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Chapter 4



I was trying hard to get ready, but it seemed as if time was running faster than usual.

I was not the kind of girl who took hours to get ready. However, Ethan’s ultimatum was making me anxious. I was beyond confused that why he wanted me to come with him.

I didn’t work in his office, and I had no idea what he did. Before marriage, this was only thing that I had control over– not knowing what my future husband’s work was. I was so pissed off at my deceased grandparents that why did they arranged my marriage with this man. Heck! I was a child when they promised my hand into this marriage and took promise from my parents to fulfill this arrangement.

Final nail in the coffin was my non-existent dating life– all the guys were interested in Jones name, not in the petite girl with nerd personality.

And the world labels women as gold-diggers!

My gaze fell on the wall clock, and it was enough to get me out of self-pity. Five minutes left until his deadline. I was ready to go except I didn’t wear any shoes, instead I grabbed them in my hands along with my purse and went out of the room as I didn’t want to run in three inch heels. Since I didn’t know for what purpose I was going to his office, I opted to wear a pastel blue jump suit.

I ran out of the main door, and by the time I was stepping down the steps I was out of breath. Before I could descend all the eight steps, an expensive and shining black car pulled in front of me. It was too close to the steps as if the driver did it on purpose. If I stood on the ground, it would brush me.

A realization started to sink in that I was probably going to be hit by this car. This thought shook me with fear, and I knew who was behind the wheel despite the fact, it was impossible to see through black tinted glass.

The window rolled down, I was greeted with the sight of my husband already looking at me, his mouth twitched a little. He knew he scared me in that moment, and if his expressions displayed anything, I was sure he had made a mental note how to scare me. His hardened green eyes promised me that he was going to be my tormentor.

“Get in the car. I don’t have whole day for your laziness,” his loud voice jerked me to the action.

Without wasting any time, I opened the door and sat in the passenger seat. He didn’t wait for me to buckle my seat belt before driving.

Sitting with him was a torture for number of reasons. First, he was driving very fast, and second, the silence in the car was bothering me.

I was terrible at small talks, and in that moment I was cursing myself for being an introvert. I should have learned some social skills because I needed those in this marriage.

My feet brushed with something, and I jerked a little. I bent forward to look what touched my feet– it was my heels. During this whole time I didn’t realize I was sitting barefoot. I grabbed heels and started wearing it to keep myself distracted. I was aware that Ethan was looking at me every now and then. He must have thought I was a crazy women.

Adding to the list of my embarrassing moments of day, my stomach rumbled, and the sound was loud enough to catch Ethan’s attention. Thankfully, he ignored and didn’t say anything.

I was ready to do anything to get out of this car; however, New York’s traffic was adding miseries in my life. Every now and then, there was traffic and we were stuck together in the car, longer than usual.

I thanked God when we reached in front of a building, and he stopped the car before unbuckling his seat belt.

“Get out,” he growled while typing something on his phone.

I kept quiet, and got out of the car.

I was greeted with a sky scrapper, I craned my neck to take in the height of the building. Then I saw a sign – Reynolds Empire.

He owned whole building!

I didn’t know why it surprised me when my father also had whole building for his business. May be, because I knew nothing about my husband.

I straightened when a hand snaked around my waist and dragged me with him. Ethan threw his car keys to a valet.

I looked around and I was surprised when I saw many employees entering, and few exiting the building. They were giving me looks and shock was visible on their faces. Some were whispering in each other’s ears, and I knew I was the subject of their gossip.

If I knew anything about Ethan, I was sure it was the first time he brought a girl to his office.

We went in a private elevator, and he dropped his hand when doors closed before stepping away from me. There was at least two feet distance between us, and I was thankful for this privacy.

Elevator stopped on 50th floor.

“Follow me,” he commanded, and I obliged.

I was trailing behind him looking at my surrounding. The space screamed money, and authority. I was looking at my left when I bumped into Ethan, startling I stepped back, and he turned around.

His face was full on business mode, it would have scared me if I had no experience of business world. Working with my dad and Chris helped me to know that people on senior positions often wear a cunning and manipulative business mask to show off their power. And he had the same look.

