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Chapter 6



Everyone left for their homes except for Ethan and I; I had to endure this sort of torture since I was his assistant and I also needed a ride back home.

I was tired as hell, and my eyes were dropping every now and then, but I had no courage to ask my boss if we could leave as he was in a terrible mood especially after the visit from his parents. He yelled at many employees, and even Jaden got the yelling when he presented his idea for the next hotel ad campaign.

I wanted to curse him for being a jerk to my only friend, but cursing in my mind and in real was polar opposite. And I never cursed in real, only in my brain.

Currently, I was photocopying a file, and there were eight more to go, and each file had at least hundred pages. I knew this was going to be a long day.

It was already 6 in the evening, and my sleepless night was taking a toll on me. In this moment, I wished for a magic wand so I could teleport myself to my room, or I could summon my bed here. But it was impossible!

Me being a problem solver, tried to solve my problem as I came up with an idea of taking a nap for 15 minutes on my desk. I assumed that it would make me fresh, so I just left the work and tip toed to my office and removed my heels. But before that, I made sure Ethan was busy, and yes he was on phone, yelling on the caller.

Poor Caller!

I set the alarm, and the moment I dropped my head on my folded arms, I was out.

Loud noise jolted me awake, and I got up with a start. It was annoying tone of my Instagram notifications; somebody was liking all my posts and it caused the flow of notifications. My neck felt stiff so I stretched my arms and neck when I saw outside, and a loud gasp escaped my mouth. All the lights were off outside, only my room was lit. Turning around to the window, I saw it was pitch black night. I checked my phone and it was half past 10, and then the reality stared to sink in. I fell asleep only for 15 minutes but didn’t wake up on time.

I got up in my anxiety when I remembered that Ethan was here when I took this nap break. Wearing my heels back, I ran to his office, but nobody was there.

He left me sleeping! Again!

Tears brimmed in my eyes when I faced my situation. I was alone in this office, and I had no way to go back to my husband’s home; a husband who obviously left me here on purpose.

I felt sorry for myself. I always felt blessed that my family gave me a good and sheltered life, but now I was starting to realize it was going to be a curse. Being an extreme introvert was never easy for me.

I couldn’t book the cab; my phone battery was at one percent, and on top of that I didn’t know the address of Ethan’s house. Calling Ashlyn or my parents was out of option.

My body started to tremble when nightmarish feeling started to sink in. I had to spend whole night in this office if I didn’t find a way to get home. And finding the home was the toughest challenge. By now, my feet started to ache, so I slipped my heels off my feet. I walked here and there to find something, but even I had no idea what I was trying to do. It is one of the things that our distracted mind does, like opening the refrigerator or other kitchen cabinets without knowing what we actually want to take out.

I sat on one of the chairs and cried for sometime, and my overactive imaginative brain was not helping me either. All the worst case scenarios played in my mind. Like someone would blow this building with me inside, or a big alien army would come and raid this place.

I knew, the last bit was impossible but what could someone expect when a girl had not only watched TV shows but also read about aliens, monsters, demons, vampires and werewolf all her life, on the top of Disney movies.

When darkness surrounds us, we all believe in monsters! Also, Having an introvert brain is never easy because it always over-thinks and even the impossible scenarios seem real.

I didn’t know for how long I sat there, but I nearly got a heart attack when a light went on.

I looked around but no one was there, and vampire stories started gaining hold in my mind. I got up and was about to ran to my office to lock myself in when I saw my husband standing on one corner leaning against the wall.

He had a mug in his hand. My heart was still thumping wildly, but I didn’t notice that a relief washed over my system. He was here. He didn’t abandon me, and this thought made me feel little bit connected to him. This was odd; however, according to Chris, I was always the soft hearted girl who saw goodness in everyone.

He looked down my body, and his gaze made me feel uncomfortable though his poker face was still on. He sipped whatever was in the cup, lingering his gaze little longer on my bare feet. Then he walked towards me with steady and calculative steps.

He stopped few inches before me, taking another sip while looking at me.

“Where are those copies which I gave you to photo copy?” he asked nonchalantly in his deep voice.

He raised his brow when I kept quiet.

“I’m sorry, sir. I haven’t finished my work yet,” I replied looking down.

Sir! Great Crystal. Just too great! Office hours are over.

