The Driver

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What Happened To Renee


The woman that entered my office with Ivy was stunning. She was dressed to perfection which made me wonder why she was here.

A new client? Why hadn’t Christopher told me anything? Oh, shit, I didn’t check my assignment folder.

“Hello.” I greeted them both.

“Hello Ms. Renee” She greeted confidently. “I’m Kayleen Maxwell. You’ve been recommended to me as a driver, and I wanted to meet you before our scheduled ride today.”

“Yes, ma’am. You’re welcome to sit.” As she & Ivy sat down in the chairs in front of m y desk, I quickly checked my assignment folder to check the details of my new rider.

December 5, 2017

Kayleen Maxwell

Scheduled For Two Rides With Payment For Wait Time

$4,000 for a ride to a restaurant for a business dinner.

$2,000 for me to dine in with her while the business dinner took place,

$4,000 for the ride back to her house.

I set a quick alarm for the time we needed to leave in order to be in time for he business dinner which was at 7pm and gave her my full attention. She was paying good money, I hated to disappoint her but I had bad news for her already.

“I don’t have the attire to dine in for your business dinner, Ms. Maxwell. My boss asked me to come in on short notice and I did not have time to change.”

“I was aware, however, I was told that it would be taken care of.”

“Hence me being here.” Ivy said, and I just noticed that she was holding a package. “Renee, I was instructed by Christopher to hand deliver a dress for your business today with your client.”

She pulled the beautiful classy dress out of the bag and laid it out on the couch with the heels. It had been years since I’d worn a dress. There were too assessable if a person wanted access to what was underneath.

“Also I’m doing your hair and make up.” Ivy continued.

I frowned, starting to be overwhelmed and uncomfortable. “All of this for a business dinner? I could easily just wait in the limo.”

Ivy shrugged. “Personally I see a beautiful black woman standing in front of me.”

“Agreed.” Kayleen said. I started to cry and Ivy quickly came around my desk to hold me, she didn’t know what had upsetting me so much because I had never told her although I knew she suspected by how I appeared in her life.

“I used to wear dresses. I loved wearing them...”

“Did you wanna talk about it? It helps you get over things the more you let it all out, you know.” Kayleen said.

“Its quite disturbing.” I warned.

“We’re listening.” Ivy said, sitting back but keeping her hand over mine.

“I got raped. Twice. I was really young, 17 years old. It was by my boyfriend at the time, someone who I thought I could trust. I know for a fact the first time it happened I told him multiple times ‘NO’, he didn’t stop. He forced my pants down behind the building of the school that I attended at the time. Anybody could have saw us... I was so detached from the moment, it was like I was watching what happened to me from the outside of my body... It didn’t hurt me then, I actually forgave him. I stayed.” As I recalled the next time, I shuddered.” The second time was different, I was already pregnant with Christian. I went to his place to tell him, and I remember him being so excited, kissing on my stomach, asking me if he was really going to be a dad. I think we had sex, I don’t exactly recall.

I know he left out of the bedroom and sent me a number to where I could call and get an abortion. Then I remember him trying to have sex with me again. I was going to just lay there at first, but I didn’t want it, it hurt... I asked him to stop. He paused and replied ‘why’, and I didn’t say anything... He continued, and I stared up into his face while he raped me, the whole time.

I remember after he was done I asked him to get off of me and I think he had just realized that he really hurt me. The details after that, I don’t exactly remember, I knew I wanted to leave immediately and he wanted me to stay. I remember he forced me to hold his hand... I remember... I ran away and I haven’t worn a dress since. Men scare me. Funny because I’m raising one huh?”

“No its not funny. Its... well you can’t let it hold you back, you are free and its time to live life as such. I mean you only live once and when your child leaves who will you have then? I can’t say I understand because I’ve never been raped but I’ve been held for ransom once... I thought he... He was... I’m sorry.” Kayleen’s voiced cracked.

“Don’t throw away the chance to be happy because of what one boy did.” Ivy said, tears running down her face. She was right.

This was just what I needed to finally heal. When I had said this to my mom, she’d acted like she was so sympathetic … then, blabbed on me. It wasn’t long before everyone in my family knew. My own family, they didn’t even believe me, then judged me for what happened to me. To my knowledge, my dad was the only one who wanted to do something about it when he found out, but by then it was too late.

One of my sisters actually believed I tried to trap his father and made it up because he didn’t want to be with me anymore. And when she said this to me, it really hurt that she thought that. I hated her for that.

“How did you get away from that man?” I asked Kayleen once we had wiped our tears and hugged it out.

She smiled, fiercely. “Lamar Maxwell.”


“My older brother and the real reason I’m here, he wants to take you on a date.” She saw my expression and chuckled. “My brother really has bad people skills that I understand why you’d want to avoid his type but I’ve heard you know how to put his ass firmly in his place and I’d love to be around when you do so.”

I like her. “Yeah, well I might just give you a show you’ll never forget.”

Kayleen said she’d volunteered because she wanted to meet me personally, I was lowkey flattered and anxious at the same time.

Was I truly ready for this? This relationship with Lamar would cast a spotlight on Christian and I, possibly bringing Christian's Biological Father right to our door. Not only could I be putting all of our lives in jeopardy but this could possibly cast a bad stain on Lamar’s reputation if he gets involved with me.

My alarm went off at that exactly moment.

She quickly did a little touch of make up on me after I changed into the dress, then we walked downstairs to where the limo waited for us. I made sure she was okay then we were on the way to the restaurant.

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