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Chapter 6


“Apparently the humans are beginning to complain to their parents about Aiden and Liam.” Levi said as he set his tray down and took a seat. I looked up to him with a frown.

“What are you talking about” I asked confused at the random topic. Levi nodded a greeting over to the blonde boy next to me. He still hasn’t said a thing to anyone. So still no name, even though his false name is Andrew, but no one ever calls him that, it wasn’t really him, so I’ve decided to call him Blondie.

“I’m talking about, the complaints that the principle is receiving from parents that their children are being subjected to immoral sinners in our school” he scoffed eating a generous amount of mash potatoes.

“So, what are they going to do? They can’t kick them out it’s their last year” I retorted. Levi shrugged placing his spoon down.

“I don’t know but I do know that a few people saw you and Avery the other day and it’s caused a major uproar along with the alpha’s.” he explained. I rolled my eyes.

“This school is beyond ridiculous! Don’t they have their own lives to worry about” I growled. looking around the cafeteria and just now noticing the weird stares I was getting from people. I couldn’t help but chuckled at how this was turning into another Aiden incident. But there was a difference between me and Aiden.

One- I was no puny human you could push around.

Two-I was proud to be who I was, and they could whine to their parents all they want but it’s not going to change my ways.

“Your laughing?” Levi said his face in amusement. I shrugged shaking my head.

“Why not, I think it’s hilarious that they think glaring at me is going to scare me off; that running to their parents like spoiled little brats is supposed to intimidate me.” Levi didn’t say anything, so I continued to finish my lunch. My thought went back to that day in the hall where Avery and I had a moment. I was beginning to realize that every time Avery and I would get really close like that he would run away. The looks that crossed his face in those situations were clear as day. He was scared of something, but what? Was he scared of admitting his feelings towards me or was he scared to being close like that to someone in general.

I know that since he’s a wanderer he has never held those kinds of feeling for anyone but was he really that terrified to even try? I couldn’t accept that. I wouldn’t! I had set my sights on Avery and I planned on getting what I wanted but was what I was going for more than I planned it to be? Was I just looking for a quick lay in Avery? Well no. I want more than that. To think of all the people, I’ve slept with I have never once made a relationship out of them but with Avery it was different. Ever since I saw him I was attracted to him yes, but I wanted to have more than a one-night stand, it was difficult, but I was going to tear down that wall he has built and tread some new waters. I think he’s worth it.

“Hey, are you going to take the kid to class?” Levi asked as I stood up.

Since I was stuck on babysitting duty I couldn’t go to the club today which sucked! We all pilled in Levi’s car after school and drove home. Once we entered the house Blondie rushed to his room keeping his head down the whole time. Sighing I slapped Levi on the shoulder and went to mine. Throwing my bag in the corner I collapsed on my bed with a hardy sigh. Why do I feel like my life is getting more and more complicated by the minute? First Avery won’t accept me second this mysterious boy comes along and now the school is going to one day become an angry mob with pitch forks and fire and case us off for being who we are?

My lids slowly dropped with the days exhaustions. The last thing on my mind was the all-time question, who was this kid and why the hell did he come here begging for help?



“Can you please tell us your name at least” Aiden begged the kid. I was posted by the door as Aiden tried to get something out of the kid. But it was a lost cause. He just sat there looking at his feet never giving any indication that he understood. Sighing Aiden hung his head.

“Why won’t you talk to me?” he muttered a bit exasperated. Just by looking at the kid I knew he never would, not to Aiden anyway or his mate, but I did know that he would eventually talk to Caleb.

“Alpha” I interjected. Aiden turned to me with curious blue eyes. I shook my head at him. “he won’t ever speak a word to anyone unless he’s the right person.” I told him. frowning Aiden got out of his kneeling position from the kid.

“Why do you say that?” he asked. I peered at the kid again his big light green eyes peaking up at me from his peripheral.

“Just have a feeling.” His brows scrunched up as he turned his head back to the kid.

“Well that’s all well and good but Liam is going to want answers soon so how are we going to find this ‘one’ person out of 7 billion people in this world?” a ghost of a smile played on my face.

“You’re going to have to narrow that down to hundreds. That person is here but it will still take time for him to talk”

“Who” I looked back at the kid but kept my mouth shut. Sighing Aiden threw his hands up in frustration and left the room. I stood there watching the boy as the door shut. He wasn’t looking at me anymore instead he had a blank stare as he gazed in to the blackened fire place in the room. I wasn’t going to lie and say I wasn’t curious as to what was on his mind at the moment. I was getting a weird feeling from him, not in a bad way though.

