In The Arms of You

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Chapter 34: The Plan

We arrived home around 11 pm at night. “Where I’m I going to stay?” I asked him as we parked in front of his house.

“Here,” Zach said motioning to his house.

“Don’t they have like cameras all around here, watching you guys?” I asked him curiously as we walked up the steps and into his house.

Zach shrugged his shoulders. “Possibly, right now we just need to hide you long enough so that tomorrow we can come up with a plan.” He said. I nodded my head in response.

He pulled me up the stairs quickly and quietly so he doesn’t wake up Diana. I knew where we were headed when we walked down the hallway where his room was.

“I’m going to stay in your room?” I asked Zach puzzled. He let out a soft laugh.

“No, we’re going to stay in my room.” He said as if it was normal. I looked at him as if he was stupid. He rolled his eyes. “How am I supposed to protect you if you won’t let me?”

He opened the door and we stepped in. It wasn’t like what I expected. It was neat. Mostly when you think of a teenaged boys room it’s usually a dirty mess. “I wasn’t expecting this,” I said as I walked further into the room.

“Expecting what?” He asked.

“That this room is neat, as in clean.”

Zach laughed at me. “Thanks, Lena, really appreciate that.”

I rolled my eyes then let out a yawn. “Come on, let’s go to bed,” Zach said grabbed my hand and pulling me over towards the bed.

I climbed in under the covers and so did Zach. He pulled me close to him. “Everything will be okay,” He whispered.

“How do you know?” I said to him. I was beyond scared, I didn’t know what could happen, for all I know someone I love could die!

“I don’t know, but I have hope, so should you.” He said. “Now go to sleep, it’s been a long day.”

I snuggled closer into his chest before falling into a dreamless sleep.


I was woken up the next morning by someone shaking me awake. “Lena wake up, the others are here, we need you to come downstairs to help us form a plan,” Zach said.

“Fine,” I complained having to leave the warm bed. I got up and followed Zach downstairs to find out that everyone was actually there.

“Lena!” Amy and Iza said running up and hugging me which I returned.

“Hey guys,” I said to them. “So have you guys came up with anything yet?” I asked.

The girls shook their heads no. “We have been too busy worrying about you. Now that you’re here you can help us.” Iza encouraged me.

“Okay, so I’m the only one who knows where this place is at besides Diana,” I said to the crowd of people in front of me.

“Yep, unless you can mysteriously lure Luke here and torture him, then you’re our best bet,” Bret said.

I sighed. Okay, what can we do? I thought to myself.

“Okay.” I began. “I do remember that their cameras shut off for 30 minutes during the day so that they can keep them charged.”

“What if we go during those 30 minutes?” Alex suggested.

“Exactly,” I pointed out. “We could use that to our advantage. Every day at 5 pm they shut off and are on exactly at 5:30 pm. We have that time frame to get the cops there and get the gang to run out chasing one of us and then the police will be standing there in front of the building, but you wouldn’t be able to tell it was police because they will use different cars if we can convince them.”

Everyone took a moment to get the plan settled into their brains. “That could work,” Diana spoke up. “But who is going to be the one to run in there?”

“I will.” Zach’s voice popped out in the air. “I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I could get them out of the building in about 15 minutes, now I just need a way in.”

I didn’t want Zach to do that, but I think he is our best shot at it so I didn’t say anything about it. “There is an underground entrance, but it will be heavily guarded,” I said.

“I can help with that,” Iza spoke up. I looked at her confused.

“How?” I asked her.

“You may not have known this but I’m pretty good at Karate. Black belt actually. Don’t worry, they’ll be down with 5 minutes of me getting there.” She said as if it was nothing.

I waited to see if anyone else would volunteer to take Iza’s place, but no one did. I guess no one was as equipped as she was.

“In the underground entrance, which Luke had shown me one time, you want to keep heading straight and there will be a door on the top of the roof. You will need to push it open and close it as quickly as possible to make as little noise as possible. Iza you will have to go with him if you want to knock out some more guards because there will be more covering this entrance.” I instructed them.

“Yes, ma’am!” Iza said and we both laughed.

“Everyone else, if some of you want to help Zach you can, others who want to help Iza, go right ahead. Just remember we have 30 minutes. Diana, think you could get the police for us?” I asked her.

“Yeah, I can get them there in time.” She said. I nodded my head in her direction.

I looked at every single one of them in the eye. “This plan will take place tomorrow, so everyone, be ready and prepared. I don’t want to lose any of you tomorrow! I consider all of you guys family!” I said before they all came running at me and engulfed me into a group hug, which I accepted.

Our plan was set and in place. All we had to do was get everything prepared and for Diana to contact the police telling them where to meet her.

Tomorrow, we fight.

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