. I dreaded ever meeting my mate because I knew that I wouldn’t be so lucky, I never was.

The school knew that Robin was gay also and I did my best at fending them off, she was my sister YOU DO NOT talk shit about her unless you have a damn death wish. Casually I looked around the class at the asshole students here. I can’t wait for graduation, school was never my strong suit.

“Did you see them they were making out in the hallway, it was so disgusting!” I heard some girl whispering with another. Slyly I peered in their direction, to see some blonde bimbo with a brunette bimbo.

“I know I saw them kissing on the football field” the brunette said.

“It’s so not fair that Liam doesn’t swing our way” the blonde pouted, and I rolled my eyes.

Dude get over it!!! I felt like yelling. It’s been four months and they still can’t get over it.

“So, Sadie and I are going on a date tonight and I’m so excited!” Robin said making me focus on her, her face was bright with excitement and her eyes glistening with love. I felt the little green monster coming out but sighed it away.

“You and Sadie go on a date every week Robin it’s nothing new” I muttered looking down at my desk and started to carve random things in the wood with my fingernail.

“And it’s perfect every time!” she exclaimed. Oh god here were go.

“Uh huh” I tried to make my tone uncaring as she stared rambling on and on about how wonderful her mate was blah, blah, blah.

“Stop!” she swatted my hand way from the desk. I glared at her.

“You are going to get caught, how are you going to explain that you can carve deep ass picture in wood with a ‘fingernail’!” she reprimanded me. I shrugged.

“I drink a lot of milk?” rolling her eyes she faced forward leaning her chin on the palm of her hand. Right then the teacher came in.

“Morning class” Mrs. Peterman greeted us with a huge smile. There were a few mumbles but that was about it. It you were to ask me this teacher was WAY too cheery!

“Well let’s get the class started” she told us grinning like a fool. And here is my time to zone out.

The class went on, BORRRRRRING!!!! The only thing I heard was the bell at the end. I jumped from my seat and ran towards the door for freedom!

“Cal wait!” Robin called. Sighing I skidded to a stop as she walked up to me and hooked our arms together,

“So, are you going out tonight?” she asked me. Scoffing I smirked at her.

“Well duh!” she shook her head.

“Come on Caleb, there’s more to life than clubbing and partying” I rose and arrogant brow.

“Like what dear sister?” pushing me she continued.

“Like, finding your mate, helping around our new pack house.” I scrunched up my nose.

“I don’t see the more to life in that I just see too much work sooooo, I think I’ll stick with my awesome life of clubs and parties.”

“You know what whatever” she said pulling her arm out of mine and walking off dramatically.

Oh Robin, Robin, Robin.

I walked out to the football field know that Liam and Aiden would be out there meaning that Avery would be to. It was spring, so football season was over, but Liam and Aiden loved to sit on the bleachers. Pushing the double doors open to the back of the school I walked out to the field and like I said there they were cuddled up together on the top bleacher but what I was really looking for was Avery. My eyes scanned the around to see him leaning against at the bottom of the metal bleachers giving out alpha there time alone.

Avery must have heard me coming because he looked up with his usual grim expression when I was around.

“Hey” I greeted stopping in front of him. he didn’t say anything just sighed heavily.

This man is a God! He was built like a freaking house, muscles were straining in his tight gray shirt and he towered over me at his 6’2 where I was only 5’9. His skin was tan, and his hair was cut short and it was this beautiful blondish brown. His eyes were a gorgeous deep brown kind of reminded me of puppy dog eyes.

I noticed the tick in his jaw as he glared at me. I cocked a brow at him he’s not very happy to see me is he.

“No hello?” I taunted.

“Bye Caleb” he said looking over my head ignoring me. I huffed, well that won’t do will it. I stepped closer running my fingers up his defined chest that could make a straight guy drool. He snatched at my hand tightly.

“Go away” he growled through gritted teeth. I smiled molding my body against his harder one. I looked under my lashes turning on the charm.

“I really get under that skin of yours don’t I” I husked wrapping my free arm around his neck my fingers tangling in his soft hair.

“I swear Caleb if you don’t leave me the hell alone” he threatened. Chuckling I buried my face in his neck, his pine and sandalwood sent assaulted my sense. He did smell good.

“What are you going to do, handsome” I purred in his ear. I felt his body shiver against mine and I smiled triumphantly. There was no way he could be able to resist me for long.

