The bracelet of Akako!

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Chapter 1

Beep. Beep. Beep.

What is that noise? Kira groaned softly, the annoying sound coming from next to her. Her brows furrowed before she opened her eyes. Kira blinked looking up at a white ceiling. Remembering what had happened she sat up and looked around, finding that she was in what looked like a hospital room. The noise from before had been a heart monitor, connected to her.

She pushed the covers off of her and stood up, noticing that she was now wearing a hospital gown and not her original clothes. The thing that made her stop was that on her right wrist was a golden bracelet, a bracelet she had never seen before. "What the" she mumbled and pulled on the bracelet to take it off. She grunted as she pulled and pulled, the bracelet not budging from her wrist.

Seeing that it was not coming off she got a better look at it. It was a golden cuff bracelet with four gems on it in four different shapes and colours. The gem on the very right was a teal blue tear shaped gem, next to it was a red crescent moon. Next to the moon was a black claw like gem and the gem on the far left was a forest green leaf shaped gem. Kira thought it was a very strange bracelet, it looked quite old.

Kira jumped and looked up as a women came into the room. The women had short black hair with dark brown eyes. The women stopped when she saw her and they looked at each other for a few seconds before the women shook her head slightly. She then smiled and walked over to Kira. "Hello Kira, I am doctor Aiko. How are you feeling?" she asked as she looked over her.

"A bit confused but other than that am fine" she said as the women made her get back into the bed. She laid there and watched as the women looked over a few things and writ things down. "Where am I?"

"You're in Tokyo Research Laboratory" replied the women smiling at her as she finished her work. "I will go and get Doctor Fisher, he will explain everything to you"

The women then left the room, leaving Kira alone again. She was confused as to why she was still here and not in an actual hospital. She looked up again as the women came back with another man, this man was a foreigner. He had short brown hair and brown eyes. Both he and the women wore the same white doctor's coat. "Hello Kira, I am Doctor Fisher" he said as he came to stand next to her and he looked over her notes.

"Why am I here?" she asked and he looked up. He put the notes down and looked to the bracelet on her wrist, making her even more confused.

"Tell me Kira, do you know the story of the fire Goddess Akako?" he asked as he sat down next to her.

"She was the goddess of fire, anger and passion" replied Kira. "What does that have anything to do with me being here?"

"What I am about to tell you is top secret and that means that you will have to sign a contract to keep what you have been told to yourself. Kira recently myself and a few of my colleagues did an expedition. There we found a cave that had been sealed for thousands and thousands of years. In that cave we found artefacts that we believe belonged to the fire Goddess Akako" explain the man. "Along with those artefacts we found the bodies of three demons, they do not have heart beats however they do not seem to be decaying. We brought all we could from that cave back here and we were doing research on these things"

"I still don't get why this has anything to do with me" she said again, trying to make him get to the point.

"Kira, the bracelet on your wrist belonged to the Goddess Akako, it is said to have unimaginable power. Power that we could use against the Kuro clan" replied the man. Kira laughed raising a brow at him.

"You're trying to say that this thing is a powerful bracelet that belonged to a Goddess. Am sorry but I don't believe it" she said crossing her arms over her chest. The man became serious and leaned forward.

"Kira this is no laughing matter, your saw with your own eyes what that bracelet can do. You managed to get through two highly secured steel doors and you survived a blast that should have killed you. You also have that bracelet on your wrist, one which will not come off" said the man holding her hand up. "You have tried yourself haven't you?"

Kira pulled her hand back and looked down at the bracelet. He couldn't be telling the truth, he was crazy. She was about to tell him that when an alarm similar to the one that went off before she was knocked out went off. She looked up at the two doctors as they looked at each other confused. "Stay here with her, I will find out what is going on" he said as he got up and walked out of the room. Kira looked at the women who smiled at her.
"Don't worry it is most probably nothing" she said trying to keep her calm. Kira could tell that she was a very kind women. They both looked up as the man came rushing into the room.

"Get up, we need to get you out of here and to safety" he said as three other men came into the room. These men all wore black and had weapons, army by the looks of it. She got up and followed the man as they all walked out of the room quickly.

"What's wrong?" asked Aiko worried as they ran down the corridors.

