The Driver

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Date & Disaster


It was 12pm and I had not heard back from Kayleen although I’d been texting and calling her since 11:30. What if something had happened? I was sure that this would be happening a lot if I got seriously involved with Renee. I was facing the possibility of insanity of what Renee’s past was. I wanted this woman.

And I would destroy whoever had hurt her, because you didn’t come across a woman like this everyday. She had made me look at her, not her skin color, not the stereotypes. God I had been so ignorant.

“Not every one is born with a silver spoon in their mouth!” She’d said. She was right. I had no right to judge anybody based off their race or otherwise just because I came from a different class.

My phone beeped, alerting me to a text from my sister.

Everything went as planned. We’re here. About to come in-Kayleen

Now I was imagining how beautiful Renee would be and if I’d have to punch-

The man who got her pregnant raped her.- Kayleen

I immediately turned my phone off not wanting to know anything else right now because I would need time to digest this and I didn’t want to ruin Renee’s mood with mine if I wasn’t careful and I wanted to treasure her. Make her feel confident.

I vowed right then and now, I will treasure her. If only I could make her see me, Lamar, not the billionaire.

When I finally saw Kayleen and Renee finally walking back to our table, my mouth instantly went dry.

She was so fucking beautiful.

I stood when they made it to the table, going around to pull their chairs out so that they could sit.

I became aware that I hadn’t glanced at anything below Renee’s beautiful face once. She had my undivided attention. I had never been this attracted to a woman. And I hadn’t ever felt this comfortable with a woman besides my sister in years.

We sat in comfortable silence as I pondered why any man would rape an innocent like Renee. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. She was so delicate and those big brown eyes owned my soul.

She had a will of fire inside her, I thought recalling how’d she had handed my ass to me but she was definitely an submissive type it seemed.

That was fine. I didn’t have a preference when it came to her.

She spoke so animatedly about her son Christian which let me know immediately she wouldn’t dare let anyone have her without her son. She was a good mother. She knew all his hobbies, favorite foods, his interest in art, etc. She had homeschooled him at first, wanting to give him her knowledge and when it came time to enroll him, she did.

She had warmed up to me before she knew it and her body language had even became welcoming, relaxed at their easy conversations. I was happy. Aware that I’d have to be careful to listen to her, I wouldn’t slip up. I wanted to know her on a personal level as I knew myself.

Christopher arrived a bit later as he had to exchange Christian with Ivy, but when he stood at our table, time seemed to stop as him and Kayleen made eye contact for the first time. They were obviously smitten with each other.

Me and Renee saw this and smiled at each other discreetly.

I made introductions and he sat down at the table with us where the conversation began flowing comfortably again.


Lamar was such a sweetie. He told me so much about him and his family. I returned the favor as much as I could without mentioning my parents or Christian’s father. Lamar didn’t ask and for that I was grateful. That would come out soon enough...

Little did we know we were being watched. Little did I know I had been found by who I had run away from, Christian’s father had found me.

We waited on our food, talked, and laughed. Lamar successfully managed to make me comfortable. I had become infatuated with him at this point even flirting with him. For the first time I was thinking it was about time I put my past behind me and move on.

Then the impossible happened.

The man who had impregnated me, stood at our table. Lamar immediately stood to shake his hand as I sat there frozen. How did they know each other?

All I could think about was my son. I wasn’t afraid anymore what more could he do that he hadn’t done already. I knew I could never escape him, all I could do was make sure Christian was not harmed.

He had told me if I ever left he find me and if he couldn't have me, nobody would. I’d be damned if Christian got in the middle. I looked at Lamar. He had almost made me hope and have faith again, but now I had to let him go.

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