His emerald gaze zeroed on me and I was hypnotized by the color of his iris.

He was about to say something when a lady in her mid-40s approached us, and he shut his mouth, slipping the business mode mask in its place.

“Good morning Mr. Reynolds. Your office is set, and breakfast is on the table. Is there anything you need?” she asked him.

“No, Mrs. Miller. You can go,” he didn’t greet her back. How rude!

Mrs. Miller walked away, giving me a once over. Her gaze didn’t look nice. It felt as if she was trying to measure me up. I ignored her and turned to my husband.

He didn’t introduce me, and I was not sure if people knew who I was. But it was fine with me if they had no idea that I was their boss’s wife. The wedding was seriously a private affair and paparazzi were not invited. I hadn’t got any news alert about me or the wedding, and I counted this secret as a blessing.

“Enter,” Ethan stepped aside to let me enter his office; I reluctantly did.

Upon entering, heavenly smell of food hit me like a train, and my tummy roared again to indicate that I need to eat food. I clutched my hands tightly around my stomach to stop its growling.

Ethan grabbed my upper arm, and a hiss escaped my mouth when I felt pain– this wound was going to kill me.

He let go of my hand and gestured me to take seat on the sofa– in front of the food.

I sat and eyed the food. It looked delicious, and in this moment, I wanted to attack the food but I tried my best to control as I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of this CEO.

He took seat beside me, and picked his plate and started filling it up. My mouth watered and I didn’t dare to touch the food. He grabbed a sandwich and took bite.

He is not going to offer me any food! I thought.

Why would he? My mind mocked me.

Of course, for him I was nothing, then why did it hurt when he just ignored me, especially when he knew I was hungry.

I checked my purse in hope of finding some chocolate in it. This bag didn’t even have a Skittle pack in it. I always carried Skittles with me. Seemed like I was going to starve, unless I ran out of this office to nearest food corner where I could order my food.

I was lost in my thoughts when his strong masculine voice rang in my ears, “you want me to feed you? Take the plate and eat. Last thing I want now is your fainting because of huger.” He looked in my eyes, and I averted my gaze and took the plate. I filled it with two sandwiches and an omelet.

It took everything in me to start eating it like a sophisticated lady when all I wanted to do was attack it. With a lot of patience I ate my breakfast.

And maybe, I took another sandwich when I wanted to have two more. I didn’t want to embarrass myself by eating like a horse. So I just had two glasses of pineapple juice– I didn’t know why there was one, when he didn’t even have one glass of juice.

I didn’t ponder on that thought as I was happy that my tummy was somewhat filled.

It had been two hours since I was in his office, sat on the same sofa. And Ethan was in his CEO chair, reading a file. I still didn’t understand what I was doing here.

I was studying his face– he was piece of an art– well defined chiseled jaw, olive tanned skin, green eyes with long dense lashes, full pink lips and a square chin. He was like a prince charming in the fairy tales, and handsome, brooding and mysterious hero in the adult books.

His eyes snapped up and met mine ever so suddenly as if he knew where to look. I felt like I was committing a sin by looking at him.

Keeping the eye contact, he got up from his chair and rounded the table before sitting on its edge. Crossing his arms, he squared his shoulders.

“Come here,” he said in commanding voice.

I fidgeted in my seat for a bit. Then, I released my breath and got up.

I went near him but kept some distance between us. He noticed this and rolled his eyes.

“So you work for your father, huh?”

I nodded.

“Answer with words, and stop this meek and mute wife act,” he spoke harshly and got up so suddenly that in an instant he was near me.

My breath hitched due to his closeness. It took everything in me not to move.

“I won’t repeat myself, so you better answer when I ask something.”

“Yes,” I spoke for the first time, and my voice came out little hoarse.

“What is your designation?” I was shocked a little. He didn’t know this?!

“I’m his assistant,” I replied and he hummed in response, and resumed his position on the edge of the table.

“Assistant. Interesting,” he spoke as if he was trying to understand what I said.

“Now, you don’t work for him anymore, but for me,” he said and my jaw dropped.

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