In The Arms of You

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Chapter 26: Red Phoenix

It’s been a week. The trial was something I wanted to forget. Luke never asked me how it went or anything, he didn’t care I knew that much. He just wanted to keep me with him, for as long as possible.

I had been ignoring Zach’s phone calls and texts all week. I wasn’t going to answer him. He would yell and be angry with me. Saying things like, why didn’t you tell me and are you okay, do you need help? I was fed up with it. I hadn’t been talking to Iza as much either.

As I was going down the stairs earlier, Iza grabbed me by the elbow to turn me around. “Lena, tell me what’s going on right now!” She demanded.

“No, nothing is wrong,” I said.

“Then tell me about Luke. What have you guys been up to? Has he been treating you right?” By right I hope you mean a crazy stalker who wants you keep you as his forever then yes, but I didn’t say that out loud.

“We are great, and yes he has been treating me right, he took me for ice cream just the other day,” I said. Just another lie straight out of my mouth to Iza, who was supposed to be my best friend.

“You always ignoring us Lena, whether you’re with Luke or not. Why? And you’re always with him and ignoring Zach, what’s up with all of this?” Iza said a little pissed now.

“It’s nothing okay,” I said as soon as my phone beeped. Luke wanted to take me somewhere, great. “I’ve got to go. Bye.” I said and left the house as quickly as I could. I didn’t need any more questions being asked.

Luke has pulled up a few block feet away. I quickly got into his car, knowing if I didn’t, things wouldn’t be pretty. “Since it’s the weekend, I’m going to be taking you out for the day. ” He says as he drives to who knows where.

“Why?” I asked a little frightened. Okay, a lot frightened.

“No questions Lena, you know the rules.” He says with a smirk. Why do guys always have to smirk, like I’m getting tired of it! I’ve seen it my entire life! He means he would get to my loved ones, he would hurt them and that wouldn’t be pretty.

Luke soon pulled up into a driveway. “Welcome, little Lena, to the Red Phoenix! He said it like he was proud of what he was doing.

“Y-Your gang that y-you are a-apart of?” I said stuttering a little.

“What else would it be?” He said to me as if I was a cat he and was a mouse. The mouse always wins.

He got out of the car and begin walking to the door, I quickly got out and went with him. “Lena, today you’re going to be meeting everyone who works here, including my boss. He seemed fairly interesting in your relationships.” He said looked at me with yet another smirk.

So many situations run through my mind. What are they going to do to me? Are they going to kill me? Are they going to hurt the people I love? Are they going to--.

He grabbed my hand, which brought me out of my thoughts, and brought me inside. Luke then began to point out people. “This is Breanna, Jamie, Lisa, Jake, Emmett, Brandon, Caleb....” I began to zone out on the names after a while. Even Luke’s family, which I’ve met before, work here too, no surprise there though. The last name though caught up with me. “Lena, This is the leader of the Red Phoenix, Marcus Holt.” He said.

I looked up at Marcus Holt and my whole body froze. Holt, Holt, Holt. That’s Zach’s last name. Could this possibly be his father? I’ve never seen him in any pictures at Diana’s and his house before.

“Nice to finally meet you, Lena, I can see why Luke likes you so much, you’re very beautiful as he says you are. Now Luke, get her off the premises and take her home. I’ve got work for you to do.” Marcus says.

I can tell this guy is nothing like Zach. Not the Zach I know at least. “Come on Lena, I’m dropping you back home,” Luke says and drags me out of the building. I was put into his car and it felt like we were going 100 MPH, but really it was just 70 MPH. No big deal, as long as you’re not on a freaking highway like we are.

“Luke, slow down!” I said scared out of my mind.

“What are you talking about princess, I always go this fast!” He says.

“Don’t. Call. Me. Princess.” I said to him. Only one person can call me that.

He drops me off, practically shoving me out the car and he took off in the direction he came. As I walked to the front door to go inside I’m quickly grabbed from behind and dragged into the house. “What the hell is going on here?” I shouted at whoever was dragging me.

“It’s for your own good, Lena.” Iza’s voice bounced off the hallways walls.

I was pushed into a bedroom, not sure which one though. “Iza, what the hell? Why am I in here!” I shouted through the door, banging on it.

“This is for your own good Lena. You two have got to work it out.” Iza says.

“Two? Who else is in here with me!” I said trying to open the door, but it was locked or something was blocking it. “Who else is in here with me?” I whispered. I looked around, but I couldn’t see much. The lights were dim for some reason, which I find really creepy.

A movement caught my eye. I don’t know how I saw who ever it was, but I did. I walked a little closer, not more than a few steps. The other person comes into view and I can’t believe I didn’t notice him before.


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