"Where being attacked by the Kuro, they know about the bracelet and want it for themselves" said Fisher. Kira screamed as the wall in front of them blew up, a man walking through it. He was a demon and he smirked at them.

"More victims" he said and the three army men stood in front of them and attacked the man. Fisher turned around and pushed Kira back the way they came.

"Akio get her out of here" he said as he opened the steel door with his pass and closed it behind them. Akio turned to Kira and took her hand, pulling her the opposite way. They ran towards the other exit but stopped seeing another demon in their way. The man had just killed a man and turned to them.

Kira's eyes widened and she stepped backwards. She recognised this demon, he was the one that had killed her parents when she was just a child. He was also one of the generals of the Kuro clan, Kato. He had short spiky black hair and green eyes that had teal blue pupils. He wore black hakamas with a black haori and he wore black armour.

"Well what do we have here, two human women" he said as he smirked at them, two sharp fangs showing. She felt her body start to shake as memories started to come back to her making him chuckle. He looked her over and his eyes stopped on her wrist. "What do we have here, you have the Goddess's bracelet. Well that was easy, hand it over onna and I won't kill you"

Kira was surprised when Aiko stood in front of her. "Run Kira" she said. Kira was surprised, this women was willing to end her life just to protect her.

"Isn't that sweet and foolish, you can run Kira but you can't hide from me" he said coming towards them. Kira knew that he was only after her, he wanted the bracelet. Knowing that she did the only thing she could think of.

"Come and get me then you sicko" said Kira and she jumped out of the hole in the wall. It led to the outside of the research center. About two miles away where the gates and the guard tower. If she could just make it there then maybe they could help her. Kira screamed as he appeared in front of her, her falling back wards in shock.

"Now did you really think you were getting away from me, that bracelet is mine" he said as he walked towards her. She looked around in panic, there was people fighting but no one was close to her. She was going to die. She looked up and screamed as he came towards her with his sword raised.

"Someone please HELP ME" she screamed throwing her hands up to protect herself. Kato's eyes widened as a golden light flashed before him and he looked away. When the light was gone he looked back at the girl and scoffed.

Kira opened her eyes not feeling any pain and looked up. Her eyes widened and she gasped seeing the figure in front of her. Standing in front of her was the demon that was in the pod, the one that Doctor Fisher had said was dead. He didn't look dead to her. Feeling her gaze on his back made him turn slightly and look down at her. Kira watched as his crimson gaze washed over her before looking back at Kato.

His charcoal grey hair had been tied back into a braid and she could now see what he wore. He wore a white short sleeved haori with charcoal grey hakamas. A black obi was wrapped around his waist and he wore black chest armour. On his feet he wore black boots. At the top of his right pointed ear was three small silver loop earrings and a silver stud in each of his ear lobes. A black wolf tail twitched from side to side. In his hand he held a long katana which was a black blade with a silver wolf engraved into the black steel.

"W-who are you?" she asked.

"My name is Hunter, you called for me" he said before stepping towards Kato who glared at him.

"Fine, you want to fight pup. Let's fight" Kato said before running at Hunter. Hunter narrowed his eyes and brought his sword up to parry with Kato's own sword. He then pushed off and started his own attack. Kira watched as the two fought, Hunter was a great fighter it seemed.

He had said that he had heard her call for him, but how had he heard her. Kira looked down at the bracelet, was it true? Was the bracelet around her wrist really the bracelet of the Goddess Akako, it would make sense. She had called for help and the bracelet had glowed, after that Hunter had appeared. The bracelet must have woken him up for him to save her. If that was true then she couldn't let it fall into the hands of the Kuro clan, if it did who knows what horrors could behold them.

Kira looked up as Hunter shouted to her. "Don't just sit there, go" he said looking back at Kato as they came to blows again. Kira nodded and got up, running towards the guard tower again. She could hear the battle going on behind her and hoped that Hunter was okay. After all he had come to save her!

Kira skidded to a halt as another demon stood in her way. She looked around and picked up a piece of metal from the floor. "Out of my way" she said holding it in a threating manor. The demon laughed as he looked her over.

"I don't think so little girl, our lord wants that bracelet and you are going to give it to us" he hissed and came at her. Her eyes widened but she griped the metal and swung it at him as he came towards her. The demon yelped and jumped back as it hit him. He glared at her as she panted.

