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Chapter 4


I came home early in the morning, my hair ruffled from the rough play from last night and my clothes wrinkled as I rushed out of the guys- still don’t know his name- house before he woke and did my walk of shame, which I wasn’t at all ashamed of. It was a fantastic night; he really knew what he was doing. I trudged in through the door heading up to my room, half way there I bumped into someone who shot their hand out to catch me before I toppled back down the stairs. I gripped their arms as they pulled me against them. I felt the flex in their muscular arms, then their scent hit.

“Caleb?” his deep voice brought me to look up at him.

“Hey Avery” I greeted him as he stepped back letting me go. I saw him frown and his nose flare. A blush crept up in my cheeks. He could smell the guy from last night.

“How’s your morning” I asked him cheerfully trying to ease the embarrassment of this awkward moment. His lips drew thin as he stared at me unblinking. I squinted my eyes as I looked around anywhere but him. well this isn’t awkward at all.

“Oookay then” I walked around him and up to my room to take a quick shower. Stripping my shirt, I hopped in the shower letting the hot water sooth my muscles. Washing my hair and body, I was out an hour later towel wrapped around waist as I opened the bathroom to see Levi lying on my bed staring up at the ceiling before popping up to smile at me knowingly.

“HEY!” he said. I nodded before walking over to my dresser pulling out a pair of boxers pulling them on under my towel.

“What’s up?” I asked tossing my towel over his head. Scowling he snatched the towel off.

“Well I came in here to see how your night was.” He said wiggling his eye brows. I tilted my head to the side for a second shrugging g my shoulders as I bit my bottom lip. His eyes brightened,

“Oh, that good eh?” he grinned. I shrugged on a black shirt.

“So good” I sighed dreamily laying back on my bad with him. He laughed.

“So, I’m guessing you were the bottom this time” I didn’t answer but he read it in my eyes. Hell, yeah, I was the bottom in that and he was GREAT!

“How old was that guy anyway?” he asked.

“Hell, if I know, maybe twenty something. what happened with you last night?” I asked leaning up on my elbow. He furrowed his brows,

“Nothing why?” I groaned.

“Oh, come on! You didn’t even make out with someone” he shrugged.

“ell there was this one guy”

“Uh huh and” I pushed him, his cheek flushed, and he wouldn’t make eye contact. “what did you do!!!” I asked excited. He mumbled something I couldn’t even pick up with my sensitive hearing.

“WHAT! Boy speak up!” I demanded causing him to huff.

“I let him go down on me” he told me louder. I got the biggest grin in history.

“Ooooh really, that seem like more than nothing. how was that?” my eyes huge for juicy details. Sighing he answered.

“Really good” he chuckled. I punched him in the arm playfully.

“That a boy! Finally living” he just rolled his eyes.

I had left Levi in the lounge to take a walk. I made it outside in the back for fresh air when I spotted Robin sitting just before the tree line. Frowning I walked up to her plopping down Indian style. She didn’t look up just stared out in the woods with a placid expression. I wrapped an arm around her.

“What’s up sis?” I asked softly. Her bright red hair was up in a ponytail and she wore my old black Ozzy t-shirt with a worn-out pair of jeans. There was still no answer.

“These sorts of questions require answers.” I was trying to get a smile on her face, but it wasn’t working.

“It’s their anniversary today” she whispered to me. I froze, closing my eyes.

“Yeah, I know” I muttered looking back at her; turning to me, her blue brown eyes mirroring mine.

“I miss them so much Cal” her eyes filled with tears. I pulled her in a hug burying my face in her hair.

“So, do I rob” I told her. I let her cry in my shoulder cooing her and rubbing her back in support. After she had stopped crying she punched me in the arm.

“OWW” I jerked back rubbing at my arm.

“I told you not to call me that!” she chided me her face stern, but I could see the ghost of a smile on her lips.

“Man hands” I pouted. She rolled her eyes.

“Don’t be jealous because I’m the man in my relationship.” I scowled at her.

“Hey just because I like to be a bottom on occasions doesn’t make me the girl!” I said pointing my finger I her face. “Just half the time. Plus, who said you wore the pants in the relationship, has Sadie consented to that?” she bit her lips and avoided my gaze.

“Exactly” I whispered tauntingly in her ear. pushing me on my back she hopped to her feet.

“We’ll you’ve ruined my moments of silence jackass” and with that she stomped off. hopping to my feet I watched her storm off. Sighing I leant against a tree rubbing my eyes with the heel of my palms. How could I almost forget that it was the anniversary of my parent’s death? I growled in frustration. I have to be the worst son ever to forget something so important. Robin and I always made sure we pay our respects the best we could since we were always on the run. I began walking through the trees, it was quiet and peaceful, even though the forest was a bit scary for me now. But since I knew there were good guards looking out now I was ok… I guess.

