The Driver

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Run or Fight


I was waiting on Renee’s laughter to fill the air since I had been telling her jokes and funny stories, but I noticed Renee’s attention elsewhere. I turned to where her eyes were fixed in shock, it was my acquaintance Cane. I personally didn’t like him, but we still ran in the same circles.

We never liked each other especially since he tried to bully my sister Kayleen into tracking down his 16-year-old stepsister. I stood to shake and greet him while his eyes were on Renee in a predatory glare.

“Cane. Renee.” He shook my hand, briskly.

“Nice to see you Lamar, is this the new flavor of the week? Renee huh? That’s new, seemed you’d disappeared off the face of the Earth. Where is the child?” He said, never taking his eyes off Renee.

Warning bells were going off in my head right now.

Her eyes had turned empty, that sparkle gone as if her soul had fled her body. I ignored Cane as Renee stood her lifeless eyes turned to me.

She ignored Cane. “Lamar, it was a pleasure.” She walked away and I froze trying to put the pieces together. Fuck! Why else would he know her? Sick bastard.

I stood to catch up with her and Cane reached out to grab me. “She belongs to me Lamar. Always has, always will.” I didn’t give a fuck, I floored the bastard. I had to go get my woman.

I knocked the smirk off his face with my fist.

“Be fucking glad that’s all I can do to you here. I’ll kill you if I see you again!” I snarled.

If what I believed was to be true... Cane had raped her, and he would disappear, permanently. It wasn’t a threat but a promise.

I caught up to her right outside the restaurant, her face up towards the sky, her eyes closed as rain fell upon it. She was beautiful, so beautiful. It was like pain radiated from her, but face was peaceful.

As I whispered her name, those beautiful eyes she stared at me with had darkened in resignation. I quickly hugged her holding her as tight as I could before I pulled back. She gave me a small smile, and I gently grabbed the keys out of her hands not sure how close to breaking she was. Me and Kayleen led her to the car.

When I started the car she whispered, “Christian.”

“I’ll take you to him right now Renee, right now.”


Take me away... Is what I wanted to say but I couldn’t keep running from Cane. Just when I had finally settled into the bright city, I had come to love suddenly everything had been ripped from under me. It was like I was that scared little girl running away after I found out I was pregnant.

Lamar kept glancing at me, but I couldn’t bring myself to look at him and reassure him. I would break, and right now I needed to be strong to get my son out of this. I felt so lost and disoriented right now.

Soon we were on my street, it was so peaceful. Everyone had put up their Christmas decorations and our street looked so amazing, attracting a lot of visitors. Reaching my house, I saw people stopping and starring at it. I knew we went a little overboard this year, but it was all for Christian and I was happy I did, thanks to Lamar. I stayed in a very nice middle-class neighborhood and they took their holiday decorations serious to the point we had competitions. Every year before this I had been too broke to do anything but put up the tree, buy Christian Christmas presents, and decorate the outside of the house with cheap decorations. But this year we had won thanks to Lamar.

Me, Lamar, Christopher, & Christian had had so much fun putting up everything, it was a great bonding experience for us. Lamar had come to adore Christian and Christian loved Lamar since he could play Call of Duty and some ball. They talked on the phone all the time when he wasn’t over. Things had been going so great and then this had to happen. What was I going to do now?

Suddenly I snapped forward making Lamar jump and swerve a little as he pulled into the driveway. He glanced at me as I rushed to get into the house. He gently pulled me to him.

“Renee?! Please tell me what’s going on.”

I looked at Lamar. “I’m not going back to that bastard!”

“Mom?” Christian called, running to me as my boss Chris walked behind him.

“You guys are early.” He said menacingly glaring at Lamar. “You hurt my girl?”

Lamar took a step back and raising his hands. I quickly spoke up. “No, quite the opposite but something bad... ” I broke off looking pointedly at Christian.

“Hey babe. How was school? How was lunch with ole Unc Chris?”

“Great mommy, but I’m tired and I know it's past my bedtime.” He said, hugging me and kissing my cheek before running off to get ready for bed.

“Well, what happened that was so bad that you guys came back earlier than expected?” Chris said expectantly. I sighed. Lamar wrapped his arms around me, and I relaxed. My resolve was set. I wouldn’t run, I would fight back this time.

“Cane found me.”

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