The Driver

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I arrived at my son’s school with our lunch around 12 pm. When I walked into the school’s main office, I couldn’t help but smile at the secretary behind the desk. My best friend and next door neighbor Ivy, was here. She knew Christopher and my days, and already had my visitor’s pass ready.

“Hey bestie. How are you?”

“Hey best friend. I’m peeved, Chris gave me a last minute crazy ass assignment. After lunch, I’m going downtown to get a suit because Chris assured my rider that I’d be a man. How crazy is that?”

“Pretty crazy, I’ll give him a stern talk tomorrow when he comes with Christian’s lunch.”

“Thanks babe! ” I smiled at her. ” How are you?”

“Pregnancy test was a negative again.” She sighed , “They don’t know if it was the donor’s sperm or my egg that didn’t take.”

“Aw, Ivy-” I was about to start until she coughed, glancing behind me. I turned to look.

I saw that the principal had come in behind me. He didn’t know that me and Ivy knew each other outside of school, we both wanted to keep it that way. He was one of those wanna be hot shots & had sex with anything female, except Ivy. He was eyeing my shape until he glanced at my face. He averted his gaze, turned and walked back out of the office. Me and Ivy started giggling.

I had caused quite a disturbance a while ago, and wanted Ivy to keep this job as long as possible.

He knew of me because Christian came home with a F a while back for writing in cursive in his 3rd grade class. His teacher became angry, reprimanded him for it, and tried to fail him. She refused to hear me out about changing his grade or testing him to see if he could be placed into a higher grade. She refused and I went to the principal. He was too busy trying to get into my pants than do anything productive about the situation and I got pissed.

I took the paper to the board of education and reported Christian’s teacher and the principal. The teacher was fired, the principal suspended without pay, and Christian was tested before being moved up to 5th grade. I didn’t feel bad either.

“Do you want me to call him down or let you go up to see him?” Ivy asked me.

I smiled, “I’ll go up, Christopher said his teacher wanted to talk to me.”

“You remember his home room right?”

“Yep. Room 505. See ya, babe.”

“See ya.”


I walked to his class, peering in from the door. He was in the little reading nook sitting in a beanbag, reading a book while the other children were taking a test. I knew he had already finished all his work and by the wide smile on his teacher’s face to see me, she had good news for me.

She made her way to me and I stepped into the doorway.

“Good Afternoon, Mrs. Mack.”

“Good Afternoon, Ms. Renee, picking Christian up early today?”

“Lunch today. I heard that it was something you wanted to talk to me about?”

“Yes, I’ve been meaning to contact you about Christian’s test results. He is still off our charts. I know that we have moved him up to 5th grade, but he is actually quite too advanced for this school.”

“Thank you.” I said smiling so hard. Hearing that was everything to me. I had home schooled him at first, out of fear of my family finding us. Chris talked me into putting him into public school. He had assured me that both of us were under his protection and safe, and I needed to stop babying Christian.

“So I need to put him in middle school already?”

“Yes, but don’t worry. I’ve written down the name and information about the best charter school in our city here. I can guarantee that he’ll excel there. Especially since he hates it here.”

“What ? He hates it here?”

“He ignores the other students.” She sighed. “He barely tolerates me.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” I said, this was my first time hearing about this and I frowned.

“Don’t be, he’s not disrespectful to me at all. He’s an angel compared to these-”

The students, noticing the attention of the teacher’s elsewhere began to whisper, causing Christian to look up and around in annoyance. When he finally saw me in the doorway, he beamed at me. “Hey mom!”

He looked so relieved that I felt bad, he’d never told me he hated this school. He immediately began getting his things and met me at the door. “Hey baby.”

“What’s for lunch today?” He asked, trying to take the containers of food from my hands.

“You gonna have to wait and see like always.” I said, smacking his hand away from our food.

“Ugh Ma!” His teacher and I laughed at him as he pretended to choke himself. She handed me his test results, a voucher, and a personal recommendation letter. Empire was expensive but brilliant children who couldn’t afford it could go for free with a voucher. It wasn’t going to be a problem after tomorrow, so I thanked her and turned to hug my son.

“I’m sorry Christian.” I said once we were alone.

“For what Mom?” He asked. “Nothing’s wrong.”

“I’m sorry you hated it here and I didn’t know. I’m so sorry.” I whispered.

He groaned. “Its fine mom. I didn’t want you to worry.”

I kissed his forehead. “Its my job to worry baby. Now we have to get you registered for a school where you might love but it’ll mean that you have to move away from home. It’ll mean that you’ll be in class with older kids that are as intelligent. You might even have to compete with-”

“Mom, this is dope. I know I’m seven years old but I feel older, I’m sure I can handle that.”

“But you’d be away from me all week.”

“And with you all weekend. If you don’t let me go now , you’ll never let me go.” He stated. “I would like to go.”

“Okay.” I sucked it up and stopped pouting. “Let’s smash.”

He opened his container, saw that it was Thai food, grabbed his fork & gave me the biggest smile. “My favorite, dope! My mom is dope!”

I burst out laughing, grabbing my own. And smash we did.

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