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Chapter 5

Hey guy’s I’m sorry for the super long wait but I’ve been distracted lately and what not. But here’s an update hope you like. XD


“Why is it that every lone wolf decides to come to this pack for help?” Liam grumbled, while Aiden took a seat next to the boy. After bumping into him I had to kind of sneak him in the house because I couldn’t just leave him out there in the rain now could I, but Avery caught me? I watched as the boy’s eyes darted form face to face as our alpha’s, Avery, Dom the beta and Robert Liam’s dad stood in the room. He was scared out of his mind and I wanted to know why. It didn’t really help if he wouldn’t talk to anyone. The only things he has said since he’s been here was the three words he told me.

“Caleb can I talk with you?” I looked up surprised that Avery actually wanted to acknowledge my presence finally. Frowning I stood but a hand snatched me back. Turning back, I saw the boy gripping my wrist with a death grip and his eyes wide in terror. I softened my features for him.

“I’ll be right back I’m just going to be right outside the door.” I reassured him. his large green eyes staring up at me for a long while before nodding. I smiled. “be right back”

Looked back at Avery I walked out with him following me out the door. he shut it quietly behind him. turning on my heel I lent my back against the wall opposite of the room. Avery’s face was calm, but I knew he was anything but.

“Yes?” I asked. His brown eyes were hard as he glared at me.

“Why would you bring some random kid here?” he whispered. My face was blank as I looked at him.

“Well technically he brought himself here. He ran into me” I explained. Sighing he crossed his arms, his legs spread as he stood in his intimidating stance which didn’t work on me.

“You could have put Aiden in danger, heck he still could be in danger.” I scolded. Rolling my eyes, I pushed off the wall and stood straight.

“How is he dangerous Avery? He’s just a kid, and he’s not even hit puberty yet.” I scoffed.

“He could be a danger by bringing people here Caleb. Do you ever think? Do you remember that you came here with the same problem” he growled. I stepped up in his face… or the best I could with him being much taller.

“Well do you remember that I was being chased by a mad man and needed help.” He nodded not even faze that I was inches from his face.

“Yes, and I remember that Aiden was kidnapped in the result of it” I shook my head at his stubbornness.

“He’s only a kid Avery and I know what being on the run feels like and if there is a way to help him then I want to do just that.” I said firmly. I glared up at him barley noticing the faraway look crossing his face. My glare turned to a frown.

“Well it’s not up to you to make that decision Caleb. That belongs to your alpha’s and it needs to be respected.” I rolled my eyes. here we go with his ‘oh so righteous’ speech.

“If they think that this boy is going to bring trouble you have to obey their judgments” I tilted my head back in exasperation letting out a loud sigh.

“Oh, can you just cram it about the alphas for one second.” I complained. His hand snaked out and gripped my chin tightly forcing me to look at him. his brown eyes were hard with annoyance and his face set.

“Caleb quit being a brat and be responsible for once” he ground through gritted teeth.

“I am being responsible by helping this kid out Avery. He needs it I just know it” I retorted jerking my chin from his fingers. he sighed closing his eyes.

“We don’t bring suspicious wolves in the pack which should be a reasonable rule to follow by now… but if Aiden and Liam are ok with this you’re going to have to keep an eye on him” he ordered. “you’re on babysitting duty” I never got to answer as the door opened causing me to back away up from Avery as he moved from the door also. Everyone came out at once leaving the boy in the room.

They closed the door as I stepped closer,

“Well did he say anything?” Aiden shook his head.

“He wouldn’t say a damn word” Liam said frustrated.

“We tried to get him to tell us what’s wrong with him but he’s not budging. He’s a stubborn thing.” Aiden said. This caused me to frown. Why the hell would he come all this way asking for help and not try and get it?

“I can try” I offered but Robert shook his head.

“No, I think we should let him rest for a while. Let him take a shower get some food then tomorrow we can try and get some answers” everyone agreed but me, but I had no say in the matter I just left it for tomorrow.



The days passed, and the mysterious kid wouldn’t say a thing to anyone. The only one he gave any fleeting attention to was Caleb, but he wouldn’t talk to him either, more like give him pleading look to not leave or reach out and grab his hand if Caleb were to get up. There was something about the kid that I couldn’t put my finger on, nothing bad though, just different. When Monday came around Liam said it was best to enroll the kid at the school to keep an eye on him, but the problem was we didn’t know his damn name but good thing the principle was a wolf and knew the situation, so we got him in under a false name and such.

