The Driver

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Second Meeting

When I woke, my boys were already gone. Wednesday’s were Chris & Christian’s days so I didn’t have to worry about him while I went out on this assignment. I knew that once Ivy saw Chris she was going to give Chris a stern talking to for his last minute assignment.

Chris had laid my suit out on the other side of my bed along side the folder that held my assignment. Chris was so good to me, but he was not my man and I needed to get one.

I checked my phone to see that Chris texted me to update myself on the billionaire’s preferences in the file. I paused to do so, it seemed that the billionaire had recently gotten injured. He demanded that the driver open the door for him upon arrival.

Usually I didn’t open doors for anyone but it was a job, I was going to secure the bag by any means.

I took my time, dressing in the suit with care. I curled my short hair into a boyish style and put on some shades. Wasn’t much I could do about my delicate feminine neck or my tale tale lips but whatever. They were too pink and soft looking so no lip gloss today. I didn’t care if he figured out I was a woman or not but I’d rather get it over and done with no issues.

For the ride, I borrowed a black 2019 Lincoln navigator, it was a nice classic car I guess, right? Matter of fact, I was more into mustangs but I’d settled for a 2019 Kia Sportage for Christian. He had seen one, wanted it and I got it.

Wednesday’s were Chris & Christian’s days so I didn’t have to worry about him while I went out on this assignment. I smirked because I knew Ivy was giving Chris a stern talking to for this last minute assignment.

I pulled up at the location at 9:50 am. I knew from the zip code that my client would be staying in a mansion, and he did not disappoint.

I parked and waited for 10:15 am, the time scheduled for his ride, while I studied his house. Once the front door opened and my client stepped out. He had on shades so I couldn’t read his profile like I wanted. He was tall, looked like he was in pain, and walked with a limp. I tensed, confusion filled me as I tried to figure out what had caused the instant tension. I tried to thin out my lips to make them look less plump and soft as he walked towards the car.

‘At this point is what it is,’ I thought as I gave up on trying to thin my lips when he came close enough. I was a woman, only a blind man would mistake me for anything else. I averted my gaze, stepping outside so that I could open the door for the billionaire. Once he got close enough, I felt the height distance like it was a smack in the face. He was the billionaire from the store.

The billionaire paused, stared at me then my suit for a moment. His face was unreadable, I held my breath for a brief moment before he frowned and jerked his head at the car as if I was a dog.

What. A. Bastard.

I opened the car door for him, noting that he had his arm in a sling. I swear I couldn’t control the chuckle that escaped me when he tried to slide into the car and bumped his injured wrist on something, cursing.

“Would you like to share whatever it is that has amused you?” He said in annoyance. “Take a look around. This is one of the mansions I designed. Something you wouldn’t have been able to afford in your whole life until you took this job for me, hmm not even now.” He said snidely. “You should thank me, really, but half a mil is nothing for me like it is for you.”

My mouth twitched with the effort not to tell him off. He still hadn’t learned his lesson and I tensed with the need to hurt him. I took a deep breath, I am soooo not gonna go there today. I wasn’t gonna lose my once in a lifetime chance to make half a mil.

“Good choice.” He remarked to my back. God, men could be so fucking childish. He groaned when he struggled to close the car door behind himself. I paused and turned to give him a polite smile but I was starting to get annoyed with him.

“Take your time, sir, I can see that you got serious disabilities.” He jerked as if I had hit him, finally managing to slam the door. I ignored his glare, returning to my place behind the wheel. I counted to ten to focus on something else besides this ignorant man.

I guess when he realized glaring at me had no point he pulled out his laptop. As his attention shifted, I calmed down.

Halfway to Texas, he had a phone call. “My time is valuable, what?” He answered. Wow, this man’s pride was sickening.

He tsked. “Ashley. I asked you not to call me anymore.”

Her response.

“I told you that our week together was purely sexual, no strings... You know that I don’t do commitment, and if I did you aren’t the one. You told every reporter who’d give you the time of day that you were my soon to be fiancée. I hope you enjoyed your temporary fame.”

Her response.

“Yes well, if you wanted respect you wouldn’t have came onto me for sex the first time we met. You didn’t have a shred a dignity, self control, or morals. Quite frankly, you didn’t even have walls as I remember. Goodbye.”

I could feel that aggravating ass stare but I didn’t say a word.

“Would you like to take a break?” I asked him politely.

“No.” he sneered. “Just fucking drive.”

Livid, I wanted to kick his ass six ways to Sunday but I kept my eyes on the road and maintained my professionalism. Disrespectful prick. Thank God for the shades I wore to hide my expression. I actually stepped on the gas so that I was pushing 100. I needed to get him the fuck out of the car and away from me before I broke something else. I kept myself in check.

Hey, look at my growth, I deserved a cookie or two.

I still could feel his freaking stare his toxic energy filled the car. It seemed like I was driving forever before I saw the Welcome to Texas sign. I sighed in relief, I was almost there. energy was toxic. Ew. Thank God we we’re three minutes away from the destination.

“Damn Women.” He sighed. “All of them are money hungry and whores.”

Naw I needed the whole damn cookie jar after this.

My patience finally ran out and I just couldn’t hold my silence any longer. “I have truly been seriously disgusted with your attitude! Not all women are money hungry or whores. Is that how you view your mother? Your sisters?!” I was going to give this billionaire a rant that I hoped he wouldn’t forget.

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