In The Arms of You

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Chapter 24: Ignorance

I ended up going with Iza. I didn’t think I should be around Zach and his family, or rather just his mom, with Luke in town. I really want him to leave, he’ll just make things worse than they already are.

I rolled over on the pull out bed that Iza has. I looked up at the alarm, it said 4 a.m. I was just released from the hospital earlier today, it’s Thursday, two days after I woke up. I have too many thoughts running through my head to sleep, I’m surprised that Zach and his mom let me stay with Iza.

I guess they realized that I needed some space, even though they helped rescue me. I did the best I could to get a few more hours of sleep, I start school again later today, sadly but at least I’m away from Mack and that man that people called my father.

I couldn’t go back to sleep the rest of the night, more like 2 hours because Iza woke me up at 6 a.m. “Lena, get your ass up. You’re going back to school today!” Iza said cheerfully.

“Great,” I said and got up out of the bed I was currently in.

“Girl,” Iza said as she looked at my face. She could tell I had gotten no sleep, but I had to go to school.

“I know. Nothing but a little makeup can’t cover up.” I said. Iza nodded her head.

We both got dressed and ate, well I ate some toast and a banana. That’s all I could stomach that morning, even though Iza and her mother, Jeana, wanted me to eat more, I just couldn’t. Iza then dragged me out the door and down the sidewalk towards the school.

I bet everyone has already heard about what happened. I’ll just answer them and say I’m okay. No reason they need to know the entire truth. They probably just know that I was in the hospital, hopefully, no other details got out.

“So, are you really okay to be here today?” Amy asked as we walked to her locker. We met her when we came inside the building.

“Yeah, I think,” I said. Amy smiled.

“Good, cause the boys have been asking about you, especially Zach.” She and Iza smirked at me. I rolled my eyes.

“Whatever guys.” I said, “Well, I have to get to class, I’ll see you at lunch Amy and I’ll see you next block Iza.” I then left them and walked to class.

So far I haven’t seen Zach anywhere, I have to follow what Luke says or consequences will happen. Lucky, Luke doesn’t go here, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have people on the inside watching me. As I take my seat I hear a voice whisper in my ear.

“Hey, baby doll. See you’ve finally made it to school. Good, I’ve taken Mack’s spot, so you’ll be seeing a lot more of me.” Luke’s voice echoed in my head. I turned and looked at him.

“Y-You,” I said in a quiet whisper. He chuckled and put his arm around me and pulled me close as he could.

“You think I would let the others watch you, not a chance I’m willing to take. You’re mine and only mine, do you understand, princess.”

I shuttered, he called me what Zach calls me, or what he used to call me, and what my mother used to call me. “Y-Yes, I understand,” I said, trying not to shake.

“Good.” He whispered in my ear and had a smirk on his face when I looked at him.

Mr. Wilson walked in. “Good morning class, I see we have a new student. Hmm, twice in one year, that’s rare. Go ahead young man, introduce yourself.” Wait, what! I never got to introduce myself, not like I would have wanted to anyway, but still, it would have been nice to be asked! That sexist pig!

Luke walked up to the front of the room, not before sending a wink in my direction. Everyone’s’ eyes were on me. Great more attention.

“Hey everyone I’m Luke. I’m 18 and I just moved here from Stormy Brooks, and my favorite color is black, like the night.” He said.

“So do you and Lena know one another?” Mr. Wilson asked politely.

Luke looked in my direction and smirked. “Actually Mr. Wilson, her and I have been doing the long-distance dating and we just couldn’t take it anymore so I moved out here to be with her.”

Girls in the class let out a sigh. A blonde haired girl, who I think her name is Heather whispered in my ear. “He is cute! You’re so lucky!”

I smiled at her. “Thanks,” I said half meaning it.

Luke took his seat, again right beside me. “Okay class, introductions are out of the way, now let’s begin. The last we left off was Abraham Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation...” Mr. Wilson or as I would call him. Mr. BoringAsHell started off class.

I was so glad when the bell rang for class to end, I almost bolted.


Luke caught me by the arm as I got up and forced me back down into my seat, I don’t think anyone noticed though. “Now, you’ve got to pretend to be my girlfriend, that means, hanging out with me and me only, with my friends of course. Don’t worry, it shouldn’t be that hard, I mean you’ve done it before.”

I shivered at the thought. “Okay.” By his friends, he means his gang. Yep, you heard it. Luke is part of a gang, high ranked too. I think Mack or the man I used to call father, was in it, maybe they both were. I’m not completely sure.

He takes my hand and holds it, tight and drags us to Chemistry. When Iza sees us she stops what she is doing, which is talking to Zach and looks at me and Luke. She quickly runs over to me, leaving Zach alone. “Lena! Who is this?” She asked excited, but I can tell she is worried the hell out of me after what happened.

“This is Luke,” I said as calm as possible. She nods her head in understanding.

“Okay, well, Luke, you’re now Zach’s partner since Mack... left.” She said to Luke.

She then grabs my hand and drags me over to our table. I can see Zach and he looked at me worried and confused. No way was I getting him into this. “What?” I hissed in pain. Man, with her strength and Luke’s I think I might break an arm or rather a hand!.

“Who is Luke? I’ve never seen him before?” She whispers so the boys don’t hear us.

“He is, sorry, was an ex-boyfriend of mine, but he moved out here to be with me again and we reconnected and now we’re dating again,” I said as calm as possible, trying to keep the story up so Zach or Iza don’t get in trouble.

Iza looked at me dead in the eye. “Lena. Are. You. Okay?” She asked putting her hand on my shoulders. I knocked her hands off.

“Yes, I’m fine Iza,” I said. She then nodded her head. I can tell she didn’t believe me, but let it slide, for now.

I look back to see Zach and Luke talking. I’ve mentioned, well Kyla mentioned Luke before when Zach and I went to Stormy Brooks that 1 time but other than that, I’ve never mentioned him again. That and I forgot about it.

Zach looked away and looked directly at me an angry expression shown in his eyes. Did he figure out who Luke was? I turned back around, but then I felt someone grab my hand and pull me back.

“Hey, so is it okay if Lena and I are partners for this class? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen her and I just want her close to me.” He asked Iza.

Iza smiled, but I can tell it’s fake. “Sure, Luke.” She said and traded places and sat with Zach, who looked beyond pissed at Iza for doing that. I agree with him on this occasion.

The rest of the day went on normal, except not. I went to all my classes, Luke was in all of them, even the classes that Mack and I didn’t share he was in. Just my luck, huh.

I didn’t sit with Iza and Amy at lunch either, I had to sit with Luke, or as he says bad consequences will happen. I believe him. He has done this before, making me be with him all the time instead of my friends. He would get his gang to do something to them right away.

I noticed throughout the day that Zach was looking at me more and more. Every time I looked back I caught him, no matter what class it was, the classes we shared anyway. I can tell he is angry with me, but what am I supposed to do, I don’t him or anyone else hurt because of my actions.

I went to bed that night, thinking of everything that happened today. “Why can’t it just end? Why does my life have to be like this?”

“What did I do wrong?”

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