“If you don’t get off me right now I’m going to brake you damn hand” he ground out through clenched teeth. His hand tightened on my wrist squeezing it painfully. Wincing I pulled away from him yanking my hand from his and glaring at him.

“Well that wasn’t very nice” I pouted cradling my throbbing hand to my chest. Rolling his eyes, he turned to Liam and Aiden, but they were too busy lip locking. I saw some kind of pain flash in Avery’s brown eyes before it was gone not even a second later. I bit my lip in understanding, he could never have that. He would never have a mate to fawn over. I still didn’t understand the whole situation with him and Aiden, but I knew there were no romantic feelings involved.

“So how long do you plan on waiting for Mr. and Mrs.?” I asked.

“As long as they want” his tone was clipped and annoyed. His eyes void of all emotions as he averted them form me. I know when I’m not wanted. Shrugging I turned without a word and headed to the front of the school. Levi stood by his car as he waited for me. I met him at the pack house and we hit it off… as friends of course. He was totally cool with me being gay, plus he was Bi. I think he was like the only one in that house who actually had variety in his intimate encounters. I was hella happy that I found him out of the hundreds of pack members.

“Cal” he greeted with a head nod. Smiling I walked up to him.

“What’s up man” I said leaning against his car. He shook his head with a gorgeous smile on his face. His long light brown hair was gelled up loosely to the side. He was beyond beautiful, he wasn’t buff or anything, but he had a decent muscle amount of mass. If I wasn’t trying to pursue Avery I would have snatched this piece if eye candy up a long ass time ago.

“Checking me out again?” he asked wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. I smirked stepping up close and personal.

“You know it” I husked. He smiled pushing me away.

“Well do it from a far” he laughed hopping in his ’78 mustang. It was gorgeous. It had the black parallel racing stripes running along the top while the rest of the car was white. He had told me he and his dad had bought it from a junk yard and restored it to its beautiful self now. I climbed in the passenger’s seat pulling the seat belt over my chest as I examined the hood from the window.

“Dude your hood is so huge you can have sex on the thing.” I commented. I turned my head to see him grinning like a fool.

“You already did, didn’t you?” he kept his eyes on the road as he pulled out of the school parking lot, but I saw him lick his smirking lips. I chuckled staring out the window. The town was quickly passing us by, shops and restaurants were practically a blur. The green of the trees was in view now and I couldn’t stop thinking about the time when I use to dread them. I hated it because I could never go out and run or else I would have put Robin and myself in danger.

We’ve been on the run for far too long that it was weird being in the same location for this long. I studied the woods as we zoomed by. There hasn’t been one rouge and I was glad. I know that they were only after us because of Zack but I still got shivers from thinking of their red eyes as they stare at you ready to rip you apart. I closed my eyes as I suppress the quivers in my body of the thought.

“So, are we going to Crank?” Levi asked interrupting my thoughts. I looked at him as he waited for my answer.

“Yeah, why?” he shook his head.

“I was just asking.”

Parking at the pack house were got out and walked inside to my room. Levi jumped up and landed on his back on my bed.

“What are you going to wear tonight?” he asked. I shrugged as I rummaged through my closet.

“So how operation Avery going” he asked rolling over on his stomach. I sighed picking out a black button up shirt with dark blue jeans and tossed them on the bed next to Levi.

“The same, I try to make and advance and he shoots me down. I mean seriously am I ugly or something?” turning to him holding my arms out for him to observe me. He looked deep in thought as he placed a pointer finger to his chin, tilting his head to the side.

“Well...?” I glared at him now. He just chuckled and shakes his head.

“No, man your hot. That’s why when we go to the club you’re going to get laid and I’m going to be going home alone.” He pouted. I rolled my eyes strolled over to him and ruffled his perfect hair.

“Hey!” he complained swatting my hand away.

“Levi, you are sexy as hell you would have no problems getting a lay for the night. You just never do it” I told him. he sighed dramatically.

“I’m just too precious for just a lay” he smirks. I bit the inside of my cheek nodding my head and looking him up and down in a rude manner.

“Oh, I see and I’m just some man whore or something?” he opened his mouth to answer but he thought better and closed it slowly giving me his usual cute innocent face that I always crack from.

“Back to Avery” he changed the subject. “maybe he just doesn’t swing that way” I shook my head.

“I don’t accept that” I said stubbornly.

