In The Arms of You

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Chapter 5: Basketball

Soon enough Lunch came around, thank God! I meet some of Iza’s friends, who were nice. There was Amy and Bret who have been a couple since Freshman year according to Iza. Lucky them. Falling in love is something I’m afraid I’ll never get, nor would I want.

Being around men and boys is crazy enough with my father and brother. I don’t need any more abuse than I already get. Are all men and boys like that? Abuse their siblings and children?

What was bad about this was that I had to deal with Mack all day! Well, mostly all day. It’s like his schedule was matched up with mine on purpose, which I most likely was considering my father was the one who came to the school and signed us up.

The whole school probably thinks that he is in almost all of my classes because he is just looking out for me in case I decide to have a breakdown or something. The only class I was free from his was gym, thankfully that was the class I had next.

On another note, I just realized that not only is Mack in almost all of my classes, so is Zach, you know the one I ran into earlier, yeah him.

As I was walking to the gym with Amy, who I had found out was in there with me during lunch, we found ourselves at the gym entrance pretty quickly.

“Okay,” Amy began. “So this gym class is with boys and girls, and since you’re new I’ll tell you a bit about it. So Boys usually stay on one side of the gym and girls on the other, but since this week we’re playing basketball, so girls and boys will be on mixed teams with one another.”

I looked at her for a moment to process the information she just gave me. “Anyone I should be aware of in this class. You know, to watch out for?” I asked her.

She gave me a silent nod before telling me. “Zach Holt.”

That name sent shivers down my spine.


“Why him! Of all people!” I said out loud. Amy let out a small laugh.

“What, just because he is now hanging out with your brother you think things are bad. Just you wait Lena Mercer, things right now aren’t as bad as they can get. Just be glad as of right now you’re lucky.” And with that Amy headed into the gym without another word.

I stood there pondering on what she just said. Someone then tapped me on the shoulder. “Do you mind going into the gym instead of just standing there?” a familiar voice said from behind me. It startled me and I jumped out of my skin, well that’s what it felt like anyway.

I turned to see Zach standing there. “S-Sorry,” I said and quickly went into the gym, wanting to get far away from him as possible. I felt someone touch my arm, unknowing which made me tense up, scared out of my mind. Please let it not be Zach, please!

“Are you okay?” Amy’s voice rang in my ears.

I quickly felt tense up. I slowing turned to face her. “Yeah, I’m fine, so where do I change?” I asked, trying to change the subject.

I could tell she didn’t fully believe me, but she dropped the subject. “Yeah, follow me.” And she took off to what I’m guessing is the girls’ locker room.

Soon enough we got changed. I was wearing a simple gray t-shirt and some long pants. My shirt was long enough so that it would cover my body when I moved, making sure no bruises are showing when we are playing basketball.

“Lena,” Amy said as we walked back into the gym and sat down on the bleachers. “Are you sure, you’re okay? You seemed tense when I grabbed you earlier?” She asked concerned.

I nodded my head. “Yes, Amy, I’m fine, I just didn’t know who grabbed me and so I wanted to know how to react,” I said lying to her.

I know I shouldn’t lie to my new friends, well acquaintances really, but I really had no choice. I wanted to keep them safe. Plus if they found out about me, I think they would leave me and not want anything to do with me and they might start spreading it around the school.

Okay, so that is only one possibility, but still, it’s possible.

I heard a whistle blow and everyone turned their heads toward the source. “Alright maggots, today we’re going to be playing basketball!” the coach said.

“He used to be a former military school teacher, and so that’s why he calls us maggots,” Amy whispered into my ear.

I nodded understanding.

“Now, I’m going to be splitting you into two groups! I will give you a number 1 or 2, if you are a one go to the left side of the gym if you are a 2 go to the right side of the gym, am I clear?” He asked us.

Everyone but me replied, “Yes, Coach Elis!”

He then began to give out our numbers when he came to me and Amy he gave us both number 1 so we both headed to that side with the other students.

“I’m so glad we’re on a team together!” Amy said happily!

“Me too! At least I know someone on my side now.”

“Aren’t you forgetting someone?” a voice came from behind me. I spun on my heels to come face to face with Zach.

“N-No I’m not forgetting anyone,” I said in a sarcastic tone to him, a little nervous as well. I was being serious though, I wasn’t going to include him being on my side, even though that’s where the coach told him to go.

He leaned closer and smirked, which reminded me of Mack’s smirk and then I backed up, a little frightened. “You sure?” He asked.

“Y-Yes, I’m sure,” I said, still a little scared. Why did he have to become friends with Mack! I mean of all people, why Mack?

Zach opened his mouth to say something, but the coach blew with whistle signaling that all eyes should be on him. “Now, get ready,” He began.

Our team got into the starting position. The coach threw the ball into the air, and it was game time. The ball was passed here and there, going back and forth across the court. No one had gained any points yet.

I did the best I could to stay out of the way, no way was I going to go get attacked by a ball. “Lena heads up!” I heard Amy say. I looked and jumped to catch the basketball, but when I did the ball was coming too fast at me and it hit me right in the stomach.

It sent me flying backward onto the ground with a thud. “Oh my goodness, are you alright Lena! I didn’t mean too!” I heard Amy’s voice say beside me. Feet had stopped running on the ground, that or I just couldn’t hear them. “Lena? Are you there?” I heard Amy say again, but I couldn’t respond.

Soon enough I felt something cool and wet all over my body. “Zach! Why did you do that!” I heard a guy shout.

“What, she needed waking up so what’s not better than a little water.” Zach’s voice filled my ears. I slowly opened my eyes to see everyone staring at me. “Welcome back, sleeping beauty,” Zach said with a smirk. I did the best I could to sit up without feeling pain, but it was no use, I couldn’t get up.

“Lena, can you get up?” Amy asked with a worried expression on her face. I shook my head no, afraid to speak.

The coach then looked at Zach before looking back at me. “Well, Zach since you think this is so funny, you can take Lena to the nurse’s office. No ifs or buts you’re going.” Zach rolled his eyes.

“Sir, do I seriously have to take her, I mean when did she do anything nice to me?” He said, which got a few people to laugh, seriously!

“Now, Zach!” The coach said and Zach gave up after that. Zach then took me out of the gym, more like dragged me out.

We had gone a few minutes of silence before he began talking. “You trying to get me in trouble, princess?” He said with a smirk and looked down at me as he dragged me.

My vision of him began to get spotted with black dots. “Princess?” I heard him say, but I couldn’t say a word.

I passed out in Zach’s arms.

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