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Chapter 8


I made my way down the stair in the kitchen to get a snack when I noticed Avery leaning in front of the sink; his head bend down, his back to me. I felt the drool seeping from my mouth at him just in jeans. The muscles cords on his back were tense and prominent against his smooth bronze skin. I bit my bottom lip keeping the whine from sounding. A smirk eased on my mouth as I crept slowly up to him, he hadn’t noticed me yet. I was right behind him, so I pushed up on my tiptoes and licked up his neck to his ear. he jumped away from me.

“Dammit Caleb” he growled. I just smiled.

“Hey, their lover boy” I purred stalking up to him. he rolled his eyes at me.

“Stop” he said but I shook my head.

“No chance.” I pushed him against the counter, so he was trapped.

“Caleb” he warned harshly.

“How many times do I tell you that I love it when you say my name.” I was pressed up against him, a little surprised he allowed me to be this close, but I didn’t dwell. “say it again” I whispered.

“Get your ass off me then” he growled.

“Where were we the other day?” I asked breathing into his skin, my nose running along the column of his neck as he shivered. I grinned,

“y, my is someone enjoying this?” I teased kissing his collarbone. His skin was so soft and warm, his woodsy scent engulfs me. I looked up to see his jaw clenched and his gaze anywhere but me, that’s when I thought of something. The way he was always awkward when I was close or teasing.

“Avery? Have you ever been kissed before?” I asked softly dragging my finger along the hard-muscular ridges of his stomach watching them quiver under my touch.

That’s none of your business” he told me stiffly. My fingers reached the waistband and hooked into his jeans pulling his bottom half into me till there was no space left. I leaned my face into his lips inches apart; his breath smelled of mint tooth paste and him. Delicious.

“I can be your first if you’d like” I husked; his brown eyes staring down into mine, his face blank as always.

“I think that you should get out of my face Caleb” he said softly, his warm breath fanning against my cheeks. My hand pushed further down into his jeans till he quickly caught my wrist before I could reach my wanted destination.

“Now” he growled lowly in my face. Shrugging I licked at his lips playfully, getting nothing not even an expression from him.

“Your missing out Avery” I told him. I leant close to his ear. “I could rock your world; you have no idea” I whispered wiggling my fingers that were still trapped in his jeans till he yanked them out.

“Don’t you have babysitting duty?” he changed the subject sidestepping away from me. I rolled my eyes.

“Don’t you?” I countered, then I made my face light up. “Hey, how about we take junior to the batting cages, you can teach him how to swing honey” I said mimicking swinging a bat. He rolled his eyes making his way out the door.

“No? Maybe we can take him on a bike lesson!” I yelled after him. “A two-wheeler this time”

What was it something I said. Was I to sarcastic?

Chuckling I walked over to the fridge grabbing whatever looked appetizing, fried rice from the other night and carrying it out to the longue where Kyle was sitting.

“Why are you always in here?” I asked plopping down next to him throwing my feet up on the table.

“Because I can” he huffed. I rose my brows up for a second.

“Wow very clear and to the point” I commented sarcastically.

“You know me” his voice flat and void.

“Wow something crawled really far up your anal canal” I chuckled stuffing my mouth with cold fried rice.

“I bet you’d like to try and find it” he huffed. I hit my shoulder against his.

“Just cuz I’m gay doesn’t mean I like to be up just ‘anyone’s’ ass” I joked.

“Hey what happened with you and that Avery guy. Did you snag him or what?” he asked.

Kyle, beside Levi was the only one I told I was going to capture Avery attention and make him mine.

“Yeah, well he’s tougher than I originally though he would be” I said nonchalantly, even though my feeling on how I first wanted to approach him changed.

Before I just wanted to get him in bed now I felt like I wanted to keep him all to myself and never let go.

“Hm” was all he said.

“So, have you remembered anything about Blondie?” I changed the subject. Kyle sighed slouching further in the couch and kept his eyes on the TV.

“No” there was a long silence after that, so I just shrugged and stuffed my mouth with more rice. Right when Kyle’s football game was starting to fry my brain with boredom Levi came in.

“Hey, Caleb, are we going to CRANK tonight?” he asked sitting in my lap. I rose my container over his head, so he could get comfortable and circled him in my arms.

“I was planning on it, I need to get laid!!! We haven’t gone since Blondie came here” I said to him. “maybe you can get sucked off again tonight like last time” I wiggled my eyes suggestively. I watched as his face brightened with a red flush and his body stiffened.

“Caleb!” he exclaimed as I heard Kyle growl.