“I know” he sighed.

It was eight, Levi and I arrived at CRANK. It was one of the few gay clubs in town, with the hottest men EVER!! Walking up to the bouncer we nodded to him.

“Morris” I greeted.

“Guys” he smiled nodding for us to go in. I’ve been coming here ever since Robin and I came to stop in town. I got Levi to come with me a few months ago and he loved it so it’s our thing once a week. Morris never gave me trouble, I think he fancied me. If I wasn’t eighteen I think he would still let me in. I patted his chest.

“Thanks” he just grinned.

Walking in there was a heavy based techno song playing and a red strobe light eliminated the room making the mass of bodies on the floor look crazy fun. I needed to get in there. Levi was standing next to me also looking out on the dance floor. He turned to me and wiggled his eyes suggestively. I inclined my head to the floor and we headed through the crowd.

The room was hot, and I was bombarded with an abundance of scents from each body in this place. The song switched to battle Flag by Lo Fidelity Allstars. I love this song! Making it in the middle of the floor I grabbed Levi to me wrapping my arms around his tall frame, he was just as tall as Avery, standing at 6‘2. I sometimes hated that everyone was taller than me… well besides Aiden. He gripped his hands around my hips and pulled me closer.

This is what we did till someone decided they wanted some of this. I know cocky. I began swaying with the music grinding against him provocatively which only caused him to throw his head back to laugh. This is why I considered Levi my best friend, we always had fun together. Levi bent to his knees and slowly stood back up running his hands up my body seductively. I noticed a lot of people watching as they dance, a few of them were biting their lips and watching us with lust in their eyes. I didn’t blame them, us werewolves are very attractive creatures. I shook my head as he up came to eye level.

“You’ve drawn in a crowd” I said. He hugged me close his mouth close to my ear.

“That’s the idea” he said, I could hear the smile in his voice. Not long after there was a tap on my shoulder,

“Do you mind if I get in this?” a deep voice said. Turning so my back was to a still dance Levi and I got a good look! He had golden blonde hair, gray eyes and a face that had to be sculpted by Michael Angelo and a body a Greek god would be jealous of.

“Not at all “I smiled seductively. He came forward so now I was between him and Levi in a sexy man sandwich. Levi’s hands were on my hips while I had my arms resting on this guy’s shoulders. He was grinding his lower half on mine and I was getting a bit excited.

“I can see that I’m not needed.” Levi whispered in my ear as I turned my head a little to meet his knowing eyes. I smiled with a wink. Shaking his head, he backed away till I didn’t feel his presence anymore. I took a deep breath as the guy pressed his body fully against me. I closed my eyes as I let the beat of the music sink into my system filling me like a mesmerizing drug, along with his hardness against mine I was in pleasure also.

“Your fucking sexy” he yelled in my ear, so I could here over the music, but I cringed as it his voice hurt my sensitive ears. Smiling I touched my face to his and whispered in his ear.

“So are you” I purred. He smiled showing his cute dimples. Oh god I have to have him! the song soon switched, and I pulled him flush against me holding him as his arousal wafts up to my sensitive nose and I suppressed the growl.

“Let me buy you a drink” he said. And I nodded as he took my hand and guided me through the tight crowd. At the bar I noticed a lot of eyes on me but when I set my sights it was only for one person and this guy was my prey for the night. The bartender set down two shots each in front of us and we gulped them back. I slammed my glass on the counter and looked to him to find him gazing at me lustfully, I watched him lean in close to me and press soft lips to my necks. I closed my eyes as his tongue snaked out and licked. I moaned lightly, what can I say a weres spot was always the neck.

Tilting my head back I gave him more access while he roamed along my neck kissing under my ear.

“You want to get out of here?” he asked. Grinning I hopped off the stool and grabbed his wrist.

“Thought you’d never ask.” He chuckled and followed me out of the club, I caught Levi’s eye before exiting and he nodded understandingly. We walked to his car parked someway down the street and climbed in. I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and smashed my lips to his, my hands combing through his silky blonde hair pulling hard enough to get a sexy groan out of him and I smiled against his lips.

“Your place or mine?” he husked in my mouth. I looked at him,

“Defiantly yours” I purred pulling back from him leaning back in the seat and seductively started unbuttoning my shirt slowly. He bit his lips.

“Fuck” he groaned and started his car and drove fast to his place.

Oh, this is going to be fun.

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