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Chapter 7


“why are you poking my face?” I asked Levi. We were sitting on the couch the TV on mute and Blondie was on the other side of us curled into chair and staring at the floor. Levi’s finger was again pushed into my cheeks as he sat facing me.

“Why” he whined. “I’m bored and you’re my entertainment for the day”

“Ugh” I exclaimed leaning my head against the back of the couch annoyed.

“Poke, poke, poke” he continued saying. It should be illegal to poke somebody this many times.

“Oh my god, I am going to bite your fucking hand off!” I snapped at him lifting my head up to glare. He gave me an innocent look, his finger still pressed against my cheek.

“But your face is so soft” he cried leaning his head close to mine and rubbing our cheeks together. “Ahh” he sighed.

“You are so weird” all he did was giggle.

I tried to watch the TV show that I didn’t know what the hell it was, but Levi’s hair was getting in my way. The sound of footsteps caught my attention before their scent did.

“I’m so fucking bored!” Kyle’s voice boomed next to me.

Oh, Kyle. He and his father had gone off somewhere a couple weeks ago. I kind of missed him, he was my gaming buddy after all. It was no fun playing without someone to boast to unless it was Kyle, Levi couldn’t play to save his life and Aiden was the same.

“Yeah well you and Levi should go and be bored together, go up into your guy’s room and who know what the possibilities have in store for the two of you.” I teased pushing Levi off me and onto Kyle who was sitting on the couch.

“Ewww” Levi squeaked scrambling off and falling on the floor away from Kyle, who had a disgusted face.

“Yeah, ok I’m trying real hard to look past all the gay shit in the pack and be cool with it since I have to with my sister being one of you so let’s not add any awkwardness to it shall we” he said leaning back and resting his arm on the back of the couch. I rolled my eyes.

What he said was true, it had taken him a while to get use to the alpha’s and his sister and mine along with me to some extent. He became more comfortable with me than anyone else for the past few months we’ve known each other especially since we were practically brothers now.

“So, bro” I joked. “where did you and father dearest go?” I saw the slight frown on his face as he looked over at Blondie.

“Um, to some neighboring packs- who’s the kid?” I his frown had deepened.

“We don’t know, he doesn’t talk much” I told him my curiosity spiking. “Why?” he tore his gaze away from Blondie and raised an eyebrow at me.

“Well it’s kind of hard not to ask when you’ve got somebody you’ve never see here before. But, I think I have.” He said,

“Hey kid have we met before?” he asked him. I watched the kid’s green eyes widen as he looked up at Kyle. Kyle pointed at him. “We have!” but his frowned again. “but where?”

I watched Blondie jump up from his chair and run out of the room.

“Blondie?” I called after him. Levi sat up still on the floor look after him.

“You know him?” I asked. He shook his head.

“No, I don’t know him, but I never forget a face and his is very familiar for some reason, I don’t know why though he’s just a kid” I sighed.

“Well if you do remember tell me ok, we’ve been trying to get him to talk for weeks now and he won’t say a thing to anyone.” Kyle just shrugged.

“Where’s Sadie?” he asked.

“Probably with Robin” I huffed laying down across the couch and putting my feet in Kyle’s lap causing him to narrow his eyes at me.

“I think they said they were going out on a date or something” Levi inputted.

“So why did you and daddy go to those packs?” I asked. Kyle shrugged staring down at my feet.

“Robert asked my dad to visit over at the lunar pack. Apparently, they were curious as to why we had two males for alpha’s instead of a Luna. It was the most boring thing my dad has ever dragged me on. We tried to explain the best we could about Liam and Aiden’s position to them understand and when we were ready to leave, Robert called us to go to another pack. That’s why we were gone so long.”

“So, is it just us with gay members in a pack?” Levi asked.

“Yeah, I guess because every pack we went to were either grossed out, curious or awed at what we had to say. I just hope that they don’t come barging in on use to wipe us of the face of the earth for this” I rolled my eyes.

“Oh, come on. They know that were one of the best allies to have on your side so why the hell would they even try and get rid of us. we’d wipe the floor with all of them. Gays rule” I praised.

“Yeah, whatever. Now why the fuck is the TV on mute what the point in having it on if you can’t hear it” he growled snatching the remote off the side table. Levi sighed getting to his feet and plopping down in my lap.

“Oof” I grunted as Levi settled himself comfortably.

I could tell Kyle was frustrated about something but like normal he would never tell anybody what was on his mind.



We pulled up to the house next to another car.

“Your brother is here” I said turning the car off. Aiden nodded.

“Yep” he said excitedly hurrying out. We weren’t even on the first step to the door when it came flying open and a blonde blur ran out attacking Aiden in a hug.