I was ordered to stay and watch the kid till someone came to take over. So of course, my mind began to wander a bit, to a place filled with bright green grass huge mountains, a cold breeze against my skin and the joyful giggles of my little sister on the wind. The sky was a grayish blue color as I lay in the grass staring up at it. We lived in the country side of England where we were able to run free in our wolf forms, but I was too young for that anyways so were my siblings. James came rushing towards me, I was fourteen at the time one year from hitting my maturity while James was twelve. He had the brightest blonde hair and a pair of bright blue eyes to match that he inherited from our mom, my six-year-old sister Delilah but we called her Dee. She was a dirty blonde with brown eye like me, her hair to her back and had a cute peach colored dress.

“Avery!!” she exclaimed as she dived into me causing me to grunt in pain. “why are you over here by yourself?” I couldn’t help but smile as her words were mashed together by her baby voice and clipped with our accent it was completely adorable.

“I don’t know Dee” I said. I felt James seating himself next to me.

“Your always like that bro” he told me, and I turned to look at him.

“What do you mean” I frowned. I watched his start to pick at the grass keeping his gaze down.

“Well your always so distant from us”

“No, I’m not” I argued defensively. Delilah settled down on my lap reaching out to play with a strand of my over grown dirty blonde hair.

“Yes, you do” she agreed. “I always find you alone somewhere whether it is in house or outside you like to be by yourself big brother.” Her attention was still focused on my hair as she spoke. Was I really like that? I won’t lie, I did like my space, I felt like I needed to learn to be on my own for the future it was like a huge forewarning in my subconscious. I guess I was distant, but I wasn’t the best person to hang out with to begin with, so I just thought that I was better off solo.

“Well I’m sorry Dee, James.” James just shrugged while Dee jumped in my lap.

“it’s alright Avery we understand that’s just how you are” this caused me to smile, I pinched her flushed cheeks.

“well thank you for your understanding Dee” I laughed. She threw her arms around my neck.

“You’re so very welcome big brother” she exclaimed rather loudly in my ear. looking over to James I saw him staring out in to the mountains.

“I heard it’s going to rain tomorrow” he said randomly. I chuckled,

“It always rains James that’s far from something new” he smirks.

“What do you want to do for your birthday this week” he asked. I grimaced. I don’t know but I was dreading my birthday.

“I really don’t want to do anything”

“What! We have to celebrate dummy” Dee exclaimed grabbing my face between my small hands. “Mama has this big surprise party for you-”

“Dee!” James scolded cutting her off; Delilah’s eyes widened into saucers as she slapped her little hands over her hands over her mouth.

“Oops” she whispered. James huffed a loud sigh.

“Oops is right you little brat” I was trying my hardest not to laugh.

“A party huh” I teased.

“lease be surprised, I was told to keep it a secret, but I let it slip to Dee and then she up and spilled the beans the little twerp” he pleaded ruffling up her hair. Again, she had my face in her hands.

Please big brother keep it a secret, mamas working really hard on this and so is papa” she gave me her signature puppy dog face. I chuckled but nodded.

“Ok, I’ll act completely shocked just for you” I said taping her nose playfully. She giggled while James looked relieved. I all but begged the spirits to help me with this birthday, not only was it the day we turn but it was also the day that would set me on my life’s path. How was mine going to be like?

“Hey Avery” I was brought out of my flashback by Dom who was poking his head in the door.

“Yeah” I asked.

“I’m here to take over” he said.

“Oh” I said looking back at the kid who was fast asleep on his bed. Nodding I walked passed Dom and down the hall with a frown. Why did that specific memory have to come? It was more the happier times of my life with my family. A few days after leaving.

“Ave” turning I saw Aiden coming out of his room.


“I’ll be going to visit my parents tomorrow” I nodded once.

“I’ll be ready to leave alpha, what time?” he sighed, I knew he hated it when I was so formal, but it was a force of habit that was beyond breaking now.

“Three, were having dinner”

“Is alpha Jacobs coming?” he shook his head.

“No, he’s going to be busy tomorrow.” He frowned. I nodded my head again.

“Ok” he walked back in his room.

Great now I have to put up with Aiden’s crazy mother, but luckily, I loved her craziness.

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