“Seriously can you take that fucking nasty ass fag talk somewhere else!” he snarled at us shooting to his feet and storming off. I rolled my eyes at his retreating back.

“He has a troll up his ass” I told Levi who said nothing.

“Ave, you talked to your sister today?” Levi finally asked me after a while of silence. I frowned at him.

“No” I said slowly. “Why?” he shrugged innocently but wouldn’t answer me.

“Levi” I warned him like a stricken parent.

“Because she told alpha Aiden and Liam that you were coming to dinner with her Dom, J, and Sadie tonight.” He rushed out. I froze at I stared at him like he was freaking crazy.

“WHY THE HELL WOULD SHE DO THAT!” I yelled; dinner with the Adams family, great.

“Don’t yell me, ASS” he snapped getting off my lap. I sighed.

“Sorry” he crossed his arms to pout.

“Whatever, anyway there going to some new gay friendly restaurant.” I groaned dropping my head back on the back of the couch.

“Let me guess my sister recommended it” he nodded.

“Figures.” I sighed again.

So, after my sister cornered me when they were ready to leave she dragged me to Sadie’s car and threw me in the backseat. we were meeting Aiden and Liam there, so we didn’t have to take the same car and be crammed together. Once were pulled up to the restaurant I let out a loud groan. The sigh said, “Rain and Bows” with a rainbow flag hanging out. It was a homey looking place, but I seriously didn’t want to go in mainly because it was so corny.

I’m too cool for this!!!!” I cried silently.

“Better have some damn good food.” I muttered slamming the car door.

“Hey! Don’t abuse the car asshat” Sadie growled at me narrowing her eyes. I stuck my tongue at her but continued to follow my happily skipping sister. The door chimed when we walked inside at a waiter greeted us.

“Hi, welcome to Rain and Bows how many?” he asked.

“Actually, our friends are already here” Robin told him, he nodded.

“Go right on ahead then.” He waved his arm for us to walk ahead.

We found Liam, Aiden, Blondie, Dom, J, and Avery sitting at a large table. A small smile crossed my lips, well maybe it won’t be so bad with Avery here. Walking a little faster I took a seat in front of him grinning widely at him. he looked up at the sound of the table move at my abrupt movements.

“Hey lover boy” I whispered for only his ears. He sighed and looked away from me. I pouted as I leaned forward on my elbows to talk with him.

“So, were you dragged here too?” I joked. He slowly looked back at me.

“No” was all he said.

Geez, why is everyone giving me one worded answer today? I focused on him a bit harder noticing something was off with him. he was being more detached and depressing lately, his brown eyes were dull as he looked around the restaurant with his usual watchful eye. I wanted to desperately ask him what was wrong, but it would have be a waste of time, he would never tell me anyway. He was just a bundle of secrets.

Everyone settled in their seats ordering their food and chatting waiting for appetizers to come out.

“Oh my god,” j exclaimed causing everyone to tense. Dom touched her round stomach and gave her a worried look.

“what’s wrong,” she giggled lifting a fork full of Caesar salad in her mouth.

“It’s so good” she moaned around her food. There was a breath of relief that went around the table as we all relaxed. Dom sighed hanging his head,

“You scared the shit out of me.” He breathed. Jeanine patted his back,

“Aww sorry babe but I couldn’t help it” she told him going back to eating. Aiden chuckled throwing a piece of bread at her.

“Jerk! You scared us all bitch” he exclaimed. Jeanine gasped picking up the offensive piece of bread and threw it back.

“No need for delicious food throwing fairy!” she hissed playfully. I watched as they kept throwing the torn bread back and forth at each other till Liam snatched it out of the air as it came flying Aiden’s way.

“Ok stop before we get kicked out” he ordered using his Alpha authority putting it to a complete halt causing Aiden and J to pout.

“So how do you like the place” Sadie asked everyone. They all agreed it was nice and they’d come back again. The only thing I really like about this place was the men. I had seen about four guys hit on me since I came in. well since I wasn’t going to CRANK tonight then might as well snag one of these yummy humans up.

Our main course came out causing the table to quiet down with all the small talk. Well I guess that was a sure sign they had tasty food, but anything food related would have a werewolf chowing down. Half way through dinner I moved my foot across the space under the table to the other side touching Avery’s boot. He snapped his head up to glare at me, but I kept my eyes down on my plate. Growling he kicked my foot back to my side.

I suppressed the grin as I did it again but this time I slipped my shoe off and ran my foot up his pant leg touching his bare skin with my sock covered toes. I was innocently cutting into my steak as he reached down and pushed my foot away again with his hand. Oh, this is to fun, I though as I did it again but this time I roamed further up touching his thigh but kept going till my foot was pressing against a very large and semi hard extension of himself.

