In The Arms of You

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Chapter 13: Beatings and Suspension

It’s been two days since Mack had used me for his own pleasure and amusement. It’s now Tuesday, the day I go back to my father and my brother. I know some people who haven’t seen their family in awhile would have loved to go back to them, well not me. I dreaded it.

I had everything packed and ready to go Monday night and I’d be leaving for my house early this morning. It’s around 5 am and I know that Diana is up because I had just talked to her and said I’ll see her later, hopefully.

I got to my house around 5:30 am and dropped my stuff off in my room before going back downstairs to make breakfast for the two of them, or maybe just Mack. They got in late last night, around 12am-ish. I had gotten a text from Mack saying that if I didn’t have breakfast ready for them when they woke up, that father would beat me like that’s anything new though.

By the time I had breakfast done, which was around 6:30, knowing they would want to large breakfast, they were coming down the stairs.

“Ah, I see you got your brothers text. Good girl.” Father had said as he took a seat and began to eat. “You didn’t get into any more accidents did you, Lena? Anything else I need to pay for someone who isn’t worth the time and money to even bother with? A person who shouldn’t even exist? Hmm?”

“N-No, S-Sir. No m-more accidents.” I said to him with an emotionless face.

“Good.” He said and ate the rest of his food. Mack came down around 7:45 and ate his breakfast, our father had already left for work by the time he had come down.

“Ready for a school day, sister?" He asked with a wicked grin on his face.

I just nodded my head, not saying a word to him. I then grabbed my school bag and phone before heading out the door to head to school.

I caught up with Iza, who was walking to the school ahead of me. “Hey, Iza,” I said as I caught up to her speed.

“Hey, are you, okay, I mean from what happened Saturday. I know I’ve already asked, but I had to make sure. I mean what would I do without my best friend!” Iza said.

Well, at least two, maybe three people care about my life here. “Awe, well you’re my best friend too, Iza, and yes, I’m fine,” I told her. She gave me a look. “What?” I asked confused.

“You know the whole school knows right?” She asked as we approached the school.

“What!” I said.

“Yeah, living in a small town like West Fields, everything gets around pretty fast.” She explained.

“Oh,” I said.

Iza swung her arm over my shoulder. “It’ll be okay, Lena. I’ll be with you all through the questions people are definitely going to be asking you all day!”


“Great....” I said as we walked to our lockers.

As I lifted my wrist up to enter my locker combination, Iza grabbed my wrist. “Lena, why is there a big purple bruise on your wrist?” She asked in a worried and concerned tone. Oh no.

“It’s nothing Iza, it’s from the pool incident,” I told her a quick lie. Iza looked at me suspiciously but saw that I wasn’t going to talk about it so she dropped it.

First period went by like a tornado whips through the wind. I had met up with Iza and we headed to second period together. There we had seen Zach and Mack already at their seats. “Hey girls,” Mack said looking at Iza as if she was the prettiest flower in the flower patch. Okay, right then and there, I knew Mack was up to something.

“Hey, Mack!” Iza said excitedly. I don’t know what she sees in him. I shook my head at the both of them. I won’t let my friend, best friend, get hurt by my brother like I have been.

“So you decided to disappear this morning didn’t you, Cinderella?” Zach asked.

“I’m not Cinderella and I didn’t disappear, I left, your mom knew I was leaving early, didn’t she tell you?” I asked him.

“Well, I may have been half asleep when she told me. Oops.” He said. I rolled my eyes but quickly stopped talking because Mack was giving me a death glare so hard, it could kill someone, most likely me.

“Are you too having some sibling staring contest or something?” Iza asked looking between Mack and me. “Cause if you are, Mack is winning by like, a lot.” She said with a small giggle.

I was about to respond when Dr. Quinn walked into the room and class started.

By 4th period I had heard the news of Zach being suspended. Why did he get suspended? I mean I know he is bad and all, but whose story is right? I mean some say it’s because he argued with a teacher and others say he got into a fight with someone.

I mean, I seriously, an argument with a teacher wouldn’t get you suspension, but fighting someone would get you a suspension so I say the latter is the most likely the reason he was suspended, but what was the fight about?

I had gotten home late that night, I just was too busy lost in my thoughts and because Iza and Amy kept asking me questions, first was why I was with Zach this weekend and Monday. I didn’t go to school Monday because of what happened Sunday with Mack.

Diana didn’t mind if I stayed out of school that day, because of recent events, the pool incident, not the Mack raping me incident.

Just as I set foot in the house my father had grabbed me and the pain started to spike up. “Why are you late?” He demanded in a growl.

“I-I’m sorry, I was getting help from a teacher about a class, that’s all.” I lied to him.

I didn’t want my friends involved with him, at any cost. “That’s not a good enough reason to be late, girl!” He shouted.

I did the best I did to protect any organs I would need in the future if I survived that long.

Soon enough the beating ended and I dragged myself to my room as pain shot through my body like lighting does when you’re struck by it.

I patched myself up and stopped any bleeding that might have occurred. Once I was done I changed into something comfortable and slipped into the sheets of my bed.

Right as I was going to sleep I got a text. It was from Zach. Hey, Cinderella, so what are you doing?

Nothing, about to go to sleep, shouldn’t you be robbing some girl of her innocents or something?

Now, Cinderella, do you really think of me as that type of bad guy, really, do you?

As if it’s not true, so why bother arguing about it. Now I’ve got a question for you.


Why did you get suspended today at school?

I got no reply from him. I waited a good hour, but no reply ever came. Why didn’t he answer me? I mean, all I did was ask a question, did it bother him that bad?

What did he do that was so bad? I hope that Mack didn’t send that picture out to anyone! I can understand why he won’t answer my question if Mack had sent it out and he had seen it.

Why would he want to be with a girl like me? I mean, I’m a broken girl who is abused by her father and sexually abused by her brother no wonder he is embarrassed if he saw the photo of us.

I just hope that’s not what it’s about.


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