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Chapter 1. The sun and Ciara

Ciara was nineteen when she went to Italy on a student exchange program for political science. The American mutt mixed with half Italian and Black was dedicated to her research. To be honest She wasn’t even looking for love. Of course she want expecting to meet such beautiful people compacted into such a small space. Most people in Italy were nice to her but there were a few who believed in pure breeding only among their own race. The men of Sicily didn’t seem to mind that she was mixed let alone American always staring and calling her ‘Cara’.

She found it hard to ignore them but managed to keep to herself for the first six months until he walked into her life. Ciro literally meaning sun, walked into her life. Tan, tall but thin with dark hair set amongst strong features he was a walking model. Everyone seemed to sense he was of importance as they moved around him and the ladies swooned. A hint of a tattoo licked out of the top of his gray shirt and she found herself curious of him. Of course her study came first and she only allowed herself to concentrate on the reading, the class was given the day he arrived.

She wore a ballerina bun, her reading glasses and sweats and prayed he wouldn’t notice her. Class was dismissed but she decided to stay behind instead of venture to her dorms where the weekend party has surely begun. A palm of a hand blocked her book as she looked up to meet those hazel eyes of Cairo. Flustered she readjusted her book and glasses never making eye contact. Not because of being shy but because she knew if he asked her anything she would be unable to say No. He fluttered those long eyelashes at her as she grabbed her book and tried to side step him. A deep laugh left his lips as he invaded her personal space and pushed her chin up.

" Ciara is that your name?” he asked in that beautiful accented voice that made her shutter.

" Yes, I’m Ciara. It’s a pleasure to meet you but I must be going” she said as he laughed stepping in front of her.

" No woman has ever turned me down, especially not an American girl. They can’t seem to get enough of the how do you say it......“.

Ciara suddenly felt nervous as she blurted out something that made Ciro laugh even harder.

" Dick?....“.

" Well I was going to say Italian charm but dick works just fine. Who would of thought something so small and beautiful could be so crude. You off to study in your loud dorms....?“.

She puffed up her chest and smiled.

" That’s exactly where I am going. I take my studies very seriously. No distractions for this girl, no matter how attractive they are. You know you shouldn’t judge American’s like you do. We don’t all melt in a puddle over every sexy Italian men we meet” she lied trying to open the door as he held his hand to the door and closed it.

" I like you Ciara. Let me help you find a quiet place to study. I promise I won’t bite, touch or look at you unless you allow me to”.

Ciro had kept his promise and two years later the pair was a couple very much in love. The pair graduating with honors and and even moving in together. She worked for a yoga company doing Zumba downtown. He had a job managing an Italian restaurant on the outskirts of town that had very little business but was somehow flourishing. She of course never questioned his income. They happily left their business lives out of their personal chatter at home.

The time came when his family wanted to finally meet her and she found it odd how she had never met them. Yet he had met her father and mother on several occasions. He seemed on edge the night she was to meet them. Drinking and pacing in his over expensive tuxedo as she dressed alone in their room. She had worn her dark curly brown hair down and wore very minimal makeup. She slipped on a simple black dress that hugged her rather petite curves and called it a night. She thought she looked like a classic beauty staying true to her roots. She took two small silver bracelets and added them to her wrist to cover up the two small heart tattoos she wore on her wrist. Popping her birth control was the last step as she finally left the comfort of their room.

Her boyfriend immediately shaking his head as he threw back one more shot of what ever he was drinking.

" Ciara you can’t wear that it’s too simple. You don’t understand my mother she will be offended by that. Your pedigree is already up for debate let’s not give her anything else to pick at. My older cousin must be impressed as well by you. He will have the final say about us above everyone else. You weren’t meant to be permanent Ciara but you caught my heart and I need them to accept you. Please go change. Wear that burgundy wine colored gown I bought you for your birthday” he said kissing her head.

She found that odd how they had an internal chain of command. Ciro should be able to date who he wanted. She slipped into the gown he bought her that was a bit over the top but beautiful none the less. How a restaurant owner could afford such a gown was beyond her. She agreed putting on the gown that hugged her curves in a mermaid style fashion. It was ruffled with chiffon around the waist and had chiffon manipulated to look like roses at the bottom. Her boyfriend quickly agreeing very much to her wardrobe change as he scooped her up and carried her to the car.

The meeting house as her boyfriend called it was beautiful. A single home sitting on a hill in the outskirts of town. The street leading to the huge home was lit with beautiful gold painted street lights to match the old styled home it led to. It reminded Ciara of the old Rome grapes and leaves carved out of gold. These beautiful style decorations littered the front of the very white columned home. She was to meet his mother first in the meeting hall. Too bad her introduction to his mother was not as beautiful as this home as they met in a burgundy carpeted room.

The woman in white openly showed her disdain as she glared at her son’s choice in A partner. The old graying woman with the bitter face fake smiled as their introduction. Her boyfriend introducing her but the woman was not kind enough to even introduce herself back. Suddenly she pulled her son down the hallway leaving Ciara alone. She suddenly had the urge to pee and had no idea where a bathroom was so she did the only thing she could do. She went looking for Ciro when she over heard them whispering in a room offset from the main room.

" She has no Italian features like you described and then I learn she is American from that awful accent . Not only that but her pedigree is mixed with the lowest breed of people. Why would she Wear such a tasteless dress to meet me? It’s cheap and not her color. I can’t accept her Ciro. I doubt your cousin will either. Cut her lose before dinner so you don’t embarrass us”.

Ciro bowed his head in submission to his mother as he walked around her. Freezing when he saw Ciara standing there staring at him.

" Don’t worry about cutting me lose Ciro. I can do the honors. Your mother is a vile thing and yet you say nothing to her. Did you not tell me yesterday you LOVED me? Yet here you stand today not even defending me to this old wrinkled prune you call mother” she spat before turning on his mother.” My pedigree is perfect by the way you old fashioned bitch. Your son was fine with my pedigree when he begged me to marry him and to have his babies. Don’t worry witch I’ll see myself out. Thank goodness we drove my car and I kept the keys” she spat leaving the house as quickly as she came.

She ran through random guest who were barely arriving. Running pretty damn fast for a girl in a tight dress and heels. She accidentally hit a wall of a man at the steps but nothing would stop her from getting away from this stuffy place. Not a single tear broke her face as she made it to her car and slid in. Little did she know she caught the eye of someone else in her dramatic exit. She was too busy crying now in the safety of her car as Ciro descended the stairs calling her name. Not wanting to hear his stupid excuses she put the car in reverse when that same man she ran into stopped him.

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