But, we are still in the office and he asked a work related question. I'm still an employee.

“Not finished? I gave you that work about four hours ago. What were you doing? Is this how you worked on your previous job?” he spoke bitterly.

I opted to keep quiet as I had no idea what he expected from me.

“Look at me when I talk to you.”

I looked up and his stoic handsome face was a big distraction.

“This is the first and the last warning. Next time you make mistake, there’ll be a hell to pay. Grab your stuff, we’re going home,” he reprimanded me sternly, and I like an employee, just let him feel that he was the boss who was never at fault.

I was happy to go away from him, “yes sir,” I spoke automatically.

But he held my arm and stopped me, pulling me closer ever so suddenly that my back hit his chest with force. I looked at him over my shoulder.

“Ethan. Say my name,” he spoke authoritatively, and I blinked at him at this unusual command.

Keeping my facial expressions in check I said, “no.”

If he thought I was going to obey him this time, he had another think coming. I didn’t know what possessed me in this moment, but I blamed it on the adrenaline that was still running through my body.

He arched a brow and pinned me with his gaze. Without a warning, he turned me and pushed me back and pinned me against the desk. He was dangerously close to me, and I held back my breath, but his fanned on my face. His big, bulky body shadowed mine.

He was angry and barely controlling his anger, “didn’t anybody teach you how to treat your husband? I’m letting you pass this time, but next time you defy me, I’m gonna punish you. Understood?” he growled at me.

I nodded frantically as I didn’t trust myself that any word would come out now.

His lips thinned in line and eyes still blazing at me, but he pushed back without saying anything else.

“Hurry up!” his loud booming voice got me running to my office and in hurry, I grabbed my bag, phone and sandals and ran out. He was already in closing lift, so I had to choose other one, and I was happy as I didn’t have to share it with him.

Drive back to home was a torture, but it was faster than the morning. The moment I entered the home, I ran towards my room and locked the door behind me. Ethan was tough and short tempered, and I was always wary of such people.

The first thing that I did when I locked myself in the room was to open the Google Maps, after plugging it on the charger, to know the location and address of this property for future use because if he ever left me alone somewhere, I could come back here.

I showered and changed into comfortable loose full length pajamas. Sitting on bed for five minutes became boring and I also felt hungry. I tiptoed to the kitchen, but there was nothing cooked. I wondered if any maid or cook worked here. I took pasta out and other ingredients and cooked it for myself and Ethan. I didn’t know if he wanted to eat or not, but I did it anyway. If he didn’t eat, I’d eat in the morning. I packed his share in a bowl and kept it in the fridge and took my plate to my room as I didn’t want to be in open; what if he came down and got angry seeing me again.

After eating and brushing my teeth, I was lying in by bed, staring at ceiling. Although this room was beautiful, but it was far away from my liking as it was also bland with very minimal decorations. It was dull despite the fact three walls painted cream and the one behind headboard, was painted in sky blue. It lacked the cozy feeling I was used to which my room at my parents home had.

I was pleading my brain to let me sleep because I had a working day ahead, plus a party which my in-laws were going to throw, but I had feeling I was going to stay awake this night as well. I was paying for the hours long nap I had in the office. Nonetheless, I kept on turning and tossing around on the bed for hours, and at some point in the nigh I jolted awake when a strange noise disturbed me. I checked the time and it was a quarter past five; I actually slept for an hour.

I startled again when that strange noise came again. I listened to it closely, and it came from the window. I was scared that who could it be at this hour, but like the heroines in those horror movies who went towards the sound, I also did the same. It was still dark outside. I opened the window ever so slowly and I screamed loudly when something fluttered in my face. I jumped back in shock, and looked here and there for that thing. My heart beat was rapid and my body shook with fear. Then my eyes landed on my coffee table, and a small and beautiful bird with blue colored feathers sat there. A smile crept on my face, and I walked slowly towards my bed, not scaring the bird. I forwarded my hand in slow motion and that sparrow flew in my palm. It was so soft, and it had been ages since I held a bird. I massaged its wings with gentle touches and it balled its tiny body and fit in my grasp.

At the same time someone banged on my door loudly, and I was sure that it was Ethan. I didn’t want to open the room, but I had no other choice. Keeping the bird in my hand, I stood up and went to open the door.

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