The bracelet of Akako!

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Chapter 3

Kira groaned softly as her eyes fluttered open. Sitting up, she let her blue gaze run over the room. Her gaze stopped on a sleeping Hunter. Seeing him made everything real, she had fought Kato and was now the protector of the bracelet. "He hasn't left your side since he brought you in!" said Aiko who smiled at her.

"He saved my life" Kira said softly, looking over the sleeping demon. She smiled softly and swung her legs over the end of the bed. Aiko went to her side and helped her out of the bed. "Thanks"

Aiko smiled. "I will leave you two to talk" she said and walked out of the room, leaving them alone. Kira walked over to Hunter slowly, running her gaze over him slowly, taking everything in. She bit her lip slightly and went to move some of his hair out of his sleeping face. Kira gasped feeling a shiver go down her spine as he grabbed her wrist firmly, crimson eyes opening.

"Am sorry" she said softly, pulling her hand back as he let her wrist slip through his grip. She sat on the end of the bed, his gaze not leaving her. Kira ran her fingers over the skin he had touched before going to the bracelet. "I wanted to say thank you, for saving me and helping me. I couldn't have kicked Kato's ass without you!"

"It's my job to protect you!" he replied making her look up at him. She bit her lip again thinking it over, not noticing his eyes darkening slightly. As she chewed on her lip Hunter ran his gaze over her. He smirked, standing up so that he stood in front of her. Kira looked up at the male as he looked down at her. "You were chosen by the bracelet Kira and we are your protectors. It is our duty to do anything to please you!"

Kira's gasped slightly, her cheeks burning as he stood in-between her legs. She watched as he leaned down to brush his lips against her ear, as his claws lightly scraped across her thighs. He pulled back to look at her, looking down at her lips. He ran his thumb over her bottom lip, his ear twitching. "I suggest that you don't bite your lip around me Kira, unless you want me to tease you like you tease me" he said holding her chin in his hand. "And trust me little girl, I will do a much better job"

Kira gulped and watched as he stepped back. She jumped slightly when the door opened, Aiko was joined with Doctor Fisher. Kira stood up and turned to the two. She smiled at Aiko as the women held out her clothing to her, taking it. "Thought you might want to put your clothes back on" she said.

"Thank you" replied Kira holding the clothes to her chest. They watched as Doctor Fisher walked around Hunter, Hunter raising a brow at the action. Doctor Fisher stopped in front of Hunter and looked to Kira.

"So your able to wake them up, this is something we thought would happen. We are going to have to do tests to see what else you can do?" said Doctor Fisher looking down at the clipboard. After writing a few things down, he looked back up at them. "Now for the time being, the both of you will be staying here at the compound while we do tests and until the government give the okay for you to be on your own. Kira as you are only seventeen Aiko has been made your parental guardian. As for you Hunter, the government are writing up your papers as we speak and you will officially be a Japanese citizen. You both will also be provided with any provisions that you will need, clothes, money etc. Any questions?"

"So I have to stay here?" Kira asked confused.

"Yes, you will stay here while we do tests and train you. Kuro is going to be after you now Kira and we need to make sure that you are protected" replied Fisher putting his pen in his pocket.

"I will protect her, that's our job" stated Hunter crossing his arms over his chest. He narrowed his eyes at the doctor when he raised a brow.

"You all alone are going to be able to fight all of Kuro's clan while also protecting Kira?" asked Doctor Fisher with a smug grin. Hunter's eyes darkened as he growled, not liking the way the doctor was acting or talk to him. "I thought as much! You start your training tomorrow. Aiko will show you two too your separate rooms"

Kira watched the doctor walk out the room before looking to Hunter. She could tell that the demon was pissed off, if him glaring at the door that Fisher had walked out of was any indication. "I don't like him!" stated Hunter turning his gaze to hers.

"Yeah he's a bit stuck up for me, we will get used it I guess" she replied smiling at him.

"Well come on you two, after I have shown you too your rooms we can go and get some food" said Aiko smiling at the two. She had a good feeling about those two but she would just have to see what will happen. She turned around and walked to the door with them following.

Kira inhaled and smiled down at the pizza in front of her. "I know it's not really healthy but we don't actually have any until we go out and get some. So until then, enjoy" said Aiko as she opened the lid of the box. Kira looked up at Hunter who looked down at the pizza with his brows furrowed.

