In The Arms of You

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Chapter 31: Night

I had been walking a while now. I’ve been out of West Fields for a good two hours now and my legs are killing me! I can’t have any contact with any of them, but the only people I can contact are my grandparents to come and pick me up.

I glanced down at my phone and noticed I had a good 15% left. Just enough to call them and tell them to pick me up. I quickly dialed their number and it answered on the third ring. “Lena? Is that you?” I heard Grandma say.

“Yes, it’s me,” I answered.

“Why haven’t you called us? You promised you would call once a week and we haven’t heard from you since the trial.” She said fussing.

“I know, Grandma, and I’m sorry about that, but I just have to say, can you come and pick me up please?” I asked.

“Pick you up? Where are you?” She questioned.

“About an hour or so away from Stormy Brooks,” I told her. This must have shocked her.

“Why?” She asked concerningly.

I sighed. “Because I just wanted to get away from all the drama and all of the threats and hurt,” I explained, on the verge of tears.

“Stop at the next gas station and you Grandpa and I will be there soon. Love you baby girl.” She told me.

“Love you too,” I told her and hung up.

Only a little further I thought. I’ll make it there before I collapse from exhaustion. Soon enough after I reach the top of the hill, which took about 5 minutes, I spotted a gas station, finally. I’ve never ran so fast in my life. When I get there I quickly dial up my grandma to tell her that I had arrived at the nearest gas station.

She said she would be there in 30 minutes. I could wait that long, I hope anyway. As I waited I went in the store to see if I could find anything to eat, I had a few bills on me that will work, I hope I do anyway.

Soon enough I hear someone enter the store and there I spot my grandma and grandpa. “Thank goodness you’re alright sweetheart!” Grandma said as she showered me with kisses and a bear hug.

“Good to see you guys too. Let’s go.” I told them and we all three went outside and hopped into the car. The drive back to Stormy Books was silent. They didn’t intrude or ask me why I had left, which I was glad about because I really didn’t want to explain.

Once we reached their house, I got out and went to the spare room that they have and I threw myself onto the bed, tears strolling down my face.

I can’t believe I just left them like that. I knew they needed my help, but when he said he would let Diana go after I left, I knew I had to obey orders, for the sake of her life and everyone else there I love.

Hours passed and soon I had no more tears to cry anymore. “Lena, come down and eat sweetie, it’s almost 11pm.” Grandmas called from outside the door. I whipped the tears on my face away and headed downstairs to get something to eat.

Dinner was silent as well. No one talked because no one had anything they wanted to say, at least they didn’t have anything to say to me. I’m really surprised they haven’t demanded to know why I was crying, or why I was walking to Stormy Brook.

I went to bed and all I did was have nightmares about Luke, Marcus, and even some with Diana and Zach in them.

I didn’t get any sleep that night.


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