In The Arms of You

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Chapter 35: Final

Tomorrow came faster than expected. When I woke up that morning and headed down the steps everyone was preparing in the living room. Amy ran from one side to the other frantically. “Oh my goodness, this is it!” She said laughing a bit which caused me to laugh.

“I know!” I said excitedly, finally taking down Luke and Marcus down for good! I walked over to the couch and sat down. “So does everyone know the plan?” I asked them.

“Yes, we do,” Diana said smiling. “This will be an amazing day,” she said. I laughed at her.

“I totally agree,” I said to her.

All morning we talked about the plan and how it will, hopefully, play out. Once it hit 4:30 pm then we all rushed to get ready and to get a move on. “Here.” I heard someone speak to me. I turned around to see Alex standing there. He was handing me a walkie-talkie. “Just in case something happens.” He clarified.

“Okay, good thinking Alex,” I said to him. I check my outfit one more time. I wore a black long-sleeved shirt with black jeans and black shoes. I had my hair tied back in a ponytail too.

Zach came from behind me and gave me a hug. “Ready for this?” He asked.

“I guess so,” I said. “I mean everything will be over. No more pain.” I smiled.

“Yeah, no more pain.” He repeated. I glanced at the clock hanging on the wall, it read 4:45.

I left Zach’s embrace around me and walked into the living room where everyone was. “Okay listen up!” I shouted.

“We’ve got to leave now or else this plan will not work. Now does everyone know what they are doing?” I asked them.

“Yes!” They all shouted back. I smiled.

“Good, now let’s go kick some ass!” I said and that was followed by a lot of people cheering and following me out the door. The Red Phoenix’s place is about 5 minutes away, so it was pretty close. “Diana, did you tell the police where to meet us?” I asked.

“Yes Lena, I did. They said they would be there and that this better not be some prank call.” She replied.

“If only,” I said to her which caused her to laugh.

We arrived at the Red Phoenix with enough time to start the operation. I glanced at the clock it and said 4:50. We’ve got ten minutes before this all goes down. “Okay guys, follow me so I can show you where the entrance is. Diana, watch out for the police.” I commanded.

We all piled out of the car except for Diana and made our way into the woods behind the hideout.

“Shh,” I said holding up my finger as we approached the hideout. “We have to be quiet or else they’ll spot us.”

I glanced at my clock to make sure it was go time. 5:00pm. It was go time! I looked out at the back cameras and saw that they were facing down towards the ground signaling they were powered off. “Okay, let’s go.”

I let Iza, Alex, Bret, and Amy go ahead of me so they could knock out the guards. Zach, Quinn, and I were going to be the ones who run through the tunnel. “Go, go, go!” Iza shouted towards us. We took off sprinting towards the entrance, which had been kicked in so we could get in. Iza, Amy, Bret, and Alex followed behind us.

Once we reached the latch that we needed to push on we let them go ahead of us. “Be as quiet as possible and be quick,” I said.

“Gotcha,” Amy said. They pushed up and soon were surrounded by guards. Iza hopped up first and began to attack, followed by Amy and Bret. Alex stayed down with us in case anyone had tried to follow us in.

“Come on! They signaled an alarm so more guards will be here soon!” Bret said. We all climbed up one by one before we were all standing in a square room.

“Out that door!” I exclaimed to them. I pulled open the door and standing in front of me was guards, lots of them.

I slammed the door on their face and took off to the other door, thankfully none of the guards had reached that side yet. “Take your next right!” I shouted to Zach who was ahead of me. He gave me a thumbs up and turned right.

Everyone, including Marcus, was out in that corridor. Waiting for us I suppose. “I wouldn’t come any further.” Marcus threatened, holding a loaded gun up. I sighed and we all didn’t move.

“Now, you guys are going to leave this place and get the cops to leave or else someone is going to die tonight,” Marcus said with pure disgust.

I took out the gun I had taken from Zach’s house and pointed it towards Marcus. “No, you are going to drop your weapon now!” I shouted at him. He laughed at me, laughed at me!

“You aren’t going to shoot me.” He said as if I was weak. I glared at him before shooting the gun millimeters from his head.

“Think again,” I said. He looked at me in shock before carefully placing his gun on the ground. A smirk was on his face when he bent back up.

“You’ve messed with the wrong man.” He said. I glanced at Zach who had a smirk on his face.

“Father,” Zach said in disgust. Marcus looked over at his son.

Marcus balled his fist up as if he was about to hit someone. “Yes, son?” He said.

“Think again.” He said before quickly running and grabbing the gun that Marcus had put on the floor. and pointed it towards him. “You will walk out of this building now, or so help me I will shoot you,” Zach growled. Marcus laughed at his son.

“Do you even know how to work that thing?” Marcus said to him. Zach didn’t even flinch.

All of the sudden you could hear sirens from outside from the police. “Damn it!” Marcus said. He looked at me and glared so hard I thought it could kill me.

I looked around to see if there was another way out. I noticed a door to the left of me. “Zach,” I said to him. He glanced back at me, but then let his gaze fall on the door beside me.

“Run,” He said. I did as I was told.

I heard a gunshot ring out once more. Amy, Bret, Iza, Alex, and Quinn followed my lead, Zach wasn’t far behind us. “If you want us, you’ll have to come and get us.” I heard Zach’s voice echo down the hallway.

I kept running, no matter how much it took. I pushed on a door ahead of me and it leads to the outside. “Keep going,” I said and they kept on running. Police were surrounding the area, their guns at the ready.

“Marcus Holt. Come out here now we know you’re in there.” A policeman said in a bullhorn. Soon enough Zach came running out behind us and Marcus was hot on his trail.

Marcus had blood oozing from his leg. Zach had shot him pretty good. The police immediately surrounded Marcus and the other members who had followed him out. Police were going inside the building to see if they can find any more people.

Marcus took one last look at us before getting shoved into the police car. “Don’t think this is over son! I will be back!” The door shut and he was driven off the to the police station.

When Luke came out of the building he looked at me with disgust. “How could you Lena!” He shouted at me as he was taken by.

“I did what was right Luke. Your dumbass little club here is now over. So I suggest you get over crying about it. Don’t ever try to contact me again or else things won’t be so pretty for you Luke.” I said to him.

Zach grabbed me from behind and held me close. Luke had pulled a gun out on me. “Don’t say what I can and can’t do!” He said aiming at me. Before the police could get the gun away from him he sent a bullet flying.

I waited for the impact, but I never received it. Instead, Zach laid on the ground in front of me. “Zach!” I screamed and fell down beside him.

“I’d do anything for you princess, even take a bullet.” He said with a slight chuckle.

I didn’t care about what he said, I was wanting to make sure he was okay. I looked all over and saw that the bullet had only hit his arm, thankfully it hit him were nothing major was hit.

“You’re going to be okay!” I said hugging him. He laughed.

“I hope so.” He said and kissed me on the lips. Fireworks exploded and sparks flew out. Yes, he was going to be okay. We had to pull apart when they loaded him up into the ambulance.

In the end, Zach ended up being fine and survived the bullet he took for me. Marcus and the rest of his gang were sent to prison for life and everything started to return to normal, well what’s abnormal for me anyway. I didn’t know anything besides what has happened over the past few months, but I know that everything will turn out for the better. I just know it.

The End.

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