Feeling her watching him, he looked up. "Is something wrong?" she asked and he crossed his arms over his chest as he leaned back.

"Nothing is wrong" he replied before looking away. Kira shrugged and grabbed a piece of the pizza, taking a bite and moaning at the taste. Hunter turned his head to watch her, tilting his head slightly. He watched her take another piece and take a bit out of it. His furrowed his brows again and he copied her actions.

Kira watched him take a small bite and chew it. She watched his expression to see if he liked it or not. He shrugged and took another bite. Kira giggled and he looked at her, narrowing his eyes. "What is so funny" he growled, not liking being laughed at.

"Oh no am not laughing at you, I just found it cute is all" she replied blushing slightly.

"Cute!" he stated narrowing his eyes slightly.

"Yeah" she replied smiling at him. He rolled his eyes and took another bite off the pizza.

"Am not cute" he said and she smiled. They then went back to eating their pizza.

"So Kira this is your room and Hunter that is your room across the hall. You two get a good night rest, see you tomorrow" said Aiko before leaving the two of them alone in the hall. Kira pulled down the handle and pushed the door open, looking around the room. It was quite simple and had a very hospital feel about it. It had a wooden wardrobe, a double bed on a steel frame and a small bedside table.

"Well this is very welcoming" said Kira softly, already missing her old room. She sighed and turned to Hunter. "Goodnight Hunter"

He nodded and she went into the room, closing the door behind her. Kira walked over to the bed and picked up the clothing that was there. She stripped off and put the tank top and pants on. Kira then got into the bed and fell into a deep sleep.

Kira shivered feeling cold. She tried to feel for the cover but could not find it. She went to sit up and cried out as she hit her head against something. Rubbing her head she opened her eyes and blinked as she looked up at the ceiling. She raised her hand and pressed it against the glass confused. Kira then looked around her and froze at the sleeping face in front of her.

Kira brushed her fingertips against his cheek, he felt warm. She then realised where she was, she was in one of the tubes with another of her demon protectors. Kira's started panting as she felt as if the walls were closing in around her. She beat against the glass before screaming.

Kira continued trying to get out, starting to panic. Tears rolled down her face as she tried everything she could to get out. "HUNTER HELP ME, PLEASE HUNTER I NEED YOU" she screamed sobbing. Kira kicked out and beat her hands against the glass.

"Kira" called out Hunter.

"Hunter, am in here. Please get me out" she sobbed in relief. She saw Hunter's face appear over the glass looking down at her confused.

"How the hell did you get in there?" he asked with a brow raised. Confused on how she had gotten in there in the first place.

"I don't know I just woke up in here please get me out, I can't breathe" she said grabbing at her chest. He looked around and tried to pull at the side. She closed her eyes trying to calm down. She could hear Hunter and other voices talking.

She beat weakly against the glass not being able to breathe properly. "What's wrong with her" hissed Hunter as Aiko pressed buttons as she talked.

"I think she's having a panic attack, she must be claustrophobic" said Akio going as fast as she could to get the girl out.

"Hurry up" hissed Hunter not liking not being able to help. He growled and grabbed the side again trying to rip it open but it wouldn't budge.

Kira's eyes widened as she felt a hand grip her own, a heartbeat resonating through the small space. Kira looked to the side as hazel eyes opened, looking at her. "Hey there" he said before rolling on top of her. "Close your eyes"

Kira nodded and closed her eyes, feeling him wrap his arms around her. Hunter jumped back and shielded his eyes as the glass off the pod shattered from a bright light. He put his arm back down and rolled his eyes as the demon walked to him with Kira in his arms. "Here" he said giving Kira to Hunter. Kira looked to the new demon confused. "All better now"

"Thank you" she said as she lay her head against Hunter's chest. The demon smirked showing off a sharp set of fangs as his tail twitched from side to side.

"It's okay, so Hunter this is our new Goddess hey?" he said taking a look around him. "Well this place has a certain je ne sais que to it"

"Who are you?" asked Kira softly as she calmed down, now being out of the small space.

"Oh, am Ryu" said the green haired demon. He smirked again and got down on one knee bowing. "It's a pleasure to serve you my queen!"

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