The bracelet of Akako!

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Chapter 4

Hunter's eye brow twitched as Ryu poked him in the side. "Sooo, you and Kira" he said as they waited for Doctor Fisher to arrive. Ryu smirked, a glint in his eye as his tail twitched in amusement. He had changed out of the clothes he had woken up in and he now wore a forest green t-shirt with black skinny jeans. On his feet he wore black vans.

"Will you knock it off before I knock you out" hissed Hunter glaring at the part cat demon. Ryu chuckled and rocked on the balls of his feet.

"I missed you too buddy" he said before turning to Kira and Aiko. He watched as Aiko asked Kira questions, checking her over. He went to Kira's side and looked down at the two. Kira looked up in response to the tail running over her arm in a calming manner. "How are you feeling now?"

"A lot better now, thanks" she replied smiling. He smirked and ran his thumb over her cheek. Kira blinked at the action, confused. Hunter narrowed his eyes, growling softly.

Ryu looked over his shoulder at Hunter and smirked. He looked back at Kira and smiled down at her. "So why did you get so scared?" he asked tilting his head to the side in interest. Kira looked down and played with the end of her skirt.

"When I was little I was in a car crash and I nearly got crushed, ever since I have been claustrophobic" she replied, the memories running through her mind.

Ryu's brows furrowed as he took in the information. "What's claustrophobic?" he asked confused.

Hunter looked over to them, also interested in what it was. He did not know why she had become so panicked before but now it was becoming clearer. "It's a fear of not being able to escape small spaces or rooms. Most people feel like the walls are closing in on them etc." explained Aiko squeezing Kira's knee in support. Kira looked up and smiled at the women in thanks.

They all looked to the side as Doctor Fisher came in, looking a bit angry. "Does someone want to explain why I was woken up at four in the morning" he said crossing his arms over his chest.

Kira yawned behind her hand as she walked out of her room. She was going to go get something to eat before she had to start her training. "Hey Kira, wait up" called Ryu as he made his way over to her. She stopped and waited for him to get to her before walking again. "So no more sleep walking"

"No I woke up in my bed" she replied with a smile. She shook her head and he smirked.

"So you and Hunter, are you two like a thing or something?" he asked, a blush covering her cheeks as she stopped. Turning to him.

"What no, I have only known him for two days" she replied glaring at him softly.

"Okay but a bit of advice, don't forget what we are. We are here to protect you and do anything you ask but we are also demons" he replied seriously. She looked away. She knew what they where, it's something she couldn't forget.

"I won't" she replied before walking away. Ryu stopped and tilted his head as he watched her go.

"She is really something this one, don't ya think Hunter?" he asked turning to see said demon leaning against the wall. Hunter looked up with his arms crossed across his chest.

"Hm" he replied making Ryu chuckle. He shook his head and carried on. He would see how this worked out.

Hunter watched as the human male taught Kira the basics of defending herself. At first she was slow and messed up but now after a few hours she was finally starting to get it. She still had quite a way to go but she would get their eventually. He felt Ryu come to stand beside him as they watched her. "And I thought she couldn't get any hotter" said Ryu smirking as he watched her. His eyes roaming her body, stopping on her waist. "Might want to wear a longer skirt, I can nearly see her very nice ass when she fights"

"Ryu, shut up" hissed Hunter knowing what the cat demon was up too. Though Ryu was right about one thing, she did have a nice body. Ryu smirked putting his hand behind his head, tilting his head up towards the sky.

"Why you know it's true, am betting you will last a week at most before you have her in your bed" said Ryu slanting his eyes to watch Hunter's expression. He chuckled as Hunter glared at him, growling. "If not I will be more than happy to have her, she would make a great mate"

Ryu hissed slightly as he was pushed up against the wall, a snarling Hunter holding him there. "Back off Ryu" he hissed before letting him go and walking back into the compound. Ryu chuckled brushing himself off. It was just too easy to get to Hunter, after all he had a lot of practice at it. He shook his head before also going into the compound.

Kira sighed feeling the hot water unwinding all of her sore muscles. Today had been intense on her body but she was glad to be able to now protect herself. There was still a lot to learn and she was eager to do just that. The more she was able to fight the better she could protect everyone.

She turned the water off and rung the water out of her hair, before wrapping the towel around her body. She walked out of the stall and toward the locker room. She jumped slightly as she walked in. "You scared me, I didn't know anyone was in here" she said holding the towel closer to her body. She had walked in as Hunter was undressing. She looked away, blushing slightly.

He ran his eyes over her, still wet from her shower. He groaned slightly as his eyes darkened. He grabbed his towel and walked towards the showers, stopping next to her. "You should wear pants when training, unless you were meaning to give me a view" he hissed in her ear making her blush even more. She looked up at him and gulped at how close he was. She had never been attracted to someone like this before, it scared her how much she wanted him. Hunter narrowed his eyes as he smelt a hint of fear in her scent. "Do I scare you?"

