The Driver

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A few weeks later

The next couple of weeks passed with no new jobs, no word from Lamar Maxwell.

I was actually disappointed.

I stood in front of the kitchen sink washing dishes and totally checking Chris out while he mowed the lawn.

I just needed some penis. 7 years was a longggggg time.

There was a knock at the door & I was jilted out of my daydreaming, I glanced at Christian who had fallen asleep. Chris was no longer in my line of sight but he wouldn’t knock since he lived here.

I bit my lip. Who would it be? I shrugged it off and went to answer the door. It probably was Ivy.

I opened the door, and there stood Lamar with a very flustered Ivy standing next to him.. Lamar smiled at me, holding everything I was planning on getting from Wal-Mart in his arms.

“Crap. C’mon.” I grabbed most of the gifts, running to put them away. These were mostly Christian’s Christmas gifts so I had to hurry.


“I’m on it doll.” She said, grabbing gifts and stashing them.

“Hey?” Lamar said, stepping in the house confused, but me and Ivy had dipped.

When I returned I grabbed more gifts saying, “Ivy can tell you how you can help?” I smiled at him. “Just one moment, got to hide this. Christian is home.” I explained.

“Oh, I’ll help...”

We had just enough time to hide Christian’s presents before he woke.

“Hey.” I greeted them both when we finally got done.

“Hey Renee.” He replied smiling at me while Ivy stayed mute. We were all out of breath from rushing to put everything away. Just when I realized Lamar and Ivy was looking at each other, Chris came in shirtless and drenched in sweat at that exact moment.

I wondered if... nope not gonna go there. Stop it, hormones, you’ve known the guy 7 years and he hadn’t made one move in all that time.

Woman quit playing, you should make the first move! Its been 7 years since penis has entered your vagina!

I blushed at the direction my mind was going in. “Welp, welcome to my home, Lamar.” I turned, motioning my arms to invite him to explore. “ You've met Ivy, and that sleepy head over there on the couch is my son, Christian.” When I turned back, he was looking around.

Chris, however, was looking at me. More specifically, my ass. I still had on my booty shorts and I saw him looking. Lawd, save me. What was going on?

“Nice house...Well I was here to apologize, again, for scaring you off, Renee. And I wanted to make it up to you...”

“Don’t apologize for being straightforward. It’s just that, I wasn’t ready to face my issues.” I replied.

“Renee? What happened? Did you not tell me everything? You know I am here for you whenever you need me.” Chris said entering my line of sight, clearly concerned.

Stop looking at his dick print. He suddenly pulled me to him, flush against him. “I’m serious.” He looked down into my eyes as he said it, which I found so sexy. I was about to jump him!

As long as I finally got some bomb penis, I was down.

No! This was Christopher I was talking about. My boss. My bestfriend.

Lamar cleared his throat. “We could all hang out, have the discussions that we need to have, and get to know each other.” Lamar said, looking solely at Chris. One look at Ivy’s face and I could tell that she was trying to keep from laughing.

“Lamar this is my boss, Christopher Wallace, the man you contacted that gave me the assignment to take you to Texas.”

“You live with your boss?” He raised his eyebrows.

Oh, shoot. This did look quite suspicious. “Its not like that.” I chuckled. “Its a long story but basically he rescued me from a homeless shelter, brought me home, he paid for my education and training to defend myself, and gave me my job. He was present for Christian's birth, but becoming lovers never happened. Were really good friends. Right Ivy?"

"Right doll." She confirmed. "I've been in the picture just as long and... nothings happened."

Christian took that moment to wake up. "Mom! I'm hungry!"

“Lamar, you can meet Christian and hang with us. We’re having an Avenger’s marathon tonight. Stay for dinner.” His eyes bugged out as I led him into the family room where Christian was stretching.

“Are you sure?”

I nodded, smiling at his nervousness. “Christian, set up the movies!"

"Yes, ma'am."

Who do you guys want Renee to end up with? The Billionaire Lamar or Her boss Christopher?

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