"Yeah well you aint getting it" she said readying herself for another attack. Kira cried out as he caught the metal when she swung it again. Her eyes widened as he pulled it out of her hands, cutting the palm of her hand. He then kicked her, sending her flying across the floor. Hitting the floor hard knocked the wind out of her. She held her stomach and glared up at him.

"Oh I think I am little girl, now DIE" he screamed going to slice her in half with his sharp claws. Kira's eyes widened, knowing that she would die if the attack hit. She couldn't let that happen, she couldn't let them get the bracelet.

Kira closed her eyes, feeling a warm elope her as she opened her eyes again. "HUNTER" she screamed as the bracelet around her wrist started to glow. Hunter turned his head to look at her as he pushed Kato back. Both of their eyes glowed gold as a golden light started to envelope them both. "SOUL LINK"

Kato and the other demon both hissed as a bright gold light shone from both of them. Kira looked around seeing nothing but gold around her. She looked up feeling a sharp gaze on her and she blushed as a naked Hunter appeared before her. Realising that she was also naked made her blush even more and try to cover herself up. "W-what's happening?" she asked looking at him confused.

"I don't know, you're the one who did this" he said rising a brow at her. What was going on? The bracelet had done this but she didn't know what she was supposed to do know. However she knew that she had to become strong and fight off any demon that came after the bracelet. She would defend it with her life and in doing that would defend those who the Kuro clan hurt.

"Hunter" she said softly making him tilt his head slightly. She looked up at him with determination in her eyes making him smirk in response. "Let's do this, let's do it together"

"As you wish" he replied. Kira's eyes widened as he pulled her to him and wrapped his arms around her, his body melting into hers.

Both demons shielded their eyes as the golden light shone and then went away. Both demons eyes widened as they looked at where Kira stood with Hunter nowhere to be seen. "W-what the hell" said the demon before her as she opened her now crimson eyes.

Her hair tied back into a braid that stopped at her waist and had turned charcoal grey. Her ears stretched and became pointed, the same as a demons. The gold light wrapped around her frame, her clothes changing as it fell away. Her hospital gown changed into a tight white top that tied around her neck and cut off at her midriff with a charcoal grey pleated skirt that stopped at her thighs, shorts under it. Tied around her waist was a grey obi and boots on her feet. She smirked slightly, showing her sharp fangs and flexing her claws. A charcoal grey wolf tail twitched side to side in anticipation.

Kira felt power flow through her and another presence that she knew was Hunter. She watched as the demon in front of her looked a bit scared. 'Let's to this, shall we' said Hunter through her mind. She ran her hand over the hilt of Hunter's blade that was on her hip. She un sheathed the sword and jumped at the demon, bring it down. The demons eyes widened, moving to not get hit. She moved fast and cut the demon across his chest.

She jumped back, watching as the demon fell to the floor. As the blood ran across the floor, she turned to Kato and away from the dead demon. Kato looked at the demon and then her. Kira saw things going through her mind. These must have been Hunter's memories. She nodded as she stepped to the side as Kato attacked and she brought her sword up to parry. She then pushed back and kicked him in the side. She then pushed forward and brought her sword down, Kato bringing his own sword blocking her. She narrowed her eyes as she dodged again and jumped quite a bit away from him as he panted.

'Use one of my attack's'

Kira moved slightly, her body swaying slightly. She smirked at Kato and felt power surround her before surrounding the sword. A black mist came from the sword as the wind started to pick up. Kato gulped feeling his hair on the back of his neck stand up, something wasn't right. Kira swiped the sword at him her eyes glowing. "BLACK WIND" she screamed. The black mist shot at Kato, destroying the earth as it ran along it.

Kira scoffed and put the sword back in its sheath. "Next time I will not miss" she said as the dust cleared. Kato panted glaring at her as blood ran down his arm and on to the floor.

"You will regret this little bitch" he hissed before disappearing. Kira sighed and the gold light eloped her again. She felt an empty feeling and her knees gave out under her. She felt strong arms catch her and lift her up. She laid her head against his chest and looked up into his crimson eyes.

"You did great for your first time, now rest" said Hunter walking towards where she had come from. Kira smiled knowing that she had just saved some people's lives. She closed her eyes, letting darkness take her as someone shouted her name.

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