Kira's eyes widened at the question and she looked at him. "No" she said softly not tearing her gaze from his crimson eyes. He leaned down to her, his breath running across her neck making her shiver.

"Maybe you should be scared" he said watching as a water droplet ran down her neck and over the top of her breast, stopping as it hit the towel. He then pulled away and went into the showers before he started something he wouldn't be able to stop.

Kira let out the breath that she didn't even realise she was holding in. She held her hand against her thumping heart. Hearing the water turn on brought her out of the daze that she was in. Wrapping the towel tighter around her, she walked over to her clothes. Throwing them on as fast as she could before returning to her room.

Hunter growled, his eyes opening. He couldn't sleep! Throwing the covers off, he put his clothes on. A walk might just help clear his head. As he walked he thought over the encounter with Kira. She said she was not scared of him but her scent had fear in it. As he walked the smell of salt water hit his nose. Raising a brow, he followed the smell to the canteen.

Sat at one of the tables with her back to him was Kira. He walked over to her and stood next to her. "You should be sleeping" he said and froze as she looked up at him. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She sniffed and then wiped at her cheeks. Hunter sat down waiting for her to calm down. "Are you okay?"

"Y-yes, am sorry. It was a nightmare, well more like a bad memory" she said gripping at the glass in her hands as her body shook. He leaned over and wiped one of the stray tears away. "I couldn't get back to sleep so I came to get some warm milk, they say it's good at helping you sleep"

"Talking about it might help" he said watching her closely. Kira folded her hands in her lap before telling him about it.

"So Kira what flavour are you going to get?" asked her mother turning back to see the five year old Kira. Kira giggled swinging her feet and she smiled up at her mother. Her mother had short blond hair with green eyes.

"Mint chop chip" she said throwing her arms out wide, making both mother and father laugh.

"Mint choc chip you mean" chuckled her father looking at her through the mirror.

"No chop chip daddy" she said as she pouted.

"Okay Kira" he said smiling. His blue eyes widened as another car was thrown into the middle of the road.

"WATCH OUT" screamed Kira's mother. Her father pressed on the brakes but something hit into the car, sending it flying through the air. Kira screamed, tears rolling down her cheeks. The car crashed against the floor, the car rolling a few time before stopping upside down.

Kira cried as she was kept upside down by the seatbelt. "K-Kira, shh it's okay. Mummy's here, am coming to get you" she said looking to her husband. He nodded at her to show he was okay. Her mother un did her seat belt before climbing into the back. Un doing Kira's seatbelt.

Kira's father had gotten out of the car and ran to their side, not being able to get the door open. After telling his wife to shield them both, he shattered the window. Kira clung to her mother as she went to climb out, stopping as her husband screamed. She looked out, not seeing him.

Her mother put Kira down hugging her tightly. "Kira stay here, mummy is just going to make sure it's safe" she said brushing her hair away from her dirty and cut face. "Mummy loves you Kira"

Kira hugged her teddy bear as her mother got out of the car and disappeared. She whimpered as she waited for her mother to come back. She jumped as she heard a scream and went to look out of the car. She jumped as her mother was thrown an inch from the car, she went to shout for her mother but stopped as her mother held her finger to her mouth. Tears ran down both their eyes as her mother whispered. "Close your eyes Kira"

Kira put her head into her knees and cried as she heard her mother scream again before going quite. Kira put her head up and saw two feet in front of her mother. "Human's, so weak" said the male voice. Kira looked up getting a look at Kato as he kicked her mother's lifeless body. "Oh well looks like that all the fun for today"

"I was found a few hours later by firemen. After that I was taking into care" she said softly. She wiped her eyes again while wrapping her arms around herself. "I used to have that nightmare all the time when I was young, I guess seeing Kato again brought it all back up"

Hunter watched her, not knowing what to say to make her feel better. He moved a piece of hair out of her face and she looked up at him. "He will pay" he said making her nod.

"I won't let him do to others what he has done to me and many others like me" she said running her fingers over her bracelet. She then smiled up at him, surprising Hunter slightly. "Thank you Hunter, for listening"

"That's what am here for remember" he said, his brows furrowing as to why she was thanking him. She shook her head before leaning over and pressing her soft lips against his cheek.

"You didn't need to but you did, so I thank you" she said softly, blushing. He nodded before standing up.

"You should rest now" he said before walking away.

"Good night Hunter" she said as he got to the door.

"Night" he replied before going out the door. Kira smiled and drank the rest of her drink before going back to her room. Thoughts of Hunter drifting her off to a peaceful sleep.

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