In The Arms of You

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Chapter 14: The Visit Part 1

It was Wednesday afternoon and I had to go get groceries because we were running low at home. My father had given me permission to go since he knows we can’t survive without food, well he and Mack can’t anyway.

As I’m shopping I run into Diana, Zach’s mother. “Hey Lena, how was your day?” She asked. “Good, I guess, so um... I’ve got a question for you.” I asked her. She looked at me like she was studying before she spoke. “Sure, sweetie, ask me anything.”

“Do you know why Zach was suspended from school yesterday?” I asked curiously. “Sorry sweetie, I know why he was suspended, but I think it would be better if Zach told you why he was suspended. If he doesn’t want to tell you right now, just wait, he’ll come around.” She explained.

“Okay, thanks anyway,” I told her. “I better get home before my brother comes after me wanting food,” I told her which caused her to laugh. “Yeah, I understand, boys and their food. Go on, don’t let me keep you here.”

I nodded my head and soon left the store with the groceries. As I got closer to the house a bad feeling, like a warning, hit me, but I didn’t stop.

As I pulled up into the driveway, because I borrowed the car, I saw an unfamiliar car parked in the driveway. Who is that? I got out of the car and got the groceries out of the back and as soon as I opened the door, Mack was standing there.

He grabbed the groceries and then spoke to me, not letting me in the house. “I don’t care where you go, but you’re not staying here. For all I care you can go and never come back.” and with that, he slammed the door in my face.

I stood there stunned. So, my brother wants me to leave, but if I leave then I’ll be beaten and he knows that. My dad isn’t home right now, which is good, so I decided to take a walk, to see where it would lead me.

As I walked I thought of home. Home in Stormy Brook. There I had friends and my grandparents. There was a place I could escape all of this chaos and heartbreak in my life. A place where I knew where to hide out when my father and brother were both home, because both of them together was never a good combination, especially when it came to me.

Who says I can’t go visit them? I mean it’s only a 2 and ½ hour drive, but I’d be walking, so it would take a lot longer than 2 and ½ hours. Another thing is that it’s getting dark outside, nothing ever good happens after dark, I would know.

As I approached the end of the neighborhood I heard a car horn from behind me, which caused me to get scared. So he followed me, see if I would actually do something. The horn honked again and this time, I knew it wasn’t Mack because his car horn didn’t sound like that. I took off running, not caring where I would run, just away from that car.

I took a few lefts, then some rights before I started to hear the sound of footsteps behind me. So whoever it was decided to follow me on foot. I ran until I could run no more. I had run into an alleyway and so when I reached the end, a brick wall was in my way.


I’m going to get captured by some lunatic because it was my decision to go back to Stormy Brook. It being dark outside didn’t help because I had no idea where I was at. For all I know I had been in another town, but I highly doubt that.

As I was thinking, the serial killer or whoever it was put a hand on my shoulder causing me to jump in the air, not very high though. I jumped away from the person and pressed myself against the brick wall as if it would turn around leading me to a secret passageway, but that’s not what happened.

“P-Please don’t h-hurt me,” I said to the stranger, or what I thought was a stranger.

“Now, Cinderella, don’t you know that it’s bad to be out at night, in an alleyway, I mean you don’t know what could happen.” Zach’s cocky voice rang in my ears. Why him!

“W-What do you w-want, Z-Zach,” I said still shaken up. He looked at me, a flash a worry was in his eyes, but it was gone the second it appeared.

“Well, I noticed you, Cinderella, walking and I thought I ask what you’re doing, but you decided to get scared and run.” He explained.

“And you so chased after me! I thought it was a serial killer after me! I thought I was as good as dead!” I shouted a little.

He chuckled at my outburst. He thought this was funny! “Why are you running in the first place?” He asked.

I crossed my arms across my chest. “It’s none of your business,” I told him. “And I’m not running anywhere!” Anywhere that you know of anyway.

“Everyone who runs the way you did, has a reason for running and it’s not just because you thought I was a serial killer.” He said smirking at me. I throw my hands up in the air from frustration. “Now, are you going to tell me where you were going,” He asked.

I sighed. “I was going to go visit my friends and my grandparents back from where I’m from, Stormy Brook,” I said to him.

“And how far away is that?” He asked.

“2 and ½ hours by car.” I told him. He looked at me like I was crazy.

“So, you were going to walk there. Are you crazy!” He said. “It’s dark outside.” He gestured to the sky. “And there are a lot of worse things out there than me, even if you thought I was a serial killer.”

“So! It’s not like you care! You just go around fucking girls every chance you get!” I snapped at him. He sighed and shook his head.

“You so don’t know anything, about my life and especially what I do.” He said right back in the same tone I spoke to him in. I began to walk away, but he grabs my arm and pulls me back. “You need a ride?” He asked in a kinder tone. Man, was the dude bipolar or something? I mean he went from joking with me to shouting at me, I mean I shouted at him first, to ask if I need a ride.

“No, I’ll be fine on my own. If I get killed or raped by a serial killer then you’re in luck, you no longer have to deal with me.” I said and got loose from his grip before I began to walk off again. He then grabbed my hand this time and pulled me towards his car.

“I’m not taking no for an answer.” He said.

Once we reach his car he opens the passenger door for me to get in. “I’m not getting in the car with you Zach,” I said. “Who knows what might happen. First of all, how do I know you’re not a serial killer?” I asked him.

He sighed then rolled his eyes. “Well first of all Cinderella, if I wanted you dead, you’d be dead by now, that’s now serial killers work. Also if you don’t I’ll go tell your brother where you’re going, I don’t think he’d like his sister to be wandering the streets at night with no protection.”

“Yeah, like he would care,” I muttered under my breath low enough for him not to hear me.

“I’m serious Lena.” He said using my name. “If you want to go to your friends and family in that town then I’m going to drive you.”

“Fine, but if you dare say one word to Mack, or my father, then you’re dead,” I said quickly getting into the passenger seat and buckled up. He shut my door and got into the driver’s seat. I really didn’t want him to tell Mack, him knowing I’m gone would be bad because my father would beat the shit out of me.

Zach looked at me, his green eyes piercing my dull brown ones I then looked away and he started the car before taking off down the road. I had put in the address for the motel in Stormy Brooks, no way were we staying with my grandparents.

Why did he have to get involved?

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