The sky was slowly darkening with rain clouds, but I didn’t pay it much mind. Leaves crunched under my shoes. I remember when my father would take me out hunting with the pack. I would be stuck to my father’s side like I was glued there. He would tell me tips on how to catch my prey even though I couldn’t turn yet I love it, watching the pack prowling the lands in their huge wolf forms. Dad would stay in his human form when I was around pointing at fellow pack members on the hut.

My sister would stay with mom when we were out event though she really wanted to go. It was on one of those hunts I dropped the ‘GAY’ bomb.

“Dad” I had said when we were pretty far back from the others. He turned towards me.

“Yeah” I remember how my palms were sweating as I looked up in his identical eyes to mine. Brown and blue, a unique blend of colors for eyes anyway.

“I need to tell you something” he waited patiently as we stopped to look at each other.

“Ok what’s up?” he said.

Would he hate me? Would he look at me differently, in disgust if I told him this. I didn’t want to lose the love of my father over something that I couldn’t help. Those were the things going through my twelve-year-old mind at the time as I bit my lip and fidgeted.

“Can you promise me you won’t hate me? Please” I begged desperately. I know I was too young for this kind of realization of my sexual orientation in my life, but I just knew that I wasn’t like all the other boys or my friends for that matter. Dad’s face changed to worry as he stepped forward placing a gentle hand on my shoulder.

“I could never hate you Caleb, you’re my son it’s impossible” he reassured but it wasn’t really working. When I didn’t continue he urged. “out with it” sighing I bowed my head unable to meet his gaze.

“I think there’s something seriously wrong with me dad” I confessed softly. He didn’t say anything, so I continued.

“I look around and I feel funny when I’m around… certain people” I muttered. There was shuffling before my dad was at my level on one knee staring at me in concern.

“What are you talking about Cal?” he asked cupping the side of my neck with his hand. I began fidgeting with my hands as I stared down at them. The panic was setting in at how this conversation could go. I heard stories about people being kicked out of their home for this. I was panting now, and my vision was becoming blurry with unshed tears.

“Caleb” his tone was beyond worried now.

“I- I” he’s going to shun me out of my pack. I know it.

“Damn son spits it out” he ordered frantic. A sob ripped form my chest and I let it out.

“I… think…I like... boys” I stuttered through my cries. I felt him stiffed and my world began to crash. I knew it. I threw myself in his still arms as I wrapped mine around his neck getting one last hug in before I was kicked out of the pack.

“I sorry!” I sobbed in his neck. to my surprised I felt him hug me tightly.

“Oh Caleb” he whispered into my hair.

“I’m so sorry daddy” I wept. His hands cupped the back of my head pressing me further into his shoulder. “I can’t help it”

“No, no, no Caleb stop it” he cooed. I was gulping for breath. “why are you crying Cal?” he asked me softly.

“Because you hate me now” I sobbed in his shoulder. That’s when he began to chuckle. Pulling back, I stared at him stunned.

“I don’t hate you” he told me like it was the hundredth time he’d said it to me. “I told you I could never hate you Caleb. I love you with all I have”

“Really?” I asked as he reached up and wiped my tears away with the pads of his thumb and nodded.

“I have no Idea how on earth you would know this at your age, but I could care less if you were gay or straight; I doesn’t matter, you’re my blood Cal. My family. My son and there is nothing in this world or the next to make me stop loving you” he gave me his usual happy go lucky smile and I melted in his arms with relief as I hugged him again.

“Thank you” I whispered shakily. Now how is going to feel when Robin told her little secret?

I stopped walk as the memory ended and I found out I was in the middle of the forest. Blinking I looked around me, how the hell did I get here. Sighing I turned around going back just when the sky decided to open up and let it poor. this caused me to groan in annoyance.

“Really?” I asked no one in particular. I trudged back to the house getting soaked in the process. This had to be punishment for almost forgetting about my parents. The water was dripping from the fringe of my hair and into my eyes.

“Ugh” I exclaimed combing my hair back with my fingers. I was almost at the house when I was knocked into.

“Ahhh” I screamed as I fell on my back and hitting the back of my head into the mud and heard a grunt from the other person. Groaning I rolled onto my side as I tried to catch the breath that had been knocked out of me.

“Ah, shit that hurt” I whined. Propping myself up on my hands and knees shaking my head.

“I-I’m s-sorry” came an unfamiliar voice causing me to raise my hackles. I snapped my head up to see a boy no older than fourteen picking himself off the floor. He had shaggy blonde hair and the brightest green eyes that were clouded with fear. I frowned at how ragged his clothes were, they had rips and old dirt caked on them. Big frantic bright green eyes met mine and he scrambled on his knees and crawled towards me.

“Please! Help me”

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