“MY BABY!!!” she yelled.

“OWWW MOM!” Aiden complained. “I can’t breathe” he wheezed. This woman needs to learn restraint. She stepped back from Aiden and turned to me with her usual big smile.

“Avery!” she exclaimed jumping towards me and pulling me into another huge hug.

“How have you been honey” she squeaked in my ear making me wince.

“Ahh” I complained putting a hand over my ear.

“Jeez Grace the boy has sensitive hearing you can’t go screaming in his ear like that” Mr. Carlisle said walking out to hug his son. Grace pulled back with a small pout.

“I’m so sorry honey I forgot” she whispered. I nodded

“It’s all right ma’am” I told her. He slapped my shoulder,

“What did I tell you about that! It’s Grace or beautiful but I don’t think my husband would approve with that one.” She giggled behind her hand. I couldn’t help but chuckle. This woman was something else, no wonder Aiden was the way he is, lovable and caring.

“Will you quit flirting with the man Grace I’m getting jealous over here” Mr. Carlisle hissed playfully while grabbing her into him and wrapping his arms around her burying his face into her neck. Grace slapped at his arms.

“Quit it!” she giggled again. Aiden gagged dramatically and sidestepped past them into the house.

I could tell they were soul mates just from the look of them, even humans can find their other halves.

“Well come on in son” Mr. Carlisle told me waving me inside. Once I was inside I saw Aiden on the floor with his sister on top of him.

“Aiden, I missed you!!!!” she screamed. Nash was sitting at the kitchen table with a dark-haired girl on his lap. Nash stood up holding his hand out to me.

“Hey man” he said as we shook.

“This is my girlfriend Cassie” I smile nodding to her.

“Cassie this is Avery” he introduced us.

“Nice to meet you” I said.

“Same here” she smiled. She had a nice small-town girl persona about her. Her hair was cut short to her shoulders and she wore a nice yellow Sunday dress.

“Ok, ok” Grace called out loud. “We have dinner on the stove waiting for us, so Connie get off you brother” she said stepping over them and skipped to the kitchen.

“Con quit smothering Aiden” Mr. Carlisle told her walking around them following his wife.

“I’m smothering him with love!” she complained. Cassie scoffed.

“That’s a first” I rose a brow at the mean sarcasm in her voice. Connie looked up from Aiden to glare at her.

“Just because I don’t show any to you doesn’t mean I don’t have any” she stuck her tongue out at her. Cassie rolled her eyes.

“Whatever you little brat” Nash laughed pulling her into him hugging his arms around her waist and rocked her to and fro.

“You guys are like rabid wolves when your around each other” Cassie sighed relaxing back against him.

I held in the snicker at how ironic that was since both Cassie and Connie didn’t know about us.

“Avery” I heard Aiden whine, walking over to him lifting Connie off him and took Aiden’s hand pulling him on his feet.

“WE’RE WAITING!” Grace called out from the kitchen the sound of plates clinging together as she set the table.

Once at the dinner table all I could hear was the clicking and clanging of forks and knives. Grace was asking Aiden as many questions without reviling too much, while I sat there quietly observing. There playfulness and loving relationship towards each other made me feel happy for Aiden… but even lonelier than normal.

I know I had Aiden now to preoccupy my time with, but it didn’t stop the longing for something I missed deeply. My family.

My loving and caring mother, Grace kind of reminded me of her. My funny protective father who taught me everything he could before I left and my crazy eccentric brother and cute baby sister. I missed them so much sometimes I felt like running back straight to England right that minute, but I knew that I couldn’t, not after what I did leaving them all like that without a word. But it was the right thing to do I have to keep telling myself that.

“So, Avery?” I heard my name pulling me out of my plaintive thought to look up at Grace.

“Yes?” she smiled.

“Anyone special?”

“Mom” Aiden complained.

“What?” she asked turning back at me. “Any cute girls, handsome guys?” she wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

“MOM!” Aiden snapped.

“You never know these day honey” she shrugged.

I smiled, “no ma’am-”

“Ah, what did I say” she warned pointing her finger at me.

“No, Grace” I corrected myself grinning at her.

She gasped, “Why, you’re so handsome I bet both are fall over themselves to be with you” she said. I felt Aiden’s frustration, so I looked up at him. his eyes were sad as he watched me. He knew there was no one I could connect with, like him and Liam have.

‘Worry’ he mouthed. I nodded my understanding.

“I’m just not interested” I told her. She leaned over patting my hand.

“Well in due time honey, real soon I bet” she reassured me gazing at me with honest blue eyes. all I did was force a smile on my face and continue eating.

I really don’t think it will be.

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