I felt him jump when I touched him there catching the attention of Aiden.

“Are you alright Ave?” he asked concerned. Avery snapped his gaze to him and nodded his head.

“I’m fine alpha” he used his formal tone, but I heard the hitch in his voice that no one seemed to notice. Aiden smiled and went back to talking quietly with Liam. I saw his chest was heaving slightly as he turned his brown eyes back to me. I smiled noticing the drastic change in them, gone was the dull void that were ever present in them now replaced by a fiery and shining gaze. I didn’t know which was for sexual arousal or annoyance, but it was there, and I was glad.

‘Move your foot’ he mouthed. I rose a brow and rubbed. Again, he jumped but not as noticeably this time, his jaw was clenched showing off the strong muscles there just begging for me to kiss them. Smirk I felt him hardening against my foot. His hand rushed down to my massaging foot gripping it in his hand, our eyes met; his turned that mysterious royal blue like it did the other night when I had followed him out in the woods. And it still gave me chills; just the intensity of them burning through me like that had me leaking.

I bit down on my lip and pushed harder, his grip on my foot tightened and to my surprise his eyes fluttered closed letting me pleasure him. his arousal hit me, and I was relishing in it, it was a musky yet delicious scent that had my mouth watering. Growling low he pushed my foot from him and excused himself. I remained sitting there but all my wolf wanted to do was jump up and chase him, I’m pretty sure only seconds ticked by till I couldn’t take it anymore; I slipped my shoe on quickly and stood heading towards the restroom. The sound of a loud back caught my attention and I quickly slipped in spotting Avery facing the wall a large crumbling whole of plaster where he had hit it and his back tense knowing I was there.

I scanned the room finding no one else and locked the door.

“Go back Caleb” he told me, his voice hard and low. Rolling my eyes, I strolled closer to him.

What are you afraid of?” I ignored his command and asked. This caused his to turn around sharply glaring daggers.

“I’m not afraid of anything” he stated. I took a step forward as he took one back till his back was pressed up against the wall.

“Right” I said sarcastically.

“Stop fight me Avery” I whispered looking up at him. when he didn’t say anything, I continued. “I know that you’re scared, I can sense it, see it in your eyes. what do you have to be scared of Avery?” his chest rose quickly.

“You don’t get it do,” he said making me frown. “You continually try to pursue me, and you never learn. I can’t be with you Caleb, I can’t be with anyone. That is my fate. We’re not humans we can’t just have a regular relationship and live happily ever after! You will soon find your mate and I will have to let you go. There is no point in even trying, so Let. It. Go” his words were stern and harsh but lonely and miserable.

“What did I tell you before, I don’t want my mate” I stated to him closing the distance between us, but he pushed me back.

“And what did I say about once you find them all that will go flying out the window. Take Alpha Liam and Aiden for instance, Liam tried to stay away but they ended up falling in love, succumbing to his mating instincts. So, don’t tell me that you’ll be able to fight it because if your alpha couldn’t, how are you?” he asked me as he towered over me and a hard expression on his face, looking his regular intimidating self but I wasn’t affected.

“I love you, that’s how” I said boldly. He scoffed at me laughed humorlessly.

Anger rose in my veins at how he could brush off something so serious to me as my confession to him. Growling I punched him in the face, his head snapped sharply to the right as I glared at him. I didn’t have time to step away before a vicious growl sounded and I was slammed on the floor roughly with Avery on top of me his eyes shining royal blue again and his canines extended but I was far from scared I was beyond pissed.

“I tell you that I love you and you laugh!!!” I screamed in his face.

“You don’t what love is” he snarled.

“Neither do you!” I countered. His hold on my shoulder loosened and his face contorted in pain.

“I don’t just throw that word out to just anyone asshole! Why can’t you just live in the now with me Avery, let me show you how to love, what it feels to let someone care for you!” he stayed bent over me staring at me frozen; his eyes slowly going back to normal.

“I can make you feel something Avery; I can give you a taste of what living is like. Quit worrying about things that don’t concern us right now when these things that your so concerned about do happen then we’ll face them when the time comes but for now just let go with me, is that so hard?” I asked him.

Slowly I reached up and ran my fingers over his soft dirty blonde hair. Cupping the back of his head I gripped the hair at his nape and brought his forehead against mine; our breath irregularly and uneven mingling with each other’s.

“Live with me Avery” I asked him softly. He wore a tortured expression as he gazed into my pleading eyes.

“Let me love you”

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