The Driver

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Suprise pt 2


A huge package had arrived for Christian from Lamar this morning. More presents and I had just enough time to hide it before he came downstairs. He had written another note.

‘I hope you like surprises- LM’

I checked my cell to see I had a text from Chris asking me to come in. I got lost in my thoughts and had to I rush to my boss’s office wondering if I’d missed anything. I rushed in without knocking, hearing him threatening somebody on the phone.

“...I’ll personally break your face.”

I scolded him, even though he was the boss.

“Christopher Lee Macklin. I am appalled by your behavior! ” He rolled his eyes and stuck out his tongue. “You stop that immediately, give me that phone so I can apologize for you.” I said, reaching for it.

He held it just out of my grasp listening intently on whatever was being said. Then he said, “12:30 it is.” And immediately hung up.

“Who was that?” I said suspiciously.

“You have a customer, Renee. You will be on call today sweetie.”

“On call?! What about all the crap about being Lamar’s designated driver? You know I hate on call jobs. What if I’m late picking my son up?” I whined.

“Then he’ll spend some time with me. Relax, its always money to be made but this really was a good ass deal Renee. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself. ”

Walking out the door to head up to my office, I muttered, “Why would I enjoy myself?”

Christopher was the first person I had came across when I was running from Christian’s father.

If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have my blackbelt, this job and I might’ve still been in that shelter where he’d found me. He knew my situation and what I had been through and never judged me or looked down on me. We had a great friendship allowing me to joke around with him when I wasn’t driving people to locations. It also helped that I kept the customers coming back requesting for me.


I thought I had scared her off permanently. Renee was just like that cold glass of water after a good run on a hot day. Just refreshing. I have had my fair share of women and I swore that I thought them to all be the same until now.

Until Renee.

Unapologetically black, direct to the point of being rude, and beautiful. She was it for me.

Renee didn’t care to know me or how much money I was worth, she still didn’t know who I was, not really. I frowned, how could I get her to be mine?

Not as an conquest, of course. She wouldn’t be another notch in my belt. I can’t believe I’m thinking this but I wanted her in my life, permanently if that was possible. I could only hope our terrible beginning didn’t ruin my plans for us.

No other woman besides my sister had ever stood up to me, never-mind that she’d kicked my ass and put me in my place. She broke my wrist and kneed me in my balls, but I deserved it. I was fucking crazy for even standing here thinking this but I wanted her and I wasn’t going anywhere.

I called my sister, Kaylen. It had actually been years since I talked to her last.

“What brother?” She answered, already on guard. “It’s been four years since we last talked.”

“I know, and I’m sorry. I need you to do some research for me.”

“Why would I do that?”

“I met someone. Her name is Renee. It’s serious.”

“Wow. I’ve never heard you say that before...”

“I um, I really like her.”

“I just have to know who she is now! Oh how the mighty has fallen.” Kaylen mocked.

“You have no idea... Just call me back when your finished. I have to go.” I hung up before she responded.

Then I called Renee’s job asking for her personally to drop me off at a location and have lunch with me. Of course she wouldn’t know, it was gonna be a surprise.

I had sent a package of all kinds of Christmas décor to her house. I had noticed a sign on the edge of her street that said, ‘Décor Competition. Vote for best house.’

I’d never been in a romantic relationship or anything like that but I knew I’d have to sneak up on her. Stubborn woman.

Renee & Lamar had a decent middle class home, but not much décor up for Christmas. Christian had mentioned that she tried with the Christmas decorations, but he really wanted to win the competition this year. Well I was gonna make it happen for him. For them.

“I don’t care if you’re a billionaire, I’ll personally break your face.”

I heard her scolding him for talking to a customer like that and couldn’t help but smile. She didn’t know it was me.

I assured him I had no intention of hurting her. I would have to take her on a date to show her I wasn’t afraid to show her off. Things had changed drastically for me, my outlook, my perspectives on certain things had shifted, and I didn’t mind dating outside my race at all. I was pulling out all of my cards for her.

“Have her be at there at exactly 12:30pm.” I hung up shortly after that. I knew that she had told me that her & Christopher were just friends but he was very protective of her and threatened me. I couldn’t help wondering about her relationship with her... Did he feel the same way she felt, or did he want her just as much as I did? I couldn’t help it, I smiled.

“Renee you’re mine.” I accepted the challenge.

Saying I was nervous was an understatement. I was anxious.
Would she come? Did she know she was going on a date with me? A business date but still a date. I wanted her to see what I did for a living firsthand.

I cleared my mind. She would come, if not I’d go get her myself.

I had to meet with a acquaintance I’d met once or twice in college that wanted me to draw up plans for a customized house that had hidden doors and a basement that had a fingerprint access to it. It rubbed me the wrong way which was why I had asked to see the man to requested it in person.

I found myself wondering what she would wear. I groaned picking up my phone.

Kayleen answered on the first ring. “Did you get your woman?”

“Not yet. She’s a hard one. I need a favor.”


“I tricked her into a date, I’m not sure if she has anything to wear so...”

“I’m on it. Finally I can meet this little vixen that has my brother wrapped around her finger.”

“Whatever you do, don’t tell her anything. We’ve had a rough start and one that started with me getting kneed in the balls.”

“I already approve.” She said ending the call.

I could only hope I haven’t made a huge mistake by allowing them to meet.


The moment I reached my office, and updated my calendar, to keep up with my rides, there was a phone call.


“Hey Renee.”

“Ivy? Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, I’m here to deliver you something. Is it alright if I come up?” Ivy asked.

“Sure. Sure.” I answered. I was freaking bored and needed some conversation.

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