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He broke me with every hurtful glare, even more sharp words I felt humiliated, scared and hopeless Then, he come and started treating me like a fragile, wounded dove He took care of me, but silently Marriage. Marriage really is a powerful word and, in true sense, is gamble of life. This simple yet powerful word has the power to change someone's life completely. And I was no exception. Well, I'm Crystal Jones. No, I was Crystal Jones just a couple of hours back, but now I hold a new identity. Now I belong to someone I don't know at all. I am sitting in the car heading to my new home with husband who is wearing a blank look on his face, completely ignoring me. One thing is clear, he is not someone who cares about anything, maybe except himself. I am feeling like trapped in this loveless marriage. I am scared. I don't find any hope to hold upon. And I don't know if I ever will be able to find happiness. || He broke me with every hurtful glare, even more sharp words. || I felt humiliated, scared and hopeless. Then, he come and started treating me like a fragile, wounded dove. He took care of me, but silently.

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Eilish Rose
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Ethan Reynolds is a 28 years old Billionaire and CEO of Reynolds Empire. He is a difficult man to deal with especially when he has anger issues. He is unpredictable and dangerous. He has bold personality and on the top of that, he doesn’t hesitate in throwing insults. He likes order in his life and certainly bends the rules according to his wishes. However, this time he has to marry a girl his grandparents chose for him many years ago. And the girl is a big mystery to him as she is more unpredictable than him and is beyond his understanding. But his emotionally closed off nature is a big hurdle as he hates being in a relationship. But his wife, wears her emotions on her face.

Crystal Jones is 22 years old kindhearted and shy girl. She is an extremely introvert girl who loves to be alone and solitude is her best friend. She day dreams, and for her, the world is colorful. She has a childish side, but that is only for the people whom she is close with. But, she has to marry Ethan and she has no idea how to deal with a stranger who gets angry and behaves unpredictably. For a girl, who has never been in any relationship and has zero experience in dealing with men like Ethan, this marriage is going to be a challenge.  Being an extreme introvert, she doesn’t open up easily and definitely over thinks a simple situation and her conflicting thoughts often confuse her.

For the first time in his life, Ethan is going to discover that there are still innocent souls which don’t have a bad bone in their body and those soft and naive people are just so special in their own cute little colorful weird way. But falling in love is not that simple for this couple. They embark on a journey which is complex and twisted, but eventually they will reach their destination.

Please read this before STARTING THIS BOOK...

What do INTROVERTS do when they fall in LOVE?

Yes, she would confuse you because perhaps you have never encountered an extreme introvert person in your whole life... and I hardly found two books which had INTROVERT HEROINE...!! and honestly, many people are not kind to these sensitive and kind heart people.

usually INTROVERTS do not hurt any body.

This Post is IMPORTANT if you have no idea what is a personality type. EVERY person has a personality and it doesn't change overnight. MOSTLY.... personality doesn't change at all...!!

because a serial killer doesn't become a saint in the blink of an eye!


SO if you have no idea what an introvert is, read this book to educate yourself, or just ignore it if you're not ready to understand this type of people. because there is no need to all riled up about a certain way of behavior, just because you don't behave in such a way....!!


and RosaScarlet55    (wattpad user) wrote is beautiful comment summarizing the physical intimacy in this single sentence... THANKS GIRL....

When will people understand that physical intimacy is not everything in a relationship otherwise nobody would ever have cheated.

It describes a person who tends to turn inward mentally. Introverts sometimes avoid large groups of people, feeling more energized by time alone. The opposite of an introvert is an extrovert, who finds energy in interactions with others.

For an introvert, constantly being told that "you're quiet" is a lot like telling an extrovert that they "never shut up." It's unnecessarily rude and comes with the implication that there is something wrong with the individual.


Asking an introvert to open up is as rude as asking an extrovert to shut up.

What do INTROVERT do when they fall in LOVE?
I found these two answers on QUORA  which are so damn TRUE!!!

I really want to thank these two amazing people for penning this answer down so beautifully....!!

ANSWER ONE by Dipak Anuj

♥ Basically introverts don't care much about interacting with others. They love to live in their own imaginary world.

But when they fall in love,

That's the most Innocent & Beautiful moment for them.

♥ They don't care much about anyone's looks, how hot she is or how cool he is, they just love the person for who they are.

♥ When they fall in love they never look or think about another person. They just need your love.

♥ They don’t care about your hateful past. They just want your happy future with them.

♥ They create thousand of stories with their love in their imaginary world.

♥ They love to buy gifts and making diy's for their partner.

♥ They don't like dumb talks but from their partner they love everything, whatever it is, even if it's crap.

♥ They imagine you in every song and smile like an idiot .

♥ They feel jealous when they see you with others.

♥ They are not active on social media but they collect all information about you.

♥ They not only listen to you, they observe how you feel, what you like, what you hate. How many friends do you have? They just want to know everything about you.

♥ They feel sad when you are sad. They are happy when you are happy.

♥Your little attention or company makes them crazy; they feel like a bird flying in the sky.

♥ They are private people but when they are in love they share everything with you and even ask for your advice.

♥ They love to see your face through their eyes and listen to your voice.

♥ When you ignore them they start over thinking on it, they cry for you; they just close their room and start over thinking about it and then crying silently all over again.

♥ They saved your all photos without you knowing about it and when you are not with them, they just look at your pic and smile like a fool.

♥ They note down every event and important dates.

♥ They blush a lot when they are talking with you , and remember every word, every details about you.

♥ They love to hold your hands and then they say





We introverts are quite quiet.

♥ They take great care of your feelings, and they expect the favor to be returned.

♥ They never see you like a girlfriend or boyfriend, they see their life partner in you.

♥They are misunderstood by the ones they love… The pain they feel is immense and unimaginable to extroverts.

Yes they love to be alone but they hate loneliness.

ANSWER TWO by Roma Shahani

Trust me, they have the most beautiful encounters with love.

Introverts, when fall for someone, fall too hard. It's like a sharp blow, a havoc in their serene world.

They have never let anyone too close, except for a few friends, and suddenly, you're violating all their borders.

They want to stop you, they want to resist you every bit, cause they know you have the capacity to affect them like no one else. They are too soft, too vulnerable with their feelings.

And yet, you're there, painting their small, dimly lit world into all sorts of bright rainbow colors. Damn, they wish they could throw you out of their cocoon, but you're so good, they cannot help.

Suddenly all those love-lorn songs make sense to them.

You are the romance to them, that they thought would never scent their life, the fairytale they thought they'd never receive.

Before they realize, they are waiting for your calls. They try to keep the conversations going, but are terrible at it.

They steal glances at you, at least they think so. If you're alert enough, you'd know they actually are staring. Plain, innocent staring.

So many of introverts are infact great painters, writers, musicians, etc. If you want to know if they really care about you, closely observe their art, it is their way of expressing everything that they'd rather not express.

And yes, they won't make the first move. They won't approach first, how much ever love-sick they are.

How to deal with them: you can't. Give them time, give them space, and let them come at their own pace.

The reason introverts have the most beautiful versions of love is, they don't allow people to taint it or the world to contaminate it. They embrace love in the most sincere way: pure and innocent.

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