In The Arms of You

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Chapter 10: Hospital

I’m on the ground. Wait why am I on the ground? My vision was blurry for a moment, but it soon came back to me and everything was in focus. “Sweetie are you okay?” Diana’s voice rang in my ears. I slowly tried to get up, but I was gently pushed back down. “Just stay there sweetie, an ambulance is come to get you and take you to the hospital,” Diana spoke again.

Hospital. My birthday. My mom.

“No,” I began to cry tears slipping out of my eyes. “I can’t go to the hospital, I’m fine!” I said. I felt someone put their hand on my shoulder and looked over to see Zach sitting down beside me.

“Lena, you’re going to the hospital whether you like it or not.” He said seriously.

“I can’t go, I can’t go!” I cried out and soon I heard sirens.

“Wait, where is Mack?” I asked in a worried tone.

“He went inside to call your father, sweetie,” Diana said in a soothing voice.

My father.

Soon enough I was loaded in the back the ambulance and taken to the hospital. Diana, Zach, and Mack were in a car behind us. “Honey, I need you to stay awake okay?” the nurse or whoever it was said to me.

“I can’t go to the hospital, I can’t!” I cried, slowly losing consciousness doing so.

“Sweetie why would you jump into an 8-foot deep pool if you didn’t know how to swim? What caused you to do it?” The nurse asked trying to keep me awake, but I didn’t answer her.

“I can’t go to the hospital...” was the last thing I said before I blacked out again.

I really hate blacking out, I mean then I don’t know what’s going on! I’ve been doing that a lot lately.

Waking up to a blinding light didn’t help either. I squinted my eyes then closed them before letting my eyes adjust to the light.

Around me stood, Mack, Zach, and Diana. “You’re awake!” Diana said with relief. “Your father is outside taking to the doctor, he’ll be in soon.”

I wanted to blackout again right then and there, but I guess that’s not how it works. “Sweetie, are you feeling okay, you’re a little pale,” Diana asked in a worried tone. Why is she so worried about me, I mean I’ve only known her for 3ish days! Did she know something?

“I-I don’t know,” I spoke the best I could.

Soon enough the door swung open and a doctor, I’m guessing, and my father walked in. “Ah, you’re awake Miss. Mercer. That’s a good sign.” the doctor said.

I was totally confused right now. “Hospital, hospital. I’m in a hospital. Get me out of here, now!” I said panicking. I don’t want to ever be in a hospital again! Not where she died.

Not where my mom died because of me. “Lena, I suggest you calm down.” I heard my father say in a threatening tone.

“Just take me home! I don’t want to be here,” I said as tears fell onto my cheeks.

“The doctor has a few questions for you to answer before you can leave, Lena,” Diana said. I looked at everyone in the room. Mack had a smirk on his face. My father was pissed beyond point. Diana looked worried and Zach, well I wasn’t sure what he was even doing here. I mean, the bad boy of West Fields high is in my hospital room.

That’s got to be a first.

I looked at the doctor. “Fine, but please make it fast, I want to get out of here as soon as possible. Hospitals bring back bad memories.” I said whispering the last part to myself.

“Of course Miss. Mercer. Now, will you all leave the room so I can talk to Miss. Mercer alone please.” the doctor asked.

My father and brother glared at me before exiting the room. Diana just smiled and she and Zach left the room. The doctor took a seat on a stool beside my bed. “Now the first question is why do you have so many bruises on you?” He asked in a serious tone.

“Bad experience.” was all I said to him.

He didn’t look like he believed me. “I’m serious Miss. Mercer, most of those bruises look fresh as if you had just gotten then a few days ago.”

“Well, you should know I’m very clumsy so that’s why I have so many bruises on me, I get hurt easily so that’s why they seem so bad.”

He wrote down what I said. He asked me a few more questions, which I tried my best to dodge the questions the best I could. No one could know, no one.

Soon enough I was released from the hospital, Thank God. The doctor didn’t ask any more about the bruises I have on my body. Before I could get into the car I was pulled back and faced Diana. “Yes?” I asked confused. My father turned to face her as well.

“Um, I was thinking that Lena could stay at my house for a little while longer, I know you have to get back to your business trip and I thought it would be okay, I know that Mack is planning on going with you-” I tuned it out after that. Was my brother going to go on the business trip with my dad? Why didn’t I hear of this?

I waited for the response of a no, that is not what was said.

“I suppose that will be alright Mrs. Holt, as long as she behaves herself and she will, won’t she?” He said looking at me with a knowing look. “Yes, I’ll be good,” I said loud enough for him to hear me. My father nodded his head before getting into his car with Mack and driving back off to the airport.

Diana grabbed my hand and took me back to her car where Zach was. “How long will my father be gone?” I asked Diana. I don’t expect him to be gone for long if he is taking Mack with him and leaving me alone with someone.

She turned to face me. “Only a few more days, 4 at the most then he will be back.” She explained.

“Oh, okay,” I said and slid into the back seat of the car. At least I’ll be away from them for a while or they will be away from me.

Zach and Diana then got into the car and we took off to their house.

Away from them for awhile.

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