The Driver

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“Men do the same thing women do, yet, when its women doing it, there’s a double standard. Its not fair. That’s like me saying all men are rapists because a select few felt like the word ‘no’ didn’t stop anything but a sentence. You should stop assuming, you’re making these assumptions off of the women you like to deal with. Don’t judge all women based off what you’ve allowed into your life.” I pulled up at the front of the building and opened his door for him.

He stepped out frowning. “You wouldn’t understand.”


I smiled genuinely for the first time because my job was now finished. I hadn’t beat his ass thus far and had delivered him safely to his location. I forgot my dimples would definitely give me away.

He stiffened and caught me off guard by snatching my shades off.

“You! I knew I remembered that suit from yesterday!”

“Yep Me. Flattered you remember. I hope you’ve learned your lesson. Have a great day, sir.” I blew him a kiss.

I was so bad ass!

He once again like last time grabbed my arm as I walked off. I gave his hand a glare and he immediately let go and took a step back. Then another, before he looked at me warily. I smirked, he definitely remembered my lesson.

“Sir. I’ve done my job. Is there anything else?” I smiled, cockily.

“I specifically asked for a male driver, you’re obviously a woman. I should get a refund for the amount I’ve paid for this. I’m tired of women trying to do me or manipulate me instead of just doing their jobs.”

Was he insane? I just had to spell it out for this dumb ass.

“I have no intention of doing you, manipulating you, or continuing this conversation with you. I did my job. I assure you, I am not interested.” I scoffed. He was starting to turn red in the face. Oh, somebody was getting a little flustered.

“Look, you demanded a driver last minute and there are consequences to waiting last minute. I had a job to do, its done.” As far as I was concerned his ass could take several seats, I didn’t want his ass.

“Do you know who I am?”

This again? I didn’t give a fuck.

“You’re nobody to me. Who cares? Please take a hint. Good day.” I turned to walk away.

“Wait! You really don’t know who I am?”

I sighed. “No, I only know you’re the guy who needed a lift to Texas for business by 6:00 pm and sir, its 6:00 pm.”

“Your name?” He asked, stopping me once again.

“I don’t care for yours. You shouldn’t care for mine.” I got into the car and started the long ass drive home.

When I was almost back Christopher called. It was almost 3:00 am.

“Hey baby girl. He has deposited $1 million in your bank account.”

“1 million?! Your freaking kidding!?” I had almost crashed this damn car.

“What did that mouth do?” He joked.

“Talk shit, boss, what else?” I smirked. “You know that this was the same guy I had the misfortune of meeting yesterday. He didn’t recognize me immediately, but he was still a total asshole to me. Today he was a lil salty when he remembered me. No more billionaires boss.”

“I hate to be the bearer of bad news, you’re now his designated driver Renee.”

I grimaced. “Loving the support, G.”

“Sorry. On the bright side you made some major cash today. Fair warning, flowers are fucking everywhere in your office.”

“What Flowers?”

“The billionaire bought you flowers, I might actually be jealous.”

“Whatever. Pulling up now.” I ended the call.

I was so tired when I scanned my pass card and stepped into the building greeted by Christopher.

He gave me a big hug. “Congratulations. You made a fucking million dollars today!”

“Thank you Christopher. Where’s Christian?” I asked.

“With Ivy. She told Christian that she had a new Avenger’s movie and he abandoned me. I laughed at his expression. He kissed my cheek, left to lock the car in his private garage before bringing mine around to the front of the building like he always did after my assignments.

I smiled to myself, jumping a little while I headed to the elevator. My tiredness left when it opened and I was nearly running down the hallway to see my office.

It was beautiful, the way the flowers all were arranged around my office.

But this wasn’t like one of those stories on Wattpad when the arrogant guy got the girl like that. Smirk. He had to work for me.

I was a black single mom, being realistic I must’ve intrigued him for now but it wouldn’t take long for him to lose interest. Especially if he knew I was a mommy. I had way more respect for myself and my son to let that happen.

“Oh he left a card.”


All this as an apology? This billionaire was a mess. I had no time for this, but I had to secure the bag. If he tried something again, he’d regret it because I was going to leave him gravely injured next time.

There was a knock at the door and I looked up already knowing it was Chris. “You ready to go get our boy and go home?” He asked. “Or we can go get Ihop first.”

“Will you help me carry these follows to the car?”

“Yes. Can I keep two vases to send to my mother and Nana?” He asked.

“Yeah.” I responded. This caused a twinge of sadness to flair up in my chest as I thought about my own mother. It had been about 8 years since I saw her, but I shoved that feeling deep down. She was toxic and nothing good would ever come from me contacting her again. She’d put me in harms way intentionally, and hadn’t protected me when I needed her most. She’d do it again in a heartbeat too.

“Remind me to send one to Ivy as well.”

“Will do.” He nodded, grabbing an arm full of flowers.

“Well okay, let’s go to Ihop.” I said, picking up some flowers too.

I successfully secured the bag and got on a Billionaire’s Radar.

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