In The Arms of You

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Chapter 7: He Has Not

When I got home, I was given the worst beating I’ve ever had. With every slap, punch, and kick I received the more pain shot through my body like being shocked by lighting. Waking up wasn’t any better. My head was spinning, and there was blood from cuts and bruises covering my entire body.

I didn’t want to move, but if I didn’t go to school today then I’d know I’d get beaten for not following orders.

I did the best I could to drag myself to get ready, the first thing I did was clean myself up and to stop the bleeding in some places.

Once I was done with that I quickly throw on a loose fitting white shirt with a pair of jeans and my old beaten up black converse. I pulled on my black jacket to cover the bruises on my arms. I applied make-up to my face to cover the few bruises I had there.

Soon enough I was done, I grabbed my bag, which Mack had gotten from the school yesterday, and my phone before heading downstairs to prepare them breakfast.

I quickly prepared their breakfast before grabbing my bag and practically ran out the door and to the school. No way was I about to face them this morning. Even though pain shot through my body as I ran, it was better than sitting there with both of them sitting there.

I caught up with Iza and together we headed to the school. It wasn’t that long before we reached the school and headed to our lockers. “Are you okay from yesterday? I heard what happened in gym class, wait let me clarify that, everyone heard what happened in gym class.” Iza said.


“Yeah, I’m fine Iza, my father took me home yesterday after I had gone to the nurse,” I told her.

She nodded her head. “Well, if anyone gives you trouble tell me and I’ll deal with them!” Iza said with a murderous look on her face which caused me to take a step backward a step.

“Y-Yeah, thanks, Iza,” I told her.

The bell then rang for us to get to class. “See you in second.” I heard Iza say before disappearing around the corner and out of sight.

I walked to Mr. Wilson’s class and sat down in the same seat I had sat in yesterday. I just hope my brother doesn’t come today, but knowing him he will come just to remind me of who is in charge. I heard someone slide into the seat beside me.

“Think you could just sneak out of the house without anyone knowing it?” Mack’s voice rang in my ears.

I looked at him with fear in my eyes. “N-No...” I said in defeat. He looked at me with a smug expression.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get what’s coming to you. Since you missed the important information dad has given me, I’ll tell you.” I didn’t want to hear the information, knowing it would only benefit Mack. “Dad will be away for 1 month on a business trip.” Mack began. A business trip meant Mack could do whatever he wanted to do with me. I shuddered at that.

“And we’ll be staying with Zach’s family for the time being.” Mack finished. Wait, so our father isn’t going to be leaving us alone together, but is making us live with strangers for 1 month! “It was my idea, I hope you like it.” I heard Mack say in my ear as soon as my head hit the table.

1 month with Zach and Mack in the same house with me. Let the torture begin now. For once I was glad Mr. Wilson talked the entire class period, it gave me a distraction of what Mack just told me.

When the bell rang I was up and out of my seat in a hurry and I quickly left the classroom to go find Iza. I was so glad I had a class with her, or else I think I’d go insane with my brother and Zach in the same room with me.

I spotted Iza through the crowd that filled the hallway. “Hey girl, so how was history?” Iza asked as we walked.

“Terrible. So I find out from my brother that our father is going on a business trip for 1 month and that we have to stay with Zach’s family for the time being.” I told her.

“Why don’t you ask if you can stay with me?” She asked.

I looked at her like she was crazy. “One, my father has already left and two because if I don’t follow his rules I’ll be bea- I mean grounded,” I said quickly saving my slip up.

She nodded understanding. “Okay, well if you have the time can you talk to your brother about me? I mean you wouldn’t mine would you?”

I was scared and wanted to bust out laughing at the same time. “I’ll see what I can do, but I don’t make any promises,” I said knowing it would be a lie to her.

I can’t let my friend get involved in my life just to get hurt by my brother. She smiled really big as we took our seats when we arrived at the classroom.

“So, you decide to show up after what happened yesterday didn’t you, princess.” Why did he have to be in my class? Just why I mean my brother practically has him wrapped around his finger, which is very strange.

I turned to look at him and my brother. “Y-Yeah,” I stuttered when I spoke. I felt Mack’s glare on me as I looked at Zach.

“Well,” Zach smirked. “Hopefully gym won’t be as bad as it was yesterday, huh. Don’t want your daddy to come and have to get you again.” He mocked me.

I opened my mouth to respond but didn’t get a chance because Dr. Quinn came in and began the lesson. Thankfully Mack nor Zach said a word for the rest of class.

I was so glad when we got to leave the classroom to go to lunch, Iza and I sat with Amy today and it was just us three because Amy’s boyfriend, Bret, was home, sick.

“So, Lena,” Amy began. “Did you enjoy your time with Zach yesterday?” A sly smile was plastered on her face.

I looked at her as if she was being serious and it turns out it was. “No! Why on Earth would I enjoy time with Zach?” I told her like she was crazy.

She still looked at me with a smirk on her face. “Well, it seems he can’t keep his eyes off of you,” Amy said looking behind us.

Iza had turned to look. “Yeah, Lena I wouldn’t look now if I were you.” She said.

Now what kind of person would I be if I didn’t look I mean come on! I’m not the only one who looks when someone says don’t look.

I looked.

I turned to meet Zach’s gaze. “Seems he has taken an interest to you, Lena,” Amy said. I snapped around and looked at her before speaking.

“He has not!”

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