“Avery” Liam came up to me bringing the kid by his arm. “I want you to take care of him, I now your soul purpose is to look after Aiden, but I need you do this. I’ve already informed Caleb and he will be looking after him as well.” I stared at the long haired blonde kid but gave no protests just gave a stiff nod.

“Good, don’t lose him” he joked. I kept my professional face on giving no signs of emotion. Liam walked off with Aiden while I stared down at the small boy. He kept his eyes on the ground and his hands fiddled with his backpack straps. How the hell did I get stuck with babysitting? Sighing I placed a hand on the kids back and guided him to the school building.

I help him get his schedule, books and locker number. As I stood waiting for him to open his locker I spotted Caleb standing with Levi as they started laughing about something. I don’t know why but the day he was out all night and came home covered in some male’s stench irked me. How can he just go and mess around with someone knowing that you have a mate out there waiting for you.

‘That’s not really the reason is it.’ Something said very deep within me. I sighed, no that’s not the entire reason but there’s nothing I can do about it but let him find his better half.

‘Do you really want that?’ again my conscious was contradicting me. Damn why am I so confused! I need to keep my beliefs strong and turn my back on this. But somehow the annoying Caleb was beginning to seep into me and it was scaring the shit out of me. The slam of a locker gratefully brought me back and I looked down at the boy who stood there still staring at the floor. Straightening from the row of lockers I again placed my hand on his back and lead him through the busy halls to his class. we knew he was around fourteen since he was an unchanged wolf, so we put him in freshmen classes.

“I will be here when the bell rings to take you to your other class. and from now on either Caleb or myself with be escorting you to your classes, understood?” I told him gruffly. He gave me a nod before disappearing in his class. with that I turned to head to Aiden’s first class. on the way I saw Caleb again with some random guy, pinning him to the wall and looking at him like his prey.

“We should go to the club sometime” he told the guy who looked like he was going to faint any minute. I noticed Caleb did have that effect on people. I’m not going to lie, he was very attractive, and he definitely used his looks to his advantage.

“Um” the guy stuttered. Chuckling Caleb dragged a finger down the guys chest and I could hear his breath hitch. “sure” he breathed looking at Caleb with lustful dark eyes. smiling he lent near his ear and I watched as the guy shut his eyes tightly suppressing a moan. Gritting my teeth, I have no idea why I did it, but I marched over towards them and grabbed the back of Caleb’s shirt yanking him off

“HEY!” he complained as I glared at the guy causing him to run off. Caleb jerked his shirt from my grasp and turned around to glare at me.

“What the hell Avery!” he exclaimed. I didn’t reply to it because I couldn’t; why did I do that? Straightening his clothes, he looked up at me expectantly. “Well?” collecting myself I hardened my features.

“Have so common decency Caleb, you know how this school is about same sex displays of affection.” I scolded. He narrowed his unique brown and blue eyes at me.

“Like I care Avery” he scoffed. “What are they going to do to me, burn me at the stake?” shaking his head he began to walk off. I grabbed at his arm roughly pulling him back too hard causing him to fall into me. He gasped gripping at my shoulders from falling as I wrapped an arm around his waist. Our faces were to close, and I could feel his fresh breath on my face. We both seemed frozen in that moment. I watched as his gazed flicking back and forth from my eyes and down at my lips. his clean but earthy scent hit me. He smelt like a fresh water orchid and the sweet scent of spearmint as weird as it was it was a very captivating scent. My heart was pounding, why am I acting like this it didn’t make any sense. I have never been affected by anyone before but now Caleb was slowly capturing my attention.

His eyes were darkening and his teeth seizing his bottom lip. He pressed further into my body molding himself into me. I felt the carcass of his hand moving up the side of my neck to the nape of my neck his fingers playing in my hair and amazingly my usual uninteresting and subdued wolf came alive, inwardly purring. I never experienced him to be so curious and open.

The warmth of Caleb’s breath on my neck shook me from my thoughts and I held my breath.

Get away from him Avery!

Push him away!


The shrill ring of the school bell sounded right when his mouth was pressed under my ear. Tearing myself from him and stared at him for a second in astonishment. He frowned at me as I kept stepping back shaking my head.

“Avery?” he said, and I spun on my heels and walked away. I hate the pathetic feeling of running away from my problems, but this was all I could do. I don’t know what is happening to me. I’m letting things go too far when he’s near me, like I forget all my principles.

What the hell is he doing to me?

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